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I really appreciate the STAR Leadership Academy Management for organising this camp to Aberfoyle Lodge in Honde Valley. In my life it was my first time to be in the eastern highlands appreciating nature and SLA had made my dreams and goals come true of getting a chance to be in the eastern highlands. We had a long and great journey and finally arrived in the afternoon; we were welcomed by Julie , who took us for a swim at a nearby river.

Growing up in a family like mine where you will be told that swimming is dangerous to your life, l was afraid of swimming but during the camp l decided to give it a try and overcome all my fears. The water in the river was clean and we drank it and enjoyed our time in the water.

After dinner, we had an introductory session where everyone introduced themselves and saying something about themselves so as to familiarize with everyone.

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Everything as it was proceeding was great since we were all new and were getting to know one another. I identified my fellow classmates’ strengths, weaknesses, capabilities and noted those who compliment me so that we can work together and come up with something that will make Zimbabwe great.


Before doing anything, the first activity for the day was YOGA by Jullie. A moment after the Yoga, we go for a walk and come for a skin dip that was the morning bath daily. We had teamwork through various outdoor activities.

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I learnt the following lessons through team games:

Know each other’s’ strength to build trust.

We limit ourselves to reach our full potential.

Tenacity is very key.

Servant Leadership is very essential.

You can learn more about yourself if you take action/participate/contribute.

Communication skills are very critical in every setup to ensure that communication is effective with excellent listening skills and ability to ask questions whenever clarity lacks.

It’s always great to start your day with some physical exercises.

In whatever you do, don’t limit yourself, give your best shot in everything.

Follow instructions with assessment to risks.

Be very time-conscious.

Never give up, strive to be the best.

Learn to grab opportunities.

Be your best self, instead of emulating to be someone else.

Readiness is a key ingredient to leadership, any time is tea time, you may be called to speak to an audience anytime, having inbuilt or acquired confidence and knowledge takes you far.


Each and every beautiful morning starts with a JOGA , a walk and then skin dipping. We had our first meal and went on to play in teams. In the evening, we were given the Far and Wide Zimbabwe Solo. The Far and Wide Zimbabwe Solo – The Testament made me have time to reflect on myself and get to know myself. We were given questions to go in a quiet place where you can only hear the sound of the river and birds while reflecting and being honest with yourself while answering them.

After supper, we had a chance to learn about butterflies from Professor Dietmar, a Mozambique-based scientist who is Julie’s friend. After the butterfly presentation, we had an introductory to Table Etiquette with Mr Tatenda Mapigoti. The lessons included, how to enter a chair from the left and exit via the right, gentlemen reach out for ladies, the correct way to sit and speak like speaking with confidence maintaining eye contact.


We paid a visit to Wamba the tea factory. The factory is producing tea which they export to England. The plantations we planted back in 1956, 1963, 1965. The plantation is more than 150ha and tea is harvested after every two weeks, giving a yield of 1,5t per hectare. Wamba employs many people in the eastern highlands.

In the afternoon, we had swimming lessons at the pool which is by the lodge for an hour. We were grouped into teams and went to play golf, pat-pat and did nature walk. All the activities at the camp were done in teams. This helped us to familiarise with one another. The site chosen for the camp was the best since there was no network so we had a great time to interact with one another and nature.


We went for a 12 km montain hike. We are allocated into pairs. Everyone had to watch over their patner. The hike wasn’t easy as it required strength, courage and endurance. We made it to the top of the bottom of the mountain and rested for a moment having lunch and then proceeded to the top of the mountain. We went back to the lodge and refreshed before having supper. After supper we had a game of picking anything from a bag which included masks, posters, games, clothes, crowns and posters. Each one of us had to relate the item they picked to leadership and it was a great exercise.


We left Aberfyole Lodge for Far and Wide Zimbabwe. We arrived in the afternoon and we were given a warm welcome. We played team games like re-birth, spider web, tyre mania and 4 tyre traverses. The games helped us to trust one another, know each ones strength and weaknesses and communicate effectively so as to win as a team. We came up with team war cry and presented it.


We took an early 3km morning walk to Honde view. After breakfast we had our teams ready for games including the giant swing, confidence course and pamper pole. We started with the giant swing , followed by the confidence course. The confidence course was so scary and long. It included zip-lining which was very scary. We went as high as 25m. After the confidence course we did the pamper pole. I managed to overcome my fear of heights on this day.


In the morning we went for the skyline and zip line. It was a great experience. We had a great time at the Mutarazi falls.

Later in the evening we did treasure hunt in teams.

We had a great experience at the camp. We had the chance to get to know each other and at the end of the camp, it seemed as if we already knew each other.

Last but not least, l would like to thank the organisers of such a great event. God Bless You.

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