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Success in Product Launch

Product launch refers to the process of introducing new or innovative products to the market. It is an attempt of business organizations to first, improve or develop their products and services in order to satisfy the consumers, and consequently the investors, in order to increase their profit and their revenue which is common indicator of organizational success. The article written by Di Benedetto presents statistics that reveal almost half (49 percent) of the revenue gained by business organizations come from newly launched products in the market.

With this in mind, the purpose of the written article was to discuss the importance of product launch, and in addition, the significance of placing valuable time and effort on the implementing product launching strategies and techniques that will diminish all challenges, difficulties, and risks in the process. De Benedetto’s article was quite comprehensive and stayed true to the purpose of the entire research study.

First, the researchers chose to employ three various strategies in order to complete the research process.

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Second, many types and forms of literature were utilized to establish the research and to support the claims and assertions that set up how the entire research. Looking into the strategic, tactical, and information-gathering approaches in fuel the drive and purpose of product launch were identified through the existence of available sources or literature.

Third, the methods utilized by the researcher in order to collect data and information to further verify or confirm the claims and assertions formulated through the review of related literature were appropriate to the structure and dimensions of the study.

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The methodology allowed the researchers to obtain quality first-hand information as they went after managers, who are qualified sources of information, to relay the information and experiences that they have learned through their involvement with their profession.

The purpose of this was to obtain information on how various organizations where managers work for perceive, plan, and implement the process of product launch. The variety of information obtained from the survey enabled the researchers to present comprehensive and evenhanded types of information that is highly instrumental not only for practicing managers, but also for the leaders and other members of the organization as well.

Adding to the importance of the research study is the involvement of experienced managers, and there revelations that are not only appropriate, but also factual. The results of the research study were accurately organized and transformed into concrete and tangible forms – that is, the presence of tabulated figures and data – and the purpose of revealing the implications of the information presented was systematized through the presentation of individual results based on three categories – the strategic, tactical, and information-gathering approaches of product launch.

Overall, the results of the research study revealed that the process of product launch is crucial to the success of the organization, requiring efficient and appropriate strategies that will harness the expectations, and the goals and objectives of the organization. De Benedetto’s article is extremely useful for organizations and managers alike, considering the extent and coverage of the information presented by the research study.

It will be most influential in providing organizations and managers with ideas and recommendations on how the product launch process, as well as other processes and operations involved with it – such as the planning process, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and assessment, etc. – should be managed and utilized in order to draw out the benefits and advantages that product launch will contribute to the success of the organization.

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