Stevan Javellana's book Without Seeing The Dawn

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The line "don't judge a book by its cover." literally descrives Stevan Javellana's book, Without Seeing the Dawn. At first glance at this book, you would think it has nothing to say because of its dull covering. However, this book is exactly the opposite. Stevan Javellana presented to his readers the Filipino way of life, dreams and aspirations and how it has been shattered and destroyed. With no more than a blink of an eye, a seemingly simple story about a typical life of the Filipinos revolved into a nightmare.

Javellana recounts to us all that have happened when he was still young with the presence of the main character Carding. Carding is a simple and industrious young man who has straightforward goal in life. He wanted to get married and live a happy and normal life. However,his dream was shattered when the Japanese came and colonized the Philippined. This was depicted throught the experrienced othe people from a small town where Carding lived.

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The Japanese came and they abused and killed many people, worst of all they maltreated and demoralized women. This changed the life of Carding completely. His once innocent childhood dreams quickly vanished and what took over were anger, hatred and the determination not to live his normal life but to seek revenge.

The characters Javellana used in the book was so realistic that when you read it you get carried with the line of thought of the story. Javellana expresses the story in full detail as to prestent to its readers impressions on how the characters think, feel and why they react differntly with every circumstance they face.

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The author presented the conflicting plot of the story in an extraordinary way. He divided the story into two parts, which were independent from ne another. During the "day", Javella showed the simple lives of the people but everything changes during the "night". For during those times you could see the misery among the characters. This diverse presentation clearly states to us how easy life can change as compared to how easy day shifts into night ang how brightness can suddenly turn dark.

Basically, what this book is trying to say ti us is a message that is quite simple. As Forrest Gump said int he move: "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get!" We are faced with many different things in our lives. many of which we may never be ready for. However, whatever life presents to us, whatever the road we amy choose, we must face it wisely. life is not all fun and games. Time will come when we will wake up and se life as it can be, excrucitationg. The moreal lis we must face life as it is. If hard times come, make the most out of it.


Updated: Dec 12, 2023
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