Stress: What Affects It and How To Deal With


1. Today, there is a colossal competition among the people in societies, immaterial to where they live, age, ethnicity and culture. The faster will win the game and others will lose. As a result, the life styles of people have become very complicated.

2. The technology is the one of a key factor which made our lives very complicated. For an example, the technological development of mobile phone and internet made the people very close and provided an avenue to disseminate information very quickly than earlier.

Therefore, people tend to work day and night to supersede others and achieve the goals and wealth. As a result, the human mind has to work restless. For this reason, time spends with members of their family, time of entertainment and interaction with other people is also drastically reduced

3. The complexity of life in today's context underscores part of daily routing. Some communicate with it successfully whilst some can go on ruins.

4. We know that there is a connection between the mind and the body.

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It is called a psycho-neuro-immune system. When the body and mind become restless, stress occurs. The stress leads for health issues.

5. So, we need to understand the stress and causes for stress for better management of our lives.


6. In simply, the stress is our internal response to external events. We act internally when the external environment change. In other words, stress is the experience of our body and mind when we adapt to a changing environment. When we are in stress, the body reacts as though we are in danger.

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This reaction of body may be triggered by a positive experience or negative experience.

7. Some stress is normal and even useful for work and quick response. Otherwise we will be sluggish. But, if stress happens too often or lasts too long, it's bad for our body. This will weaken our immune system. In addition, it makes us capricious, tense or depressed. We tend to loose relationships, and we will not do better at work or at school.

8. There are two forms of stresses.

a. Eustress

Basically, this is the stress come from good sources. The positive stress occurs when our stress level is optimal. It helps us to concentrate, increase performance, and keep us more energetic.

b. Distress

The stresses coming from bad sources fall under this category. Negative stress take place when our level of stress is either too high or too low and our body and mind begin to respond negatively.


9. It is very important for managers to know about stress in order to keep themselves and people under them healthy and productive. Stress has a connection with the work of individuals, and ultimately it affects the achievement of the organization's goals. The relationship between stress and productivity is shown in the following diagram



10. As we know, death of spouse, family member, relative or friend, injury/ illness of family member, separation or divorce, loss of valuables in burglary, unexpected pregnancy or birth of a new baby may cause stress for individuals.

11. In modern day people are money-oriented. The inspiration of each person is to have a rich life and a luxurious standard of living. However, they will become stress on finding sufficient money to raise their standard of living.

12. Children are the hope of every parent. Thus, the parent tries to make children a good citizen of the country. Nevertheless, everyone agrees that the changing world influences the behavior of children very badly compared to the recent history, unless there is careful monitoring. Further, the disobedience of children is relatively large in the modern world. As a result, the parent will face a stress situation. Conversely, when parents put too much pressure on children, children also reduce their motivation, which leads to physical, mental, emotional and behavioral problems.

13. The education and performance of children is paramount important. Therefore, parents try to find a good school for their children and they will become anxiety and disorganization once they could not achieve their inspirations.


14. Once we cannot meet the demand for work, we become stressful. In the modern world, most employees are overwhelmed with excessive work, and they eventually struggle to achieve goals. Restless work, the result of stress

15. Relations between colleagues in the organization are very important. Today, we can find bureaucratic organizations in which they have very bad relations with employees and colleagues, so employees are under stress.

16. Control over staff is also a stress when there are people of disobedient. This causes stress for managers

17. As we know, people differ from person to person. Thus, teaching them to work with the same grid also causes stress in the workplace

18. Working overtime in holidays and hectic works also stress the Employees. Employees should have time to relax and have fun to reduce the stress.

19. Today most organizations are focused on specific goals. Thus, employees receive terms for the performance of their tasks, and also lead to stress of employees.

20. In a broad sense, time constraints, limited resources and role conflicts are key factors that regulate stress in modern organizations, and skills managers can manage stress at the optimum level to maximize employee productivity.


21. There are four types of stress responses as follows.

a. Physical Symptoms

(1) Sleep pattern change

(2) Fatigue

(3) Digestion Changes

(4) Loss of sexual Drive

(5) Headache, pains, dizziness, fainting, sweating, palpitations etc

(6) Indigestion

b. Mental Symptoms

(1) Lack of concentration

(2) Memory lapses

(3) Poor decision making

(4) Confusion

(5) Disorientation and panic Attack

(6) Low self esteem

c. Behavioral Symptoms

(1) Appetite changes

(2) Increase intake of alcohol and other drugs

(3) Deterioration of appearance

(4) Being accident prone

(5) Increase smoking

(6) Nail biting, restless hypochondria

d. Emotional Symptoms

(1) Feeling anxious

(2) Feeling scared

(3) Feeling irritable

(4) Feeling moody

(5) Tearfulness

(6) Fits of rage

(7) Fits of rage


22. ABC Strategy.

A- Awareness (Be aware of stressors and cause for stress)

B- Balance (Balance stress between the line of positive and negative stress)

C- Control (Stop the negative stress comes in to you)

23. Time management and proper organization of work will help us cope with stress. In addition, we must avoid unnecessary competition and must be able to recognize and accept our limitations.

24. The doing of regular exercise, eating a balance diet, be organized, setting of realistic goals, setting priorities, relaxation are the best ways to release stress. Further, meditation and listening of music also reduces our stress.

25. Avoid excess alcohol, smoking, too much caffeine and pornography also reduce stress and help us to have a better life.

26. Counseling is the one of best method for managers to care the employees in the modern world where the management theories and practices keep evolving. It will help employees to manage the huge changes taking place in the organizations.

Updated: Feb 15, 2024
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