Super Dancer Chapter 3 TV Show Review


The name of the show is “Super Dancer Chapter 3”. It is one of the popular reality show in India. It was aired on Sony Television during weekends. There are total 3 seasons. It is considered in top reality shows of India.


The main prospect of the show is “Dance”. It is a children dance reality show. The age limit between 4 to 13 years. The little ones from all around India Participates and show their talents in front of others. Earlier, dance was one of the underrated talent found in India.

This show gives a platform to who are not privileged to have better lifestyles”.

As the show is all about children, so watching this show creates a positive impact on kids. It shows that it doesn”t matter from where a person belongs, whether they are royal or destitute. The only thing matter is their talent and hardwork. It creates positive image for a children that with hard work one can achieve anything.

Mostly, kids who participates in the show has no background of dance, even the families of some kids do not support them. There are also such kids who do not have proper house to live but still they work hard and prove themselves worth it. Hence, the show promotes healthy message to society.

In this show from regular auditions, total twelve contestants are selected, which are finalised. Those twelve contestants compete each week to get better. There is an elimination round after every week in which one of them sent back home.

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Likewise in the end from top fine contestants the winner is chosen.

This show encourages the talent of young generation, the episodes that with complete hardwork and determination one can pursue anything in life.


This show exhibits awe-Inspiring performances each and every week along with humorous and sparkling anchoring. It is a complete package of entertainment for all age group. Generally, it targets kids and middle age as a reality show is for children and to some extent it also shows healthy relation between parents and their child.

There is many fan clubs formed around the show. Even the fan club of individual contestants are also formed which makes them popular and confident. Some of fan clubs on Instagrams are “SuperDancerChapter3Official”, “tejas-superdancer” or “superdance2.0”

This show is among the top Hindi reality shows in India.


The children between age group of 4-13 are part of show as main contestants. There are mainly two anchors and three judges. From judges one is choreographer who scores according to dance moves, one is well-known actress who scores from expressions and one is director of Bollywood movies who scores according the act or theme. The parents of contestants are given special seats to see their children dancing live.


Generally it shows the average performances in the beginning and the best ones at the end. T shows the fun part with anchors and judges. Sometimes emotional stories from parents and also pranks played by children. So it is totally fun.

The use of dialogue and cinematography is excellent in compare to other parts. The dialogues are mainly scripted and are laughable. The purpose for that is to attract the audience as much as possible. Also the cinematography is magnificent.


The kids and middle age group are mainly the audience target for this show. There are hampers given to the contestant which also advertise the product such as “PATANJALI”, “LOTUS”. These brands gets profit from the show.

There are many products which are integrated in shows scenery and dialogues like “MACHO INNERWEAR”, “BABY LOTUS HAMPER” etc.

The commercial shown in the advertisement are mainly focused on children. For instance Bournvita, Dairy Milk, Childrens toothpaste and Stationary products.

The show attracts the young generation, so the ads related to them has great profit when played in the intervals.


The shows appeal to entertainment on basis of mixed emotions. It is full of fun, emotional, fear, enthusiasm and of course happiness.

The viewers of the show feels great about themselves and their situation after listening the stories of contestants” background.

It is healthy show in terms of emotional effects in produces. Compare to other shows this show makes viewers feel happy about themselves entertain them on weekends.


I usually like the reality show s which includes kids in them. No matter how much they teach them, they”ll come with their own words and ideas.

There are two reasons to watch this show as it was one of the most popular and it includes kids. The hardwork and determination of the little ones appealed me the most.

The show displays lot about the life. It shows how one can achieve great deeds simply with their determination. To fulfil your dreams it is not necessary to be rich or have to wait for opportunity. Instead it teaches to create your own way or opportunity and to chase your dreams.

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