Stuck With a Midlife Crisis

To start, middle adulthood, a time of seeking success in life as a whole, is filled with drastic changes. Opposite to popular opinion, there are not many adults, within the ages of thirty-five through sixty-five, dealing with a midlife crisis. It is more of a stereotype than real truth, and in fact, though there are a plethora of changes, only about 20% of adults deal with a midlife crisis. Besides midlife crises, there are many other aspects to going into middle adulthood, such as the physical, cognitive, and socioemotional changes that occur.

There are countless notable changes within middle adulthood, including simple things like hair turning gray or gaining higher vocabulary.

First, one of the more salient perspectives within middle adulthood comes from the physical changes that happen within their body. Even by their early forties, adults may tend to start gaining gray hair, however, all these changes vary based on person or genetics itself. As for my parents, both have gained gray hair, being only in their mid-forties.

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Other physicalities that develop in middle adulthood include weight gain, however, this change starts closer near the end of middle adulthood, many organs start to slow down and may not work as well, hair loss, hair thinning, and women experience menopause, a time where women stop getting periods or experiencing menstruation. Following these changes, wrinkles and age spots begin to form slightly, but not completely, vision and hearing loss start as well, and death rates are low, however, those that drink abusively, smoke profusely, or lack of exercise, may increase their death rates.

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Second, the changes that occur within an adult going through middle adulthood dealing with the brain and how it develops, are also termed as cognitive changes. These are significant, and adults still constantly learn and grow intellectually, even if learning is not in a class setting. Some changes included that occurs cognitively are vocabulary skills. Middle adulthood is filled with growth in vocal expertise. Not only that, but their thinking becomes more flexible and it is much easier for them to think about several ways for an issue that may come. For instance, whenever my family may be on a road trip, even if there is a miscommunication and we go the wrong way, they can easily change the plan. In the same way, adults can do this as well, and these skills develop immensely in this time. In fact, two researchers, Raymond Cattell, and John Horn discovered two types of intelligence that are developed completely and even start to decrease by the middle adulthood years. The two types of intelligence

that develop are fluid and crystallized. Fluid intelligence is the ability for adults to learn and comprehend new concepts quickly, whilst crystallized intelligence is gained smarts from experiences and education itself, the things that stick with you for life like simple math or grammar rules.

Thirdly, adults deal with socioemotional advances and changes. What many perceive to be true, is that adults all have a mid-life crisis. This is the state of when an adult tends to rethink their life and what they need to change for success, it is filled with doubt and change, however, not many deal with it. As adults get into the later part of middle adulthood, they begin to be closer with parents and children, due to developing a wise sense of gratitude that only aging produces. This is the biggest

time of emotional growth and change. Many marriages are reevaluated to become stronger or split and find new spouses as they transition to late adulthood. Despite the lack of mid-life crises, people in middle adulthood may become more introspective and begin to think about themselves. It is a time of self-reflection and thinking of how they can be better and truly coming to the point of self-actualization, which is a time of growth within their heart. Overall, middle adulthood is a time of truly

becoming wise and growing to the highest point of self-satisfaction and their feelings mature.

Overall, middle adulthood is a time of growth and is a vital stage in life, and these are filled with times that may alter an adult’ perspective on life. Its an important stage in life that helps adults go wisely into their next stage of life known as late adulthood. Due to the higher intuition and more flexible thinking that develops in this time period, this shows the substantial momentousness that this time holds for many people, whether they are aware of it or not. All in all, middle adulthood

is a time for many transfigurations that help lead them into successful late adulthood, including things like changes within the physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional aspects of life.

Updated: Dec 31, 2021
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