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With? my? career? and? academic? goals? coming? to? a? nearing? sight.? I? am? honored? to? write? about? why? I? want? to? take? the? steps? into? attending? a? military? academy? ? From? first? learning? about? the? military? academies? through? a? close? friend? that? moved? from? florida? to? vandenberg? air? force? base? and? later? became? friends? through? lompoc? high? school.? I? realized? that? key? terms? such? as? leadership,? academics,? and? diversity?? all? things? that? the? academies? are? looking? for? in? students,? apply? to? me.


From? a? young? age? my? teachers? have? always? characterised? me? as? a? leader.? The? most? memorizable? quote? I? can? remember? during? a? parent? teacher? conference? with? my? 6th? grade? teacher? is? her? sasying? how? amazed? she? is? that? I? could? mingle? with? many? different? groups? with? many? interest? and? still? maintain? a? high? academic? academic? statue.?

This? has? been? true?? all? through? high? school? with? being? part? of? many? sports? teams? such? as? basketball,? baseball,? wrestling,? and? the? captain? of? the? football? team.

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socially? I? have? been? part? of? chess? tournaments? with? the? chess?club,? treasure? of? my? class,? nominated? for? student? of? the? quarter,? admitted? into? youth? leadership? of? lompoc? valley,? youth? cfo? of? colas? kids? non? profit? organization,? and? the? list? goes? on.? ? ?

Many? ask? why? a? military? academy,? why? not? a? college? or? university? not? related? to? the? military.? One? of? my? reasons? definitely? not? my? biggest? is? financially? I? wouldn't? be? able? to? pay? for? college.? Living? with? my? mother,? living? with? my? grandparents,? living? with? the? my? dad? in? government? housing,? living? alone,? and? currently? living? in?section? 8? housing? with? father? and? step? mother.

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Financially? college? is? a? goal? achievable? through? academics? and? diversity? ,? but? will? always? have? the? restrain? financially? to? pay? for? tuition.? ? Being? admitted? and? attending? an? academy? will? not? only? help? me? along? with? my? family? financially? but? u? will? have? a? chance? to? serve? my? country? with? the? utmost? gratitude.? My? parents? have? never? pushed? me? to? apply? at? a? military? academy,? the? goal? of? admission? has? solely? been? through? self? motivation.?

With? my? career? goals? being? in?the? field? of? engineering? (mechanical? in? preference)? I? have? researched? the? naval? academy? and? earning?? bachelors? in? science? at? the? academy? would? kick? start? my? future? with? opportunities? that? other? universities? can't? offer.? Knowing? that? you? must? complete? a? term? in? the? military? after? the? academy? has? no? change? to? my? decision.? From? meeting? first? srgt.? Eric? simon? on? the? Air? Force? base,? he? has? became? an? inspiration? to? become? a? man? of? respect.? I? first? met? him? through? my? best? friend,? srgt.? Simon? being? his? father.? When?

I? first? met? him? my? first? impression? was? this? man? is? someone? to? respect? and? honor? with? gratitude? for? protecting? and? serving? our? country.? I? later? learned? through? experience? that? srgt.? Simon? is? a? great? father? and? man? all? around.? Coming? from? an? unhealthy? family? in? Maryland? I? have? been? able? to? relate? and? look? up? to? him? as? a? father? figure.? The? experience? of? meeting? srgt.? Simon? has? made? me? more? than? ready? to? serve? in? the? armed? services.? I? want? to? show? my? four? younger? brothers? that? If? I? can? do? it? they? can? do?it? ,? while? establishing? a? role? model? position? for? them.? ?

Being? admitted? to? the? naval? academy? or? another? military? academy? has? been? my? goal? from? the? beginning? of? high? school.? Aiming? everything? I? do.? And? pushing? myself? to? be? a? stand? out? candidate.? I? am? more? than? willing? to? serve? my? term? of? service? with? the? utmost? gratitude? and? respect? for? my? country.? The? reason? I? feel? that? i? standout? among? the? other? candidates? is? how? diverse? I? am? in? all? the? aspects? the? academies? are? looking? for.? Being? a? leader? in? sports?activities,? through? team? voting? I? became? the? football? captain,? having? four? little? brothers? I? lead? them? everyday? as? a? role? model.?

Academically? I? strive? in? the? classroom? ,? recieving? scholar? awards? throughout? high? school? ,? and? achieving? top? 20? percent? of? my? class.? through? the? community? of? school? ,? being? involved? in? many? groups? and? organizations.? Also? outside? of? school? in? my? community? of? Santa? Barbara? county? through? community? service? and? helping? organizations? such? as? the? American? G. I.? Forum? along? with? many? others.?

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Naval academy Essay topic
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