Standing Up For What You Believe In

Categories: Personal Beliefs

As a fourteen year old high school boy, I have a lot in mind. I have a lot of beliefs and opinions, some of which are bias and some of which I would never tell another person, but some of these a lot of people can agree with me on. Opinions can start arguments and serious conversation if you’re not careful, so I like to minimize how much I say in certain situations.

I believe as a society we are changing the way we live.

We watch television and all you see is “Lose fifteen pounds in a week” and these photoshopped before and after images. Many people want to look perfect, but some take it to the next level and get plastic surgery to look perfect.

I believe you should have pride in what you do. I mean, what is the point of doing something if you are not going to do it right, or give it all you’ve got.

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You should never give up no matter what. I also believe you should do your homework. I mean it’s not that bad, it only takes about one or two hours depending on how efficiently you work. It’s a win, win because you can learn the material better and raise your grade. I’ll admit that no one likes to do homework and it can be a pain, but it will pay off if you do it.

I believe in telling the truth to others. There are many people walking down the hallways at my school.

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Many of them are fake. Lots of people live two lives: one at school and one at home. My parents taught me things will turn out better if you tell the truth. Not only did they teach me, but I learned from my own experiences. In the end, people are going to find out the truth anyway.

I believe in going outside and having fun. I think everyone should be in at least one after school activity, especially sports. You get outside, get exercise, meet new friends, and play games. The best part is the feeling after you win a game, or if you've been training for so long and you finally achieved your goal. It is like studying really hard and acing a test.

I believe in what I want to believe in and only I change what I want to believe in. No one can affect my decisions on what I believe in. I am not going to believe in something just because my family or friends believe in it. What I believe in is what makes me different from the people around me and it makes me who I am today.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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