Street Dance Evaluation

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In this evaluation I am going to talk about the process to the performance and my strengths, weaknesses and targets that I have made through the process to the performance. I will talk about how I overcome minor and major problems throughout my process. I will talk about how I developed my performance skills for this Unit, and in doing this unit how it has helped me gain experience and confidence. Also in this evaluation I am going to be talking bout the different movements, techniques and the devices that have been used in the choreography of the street dance performance that took place on Friday 14th March 2008.

I will talk about how this performance went and what skills I used in the performance and how they helped me to create a better overall performance. I will talk about the ups and the downs of the process of the performance the differences that there was between our team gathering. I will also talk about the targets that I accomplish, I will talk about the targets in team work and we overcome problems.

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From these targets I will improve on possible outcomes and different styles of using performance skills.

Physical Skills Spatial Awareness From my performance that is going to be assessed I think my spatial awareness for the performance had much strength throughout the performance. I believe this is true because when I have to do the ‘WOW’ section of the dance I am aware of what is around me and what I am going which I believe is strength on my spatial awareness.

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I found a weakness although in my performance, the sections were me and jade are doing the box slide I nearly bump into Jade which was a accident on my behalf.

From this weakness I must make this a target for the future that I must be aware the space around me and what is going on at the time of the performance or dance or any type of movement otherwise the performance will not work. I have also improved a lot on my spatial awareness from last time I did a dance performance although I would say this a factor which must not become a mistake because spatial aware of what is going on is working as a team to the performance if I failed to do this terribly the performance would have become a disaster, and possible resulting in other members of the group failing there performance.

Balance I think form my performance my balance was a improvement from my last performance with sue. From what I saw in the performance I think my balance worked really well for a performance and expected to have a lot more balance movements in the piece of performance but I found this to be a real challenge at the begging of the performance. The reason I found it hard was a section where we had to raise to stand using a similar shape to ‘S’ which really hurt my back but in doing this I needed to balance my weight out evenly in order for me to rise to stand correctly from the floor.

I think this was a strength as I was able to do this I have found that in my balance I was very consistent in the performance keeping my balance, however I noticed when I was not doing the performance and was rehearsing that I couldn’t keep my balance and this was a weakness there for I needed to overcome this problem for the performance and began to panic about this.

I will have to make this a target and accomplish this before my next dance performance for my improvement to work. Coordination From my performance I think my coordination was really good I think I was very consistent is this performance I believe this a strength, however in the last 24 counts I lost this because I came out of the rhythm to the music (loss of musicality) which was a downfall to the ending of the performance.

I think my coordination was very good in fact possible that good I would say it was the second best thing in my performance. I think my coordination has a big strength in me performance for example the box section of the dance that I had to perform along side jade the timing and energy was there in order for my to be able to complete this section successfully my coordination was good at that point.

However to be a strength there has to be a weakness my weakness for my coordination was when we were about to perform our solos my coordination with musicality we tended to all have a problem with this however in the performance I didn’t perform to the best of my ability for this I was clapping our of timing but I personally felt within the beat rather I was not going with the beat or other dancers. Stamina I think on my performance my stamina was very good as an overall performance. I think I showed that I loved the performance and I performed it to an audience.

I think this is strength to my performance and was a very successful dance performance. I think there was a lot of strength in my performance towards my Stamina I was loving the attention from the team making it feel more alive although I think it would have been better with an audience. The performance also when finished I had a big buzz afterwards I always have a really good buzz after a performance I feel like I have achieved something. The stamina also had its weakness I found that when performing I lost concentration which made me loose my stamina towards my performance.

This is a target for the future I must make sure I don’t get missed leaded and I must not loose concentrations to the performance must not lose my focus to a performance. Strength In my dance performance I think I have done really well with my strength in the performance the reason I think I have is section where we do the body role up to stand firm looking into the audience I have been able to do that after creating strength with my core (abs) I think this is a successful strength. However I also noticed a weakness in my strength which was when we did the last eight counts of the dance before the solos.

This is how I was unable to have a strength throughout the performance I have made this a target for the future and this must be overcome as soon as possible. Flexibility I believe in my performance and when doing my performance that my flexibility was very poor I am not a very flexible person when it comes to dance. I don’t know why I am not but these needs to be sorted if this is a possibility because this is stopping me in my tracks to get my performance skill up to the better score.

I need to start taking types of gym classes where I can make sections of my body more flexible as this would help. With being also male I am unable to do a lot of movements which females are able to take on board and perform. I will make this a target for the future. Interpretative Skills Projection I think in my performance the projection of the performance from me was really good compared to what I thought I would be doing. I have noticed strength and projection also is a consistent skill which unfortunately in this performance I didn’t have this throughout.

I have also found that when doing this that if its not consistent its not really a strength however the reason I have put this as a strength is because I believe I projected my character to the audience and was able to choreograph my movements and my attitude to the audience in result projecting my character and not the movements. I have also found a weakness in my performance for projection is that I didn’t project my movements I only projected my facial expressions and my attitude. This is going to be a target for the future I must be able to have attitude and to have projection of my performance.

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