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Every high school student has a right to a superior, inequitable, and impervious education regardless of where they are reared. Students who are less fortunate also should have access to a safe recreation facilitity, a spotless lunch room, a daily healthy lunch menu to choose from, a library that has a adequate number of books, and small class sizes that will able the instructor to offer services to each student equally.

Most of the students who attended Bailey Elementary School, which is located in the country of Brownsville, Tennessee will probably complain about the settings of our previous school, but they will have to admit that it was nowhere near as bad as that of Fremont High School.

Even though our population was small we had enough teachers whom taught our basic elementary subjects, we changed classes and had recess daily, our lunch rooms were well kempt and healthy nutritious meals were served daily including fruits and vegetables. Each student was served a thirty minute lunch; the lunches were split into two sections so that the lines would be shorter, which allowed the students more time to eat their meals.

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Some of the books issued were in new condition, older ones that were in poor condition were thrown out and replaced. Our classroom sizes were small enough for each student to receive adequate attention from the instructor if needed; after school tutoring was also available if needed.

Every student gets excited when they are entering high school, as for the students of Bailey Elementary it was outstanding because we were finally getting to see someone other than those of our local neighborhood; seeing new faces eminent.

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After transferring to Haywood High School, here we were also assigned various books depending on the selection of courses chosen, our meals were very nutritious and students were allowed ample time eat, and to go the libraries to complete assignments whenever needed. The librian was always available to assist the students with locating and checking out any material if at all necessary.

There were several skilled occupations to chose from like;auto mechanic, agricultural, business, sewing, cooking,cosmotology. Secondly, students were also allowed to be members or various clubs and many played sports if they met the academic requirements.

In contrast Fremont High School, was located in a neighborhood which had eight-foot of steel fences topped with spikes which surrounded it perimeter,it was located in———- which may explain why the school windows were broken, shielded from gunfire and thick screens so that it was hard for anyone to see inside. The way that Fremont High School looked from both the inner and outer side, this school was very unsafe and sanitary for this building to be even open to the public. A building in such condition should have been demolished and rebuilt to meet the same standards as the schools that were closely monitored for any code violations. If the state intervened like they were supposed to like they did the private schools, they should have given them limited time to correct their violations otherwise close them down. This school’s administrators and parents failed to reach out and ask for funds abling them to purchase teaching material, offer nutritious meals, better the school conditions which may have initiated more qualified teachers wanting to employ there, and they definitely needed to expand the school size or allow the student to attend out schools where the classroom sizes could be reduced so that they could receive the same learning opportunities as students at every other school. Student s deserve to have one than a couple of operable clean bathrooms, tolietary items, smaller classroom sizes, satisfactory abundant amount of learning material, and be offered occupational opportunities other than hairdressing, braiding, and sewing. They should ve been able to seat comfortably just as all others students were; it is sad that their classrooms were located in portables, some of the students also took place in converted storage closets which were described as being windowless and very nasty, and their converted shop rooms lacked blackboards. Their classrooms were located in portables, some of the students also took place in converted storage closets which were described as being windowless and very nasty, and their converted shop rooms lacked blackboards.

If Jonathan Kohl, would have visited the Fremont High School, and taken action sooner many of the students that dropped out of school during their twelfth grade would have gotten the opportunity to enjoy the renovated safer school and also when these students graduated the majority of them if they choose would have gotten the opportunity to use their learned skills toward future internships.

Fremont High School, is best described as a neighborhood fortress by the author. It is spawled, dilapidated, modest and needs to be condemned. They need to demolish the entire building and rebuild it using prefabricated material which will make the process faster, or they should make sure that it is up to code and expand the classrooms and put in computers in the classrooms and make the classrooms occupants smaller and hire more teachers so that the students can advance academically like students at other schools which are well maintained and managed.

My first impression if I drove up to the Freemont High School and I notice the perimeter protected by an eight-foot steel fence topped with spike, and the windows are shielded with from gunfire by thick screens. I would think that I have gotten lost and wondered into the parking lot of maximum security prison. After seeing all of the graffiti I would be a lite frantic of the neighborhood because it seems if there may have been some gang afflictions taking place there at one time. I wonder who in the world make students attend school in such poor conditions without intervention from the state or health officials. Those living condition are very inacceptable.

Prison settings are better than entering Fremont High School, at least they have windows that will protect them from the rain or from animals from entering any time that they please. The prisoners have libraries that are clean and free of clutter, they have running water, they are allowed to eat three meals a day. They do not have to wait in the food line for over help of their thirty minutes that they are given for lunch. If they do not finish their meals in the allot of time allowed they have to throw their food away; therefore, they are hungry until they go home. The condition of the bathroom was very unsanitary which could lead to diseases from the several students sitting behind each other on a daily basis. I can recall when we I lived in the country, and we had to use an outhouse, it was called back in the day. This was one of the most gross thing that anyone could have imagined. To take a bath we had to use a foot tub to able us to take a bath. We sometimes had to draw water because we did not have access to indoor running water. Those students were only allowed to go the bathroom except during certain times throughout the day. As a woman I could not imagine how humiliating it had to be for the girls who may have their menstrual cycles. We also need tissue more than guys would so that we could wipe our private areas. Prisoners may have to use their bathrooms with very little privacy, but at least they were provided with tissue to wipe themselves. According, to Jonathan Kool despite the problems that those students were faced with every day for eight hours a day. None of them were brave enough to complain. The way that Kozol, described the rat dropping that were found in the kitchen drawer, and the buns that had been eaten off, those students may as well have been homeless. I really do not see how it was possible for the student to really accomplish any reading, math or any other skill. Kozol, says in his article that the classrooms were full and the they students had limited amount of access to the text book, and there were limited supplies available.

Their classrooms were located in portables, some of the students also took place in converted storage closets which were described as being windowless and very nasty, and their converted shop rooms lacked blackboards

In contrast, the only taught things like the six continents as they were still in elementary school. According to Kozol the students at Fremont were only offered courses like hair dressing, braiding, and sewing. The Fremont High School students did not even have enough time to go the library to do research papers for their classes because of their tight scheduling of classes. The only time given was during their thirty minutes of lunch period, unless a teacher decided to bring a class into the library to do a project. Fremont High School was only known for the dilapidated condition of their school, to the student s disadvantage academically they had very little to gain towards their education.

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