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Spiritual Autobiography Essay

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One of the most important moments in my spiritual life was when I was prophesied to about the calling on my life and when I received my gifts of the spirit. I was in church on September 10, 1999 and my pastor at the time was praying for people to receive healing, blessings, confirmations of Something God had spoken to them and to be released from unclean spirits through the laying on of hands and the movement of the Holy Spirit. The church was a small mobile home unit in a rundown part of Panama City, Florida which seated maybe 40 people. It had cheap, white paneling on the walls and bluish-grey hard knit carpet on the floor. My pastor was dressed in a grey three-piece suit standing in front of the church facing the congregation and the co-pastor dressed in a two-piece tan suit was standing to his right ready to catch anyone who was overcome by the Holy Spirit.

I had seen people with severe colds healed instantly, I saw an elderly lady who walked with a limp because one leg was shorter than the other have her leg grow to equal the other leg in the pastors hand. The week before a female church member who for 15 years was living her life in a wheelchair because she was paralyzed from the waist down after attempting suicide stand up and walk. I saw these miracles and many more happen in this church. I knew that by the leading of the Holy Spirit that anything was possible because of the miracles I had seen God manifest there. It was to my turn to receive prayer and I was ready to receive whatever God was going to reveal to me that day.

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The night before I was in my co-pastors home discussing the Holy Spirit and was baptized in the Holy Spirit. I stepped up to the pastor and waited for him to lay hands on me and begin to pray. The Holy Spirit began to move and the pastor began to pray in tongues and he revealed to me through the Holy Spirit that I was called in to a ministry of teaching and healing through laying on of hands. The Word of God had always been important to me but after that day it was like I needed it more than the air I breathe. The Word of God truly became my life source and my ministry of teaching became my number one priority.

Since that day I have had many battles with the enemy and have tried to stay in my ministry but unfortunately like any human I failed God more than once. I have been in and out of church off and on since then and I have honestly at one point live for the pleasures of this world. I never gave up on my calling I just put it on the back burner and I let God down. There are times that I feel like the man in the parable of the talents who was given one talent and hid it until the master came back, but now I am back on track and am heading toward my true calling once again. I am taking these classes to get my degree in ministry and leadership so that someday I will be able to hopefully pastor a church if God has it in his will for me. I had grown weary of failing God and not answering my call.

This is my memory of an important time in my spiritual life and where it has brought me. I have been down some rocky roads in my life and failed God miserably along the way, but I am so thankful he is a merciful God and forgives us no matter how much we fail him. I am thankful that I am able to be in the church I am in, the father I am to the most beautiful baby girls in the world, married to the beautiful and loving woman I am married to, and am able to come back to the calling God has on my life and fulfill his prophesy he proclaimed over me that September day so many years ago. My memory helps me remember to heed to the call and use my talents to the best of my ability.

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