It was the summer season. We were free from school. We were a party of four friends. We decided to go to Mussourie— a fine health resort in the Himalayas. We went to Dehradun by train. From there we decided to go to Mussourie on foot.

A bus could also take us there, but we just wanted to have a novel experience of hiking. We reached Rajpur. It is just at the foot of the hills. It was from here that we set out for Mussourie on foot. We hired two coolies at Rajpur to carry outr luggage.

Our route lay meandering round lofty hills. The cool air of the mountains, the greenery all round, the picturesque scenery gladdened our hearts. We went on and on, climbing steadily till we reached Mussourie. It was already evening. So we went straight to a hotel and made arrangements for our lodging. We were dead tired. So we warmed ourselves by taking a few cups of tea and went to bed.

Next day we got up quite fresh. The weather at Massourie presented a pleasant contrast to that of Delhi. Instead of the heat and glare of the hot sun which seemed to burn us there, we enjoyed warm sunshine there.

We stayed at Mussourie for full one month. We went out everyday and enjoyed the sight of the hills. The place was simply wonderful and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay there. We visited the Kamptee Falls, a picnic spot much frequented by foreigners.

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During our walks we were sometimes caught in a shower of rain. We got thoroughly drenched once or twice. After that we took the precaution of taking our duck-backs with us. They proved very helpful and we could keep out as long as we liked.

We reserved our evenings for a stroll on the Mall Road It was of course a place where we could see people of all sort. Sometimes, we went to the skating rink and found time to see a couple of movies. Time passed very quickly and we set out again for Delhi. The stay at the hills proved very beneficial to us. Our appetite improved. We put on weight we still remember the pleasant breeze of the hills and the sweet clear water of the springs. The short trip to this Himalayan health resort, the queen of hill stations, was a happy experience and its memory is still fresh in our minds.

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