Sportsmanship And Teamwork of Marching Band

There might be as many as 500+ members in a marching band, each having their own part that inter-locks with the 499 others'. I think marching band ought to be thought about a sport. Everybody needs to be extremely coordinated and exact. The band as a whole, and individually should practice. Then there's all the physical tensions that you have to conquer. Coordination plays a key roll in marching. A lot of teamwork goes into it too. All the artists have to play in the best secret, remain in action, and stay musically in time otherwise the whole show might be jeopardized.

Memorizing game plays is a big roll in football and other team sports, exact same with band. You should keep in mind the standard notes, essential signatures, and different other musical symbols. Then there are the numerous sets, or where and when you have to be on the field throughout the show. Just a single person off can toss off the whole form or melody.

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Professional athletes chosen for the Olympics have trained for practically all their lives for their occasion. In Bellevue West's marching training, we have a two week period of living hell, aka 'band camp.

You basically do absolutely nothing but consume, sleep, and believe band during the two most popular weeks of the entire summer season. Mr. Haugen, our band director, pushes hard and some break down and quit, however in the end, the bulk of the group is remaining. Everythings left now is a well oiled machine, much like any sports team.

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I only hinted how physically demanding this "extra-curricular activity" really is. You should carry an instrument exactly level while marching, and all your body desires to do is bounce up and down like loose baggage.

Then if you're a sousaphone, like me, you have around 45-50 pound. ushing down on your shoulder as you try to raise yourself as high as possible, regarding follow correct marching type. Then you must bear in mind that half your air as you march down the field, goes to playing your instrument. If that's inadequate, you're likewise caught in a dark, thick material uniform, squeezing the last whistles of your breath from your lungs. It may be just for 15 minutes, however even track professional athletes get breaks in-between occasions. In those god-forsaken uniforms, that quarter hour feels like centuries. For some odd reason, individuals have the idea that its simple to play in movement, it's anything however!

You must have incredible music-making skills, especially considering your bouncing up and down as you sometimes run to get to your spot. Sports are very physically strenuous and demanding, so is marching. Sports teams practice all year long to get ready to compete, we only the summer and a few weeks into school. Each individual plays such a key role in the tone and appearance of the band, its unreal. Marching band isn't just a bunch of nerds and fat guys playing tubas. It's a tight-knit brotherhood of strength and skill. Like football, if you are not in the right spot, you aren't scoring the touchdown.

Updated: Jul 15, 2020
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