The History Of The Street Gang "Grove Street Families"

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Back in the 1960's, Grove Street wasn't nearly as bad it came to be in the next was full of joyous children running around,working class men and women, and it was referred to as a middle classed American neighborhood had a small population of teenage Americans. Most of which WERE in fact, trouble due to the schools they attended, and the people they hung out with from other neighborhoods, and blocks. Every young teenager around there felt the need to be above the rest of Los Santos.


hey all felt like they were looked down upon because they weren't as troubled, nor as "hard" as others. ln this case, a young group of teenagers felt the need to display their toughness. they'd soon make a local street gang they called "Grove Street Families". They organized this street gang only to offer protection to their families, and their neighorhood and friends. They'd engage in many smaller like crimes.

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Vandalism, etc. They'd work themselves up the ladder of crime. One day, a few young members set out to seek an even bigger goal, and that was to perform a drive by on a street gang located nearby Jefferson Motel, and Glen Park. They set out to do this only loaded with two 9mm handguns, and a 12 gauge shotgun. They set out using one of the members,mothers,car.

They'd take the vehicle at 12am on a weekend night, they'd been studying this crew for awhile now and knew what they'd been up to.

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They were ready. They began to cruise down the streets of Los Santos, on this hot, humid summer night. They'd pull up around a nearby basketball court near some train tracks where the sound of a nearby train would cancel out them talking. They;d get ready at that spot, they dimmed their lights, and loaded up. They withdraw their masks from their pocket, and put them on. Once they were ready, they started their vehicle, and made their way out in a slow pace. They'd begin creeping closer and closer to their destination. Ahead of them were two cars, and six men, and two ladies. All of them were affiliated. They were wearing their colors, and they were just chillin'around the car,smoking whatever, and drinking whatever, just having a good time talking. These people were older than the ones performing the task.

They were in their early 20's. They sped up a bit, closing in on the crew, they'd almost instantly extend their arms outside of the windows, one guy climbing outside, shooting from the top of the car, letting out multiple shots, spraying the cars, and the background, shooting at the crew. They sped away, and went into hiding. The toll they'd left behind was two shot up cars, four people injured. Two men, and both of the girls. As they were speeding off, the doing much damage. This shooting would have gone into the news, but, it's normal, nothing new.

Updated: Feb 22, 2024
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