Movie: And The Band Played On

The movie " And The band Played on is about a doctor from world health organisation who is finding the cause of an unknown virus. At first youv'e seen him in the African community where a clinic is near "Ebola River" Central Africa 1976 were they found an african child that showed them the way of Dr. Azis where they found that he's already dead with some of the citizen. They found a woman begging for some medicine then she died, they don't know what the cause of death.

The dead people were burn for the virus stop spreading out the community. The virus was called "The Ebola Fever" it was contained before it could reach the outside world. It was not AIDS but it was a warning of things to come.

"Rigshospitalet Copenhagen 1977" it was the first case of an unknown virus.The victim is dead by Pneumocystis Pnemonia but the doctor said that it was no killer virus so he demmaned what's the real cause but that all she had.

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"Claude-Bernard Hospital Paris 1978" the second case of an unknown virusthis is were his examined there some fungus in the mouth, warts on his arms and more on his legs and his brain is rotting with Toxoplasmosis, a cat disease. Washington D.C. 1980 a democratic platform committee meeting was held about a gay act of special previleges that they are also human and they be must respect like other normal people do.

UCLA Medical Center Los Angeles the doctor were puzzled how or why the virus spread in just 2 years.

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They made a letter and send to the Centers For Disease Control Atlanta, May 1981 to D. Gease. Dr. Francis arrive at Atlanta where he meet is coleage Harold Japey Secutive Trans Division, Ardan Terdare Socioologist, Harold Lorens Division of host factors & Dr. Mary Gaia where they held a meeting about the spreading virus were they have a talking about the information of the virus in doctors in different hospitals. Francis went to the Sloan-Kettering Canser Center New york and talk with a gay person talking about his past life in a book and wishing that he was an italian man in his 60 but he was to young to look like that.

New York University Medical Center, Dr. Mary Gaia talked to a man that went a examination on his spot on the neck about some of his personal information on how many times in a year does he have sex with a man but he was on a hurry cathing on a plane that it was not finish. In U.S. cases is 80 and the deaths were 26 Harold Lorens Interview a couple going on the bathhouse of what the other men doing the the bath that could it possible they having sex while washing each others back? and so on. They warned the owner that thier must be some kind of epidemic spreading in the gay community they wan't to inspect the bath house they found a bottle of rush.

They wen't to a meeting a discuss whether it is a virus or a bacteria, or a bug, what species is infected how do it infect and the prone virus is male or female. They agreed that its all human male or female is infected via sex and other blood to blood contact. They wan't to have a money to have a laboratory to begin their research about the virus. San Francisco Holloween 1981, they have a festival of gay people. Now the U.S cases is aproxiametely 160 and 88 deaths there is a man walked out and find the doctor's then he was called to tell his name because he does'nt know him that he don't care he looked back and found two boys then he noticed the poster "theirs nothing gay about gay canser" he said that the government doesn't care about them and they will leave to die but he had a determination to live to go for his life.

Mary Gaia met a man she instructed the man to have a answered the consent letter that she will have some specimens it was blood, urine, saliva, and sperm. he ask what is the name of thesickness, gay people called it gaypneumonia. When the holloween is finished, they are trying to find the parasites of mice, rabbits, and guineapigs then a monkey for the virus All they know about the sickness is an unknown organism that they can't see or find, they don't know if its a single agent or combination of causes, they don't know how its transmitted. A man accidentally slip the container of some blood specimen that contains deadly virus. In a hospital there are two women dying from pneumocystis, but it is not deadly sickness so its impossible, there are nineteen people died in 3 years no matter what's there status, or nationalism. Dr. Rozenbaum was called in the office of the head doctor of the ospital, it was embarrising that the hospital were called "That hospital where those people go".

Now the patiens are afraid to come in the hospital because of the saying and they are afraid to die and that put them in a difficult possition. Washington D.C., office of congressman phillip burton was arguing with his secretary about the expenses in the research for an unknown virus the secretary was warned the congressman that no one knows this thing. Now a president's won but there are less money for medical funds next year but instead it was put on the department of defense that were actualy increase over budget and figure. Dr. Francis send a requisition for an electron microscope but not a reply was recieved. He has a memo that where are the $196,000 to run the laboratory but he had no reply of yes or no. But he's colleage was tired and wan't to go home.

Dr. Jemm was called and informed that there are 4 known died in Miami and it is now a not a gay disease and it's on a every news. He is sick of nothing to know of the virus know he saw a pac-man game that just eat and eat and an idea got on him, he went in harvard school of public health in boston, he ask his instructor of feline & leukimia virus that they both causes virus, immune suppression & long incubation periods, now the hepatitis b it causes canser imune suppresion none. now they are finding between heoatitis b and leukimia virus in a retro virus that causes leukimia that they need of Bob Galo for having found the first retro virus the HTLV that still haven't found the major cause of it to link it to. Now on national institutes of health bethesda, maryland, march 1982, 258 U.S. cases 199 deaths they called Dr. Bob Galo to come visit them that they found the link for the cause of the problem and mt galo accept it that he would look into.

Bill Darwin went to the V.A. Hospital Los Angeles, March 1982 he met a man that is dying and has a 3 friends that die with the same virus he is in a room 666, he tell a story that it started in a barbecue in 1980 in thier backyard it was just him, lover and a gay couple of the street on of them died in october 6,1981, feb 6,1982, march 6,1982, they died at the same day 6 so he is in 666 and he was afraid of that and want to change room but no one listen to him, then he ask when he is crimated is thier any diffirence between him and the cementary outside of his window? Harold Lowens ask for more information that links together, there is a man that he's a 33 year old that dying but thier was a buddy and he said that it was cause of a man from new york that have a french canadian acsent and ask a blonde man and said that in a bathhouses and so fort, and a gay that gives a name and his full name, he went to new york and met Janduga and ask on his sex life that he has a gay canser that its not contaguos and said that its not his fault that it spread it was the doctors fault to stop the virus, Bill Darwin requested that he write all of his sex partner and lovers.

Janduga said to Bill that knock before six and not on 6:30 then Bill is happy to have his permission and remember something that someone was given it to him. He called him the next day and make a representation about it, then it was known as sexually transmitted disease.Centers For Disease Control Atlanta, June 1982 they held a media conference wheter this is a sexually transmutted disease or not but the chief dicline it and said that they need more research about it and walk away and Dr. Francis argued with Dr. Current that why did he not tell and play dead and they freaking argued for a 10min.

San Francisco June 1982 now there is 405 U.S. cases 272 deaths, they argue about closing the bathhouse or not one of the gay community warned them when the bathhouse is close the community is gone then he leaves. One of his partner names Kiko prepares to leave the house there's an arkiteck that he wants to be. A theater where one of the virus victim was teaching Dr. Mary Gaia went to talk to the virus victim about this virus that he got this thing and hes scared why is he afraid to tell anybody that he have a virus, he said he has the money to fight this thing but there are more who needs it so he gave it to Dr. Mary Gaia.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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