Support care plan activities Essay

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Support care plan activities

1.1 Identify sources of information about the individual and specific care plan activities Having a holistic approach will allow us to know better our service user and so, support him in the best way accordingly with his needs. By actively involving the service user we may obtain most of his relevant information such as health state, circumstances and his religious and cultural background. Accounting with service user provider permission we may obtain more information contacting his relatives, or friends, neighbours and previous care providers.

1.2 Establish the individual’s preferences about carrying out care plan activities Establishing the preferences when providing support is necessary. It is good for both sides. The individual is more relaxed and also the carer can do his job smoothly. The individual should show, demonstrate, or say how to provide him with support. This is best for the individual.

1.2 Confirm with others own understanding of the support required for care plan activities Talking to other staff members about the client, and reconfirming that we understand how to approach them and support them best is part of our job. It lets us lower the risk of any inconvenient or life threatening situation to happen.

2.3 Adapt actions to reflect the individual’s needs or preferences during care plan activities When you have to support the client with personal hygiene for example you can do it by verbal prompting and reminding about the proper technique but one of the Ladies that I support likes her soap and her moisturizer, so I also remind her to use those, too.

3.1 Record information about implementation of care plan activities, in line with agreed ways of working Recording information about implementation of care plan activities, in line with agreed ways of working is a must. It needs to be done, so all the carers and other professionals stay informed. From the records they know if something worrying is happening to the individual, if there are any changes in their behavior, or if their preferences changed. It is often a vital source of information when the emergency situation happens.

3.2 Record signs of discomfort, changes to an individual’s needs or preferences, or other indications that care plan activities may need to be revised Care situations don’t often stay the same for long periods of time. As circumstances change, the package of care may need to be reviewed in the light of those changes. At agreed intervals, all of the parties involved should come together to reflect on whether or not the package of care is continuing to do the job it was initially set up to do. If there were no reviews the arrangements could continue for years regardless of whether they were still meeting care needs.

4.1 Describe own role and roles of others in reviewing care plan activities Supporting the individual best I can and to meet their own goals following the action plan is my role. I also promote their confidence in order to support them meeting their goals. I also contact GP and family members to make sure the resident is receiving the best treatment.

4.2 Seek feedback from the individual and others on how well specific care plan activities meet the individual’s needs and preferences Feedback is a best way of revising the care plan. It is very important that it is gathered, especially when it comes from the individuals themselves. Clients’ preferences change and theoir mood, too so we should search for confirmation and feedback often.

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