Spiderman Lies the Character Believes

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Romeo in Shakespear’s drama Romeo and Juliet, is a heroic character who seeks justification in his actions, out of the gate with Romeo’s first big outing Shakespear demonstrated to the audience everything that we need to know about Romeo as a character, he was stubborn and sad, and when benvolio approaches him we see him mourn dramatically, publicizing that Romeo is very much out of control with his emotions like most children are, he was made to look premature, and that is important because in a drama like Romeo and Juliet where everyone has a vendetta for each other making everyone around them question their trust, you would think Romeo would not provide anything to this story at all, but in reality his wimpy stature, pure heart, and carefulness is one of his biggest strengths when it came for his character, but it wasn’t until Shakespear added an important element to Romeo’s character that was necessary to the story, his impulsive nature, although this would also become a burden.

In K.m Weiland’s book Creating Character Arcs, the author states three character arcs that majority of characters undergo in a story these being the positive character arc, the flat character arc, and the negative character arc, all of these arcs tackle one theme, which is the lie the character believes, in most media the lie that the character believes is usually a stepping stone of what characters morals and personality is set out to be, for example popular superhero Spider-man, specifically in Homecoming, goes through a positive change arc, his lie that he believes is that he believes what makes him SpiderMan is the suit that is given to him by Tony Stark, which prompts him to say ¨If you’re nothing without the suit, then you shouldn’t have it.

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¨ conveying to the audience that Peter Parker doesn’t believe in himself and doesn’t trust in himself to be SpiderMan, Romeos lie is that he believes fate will control his life, that he isn’t responsible for his actions because it isn’t him doing it, as a result he undergoes a negative change arc, it isn’t until the supposed death of Juliet that he realizes that he is in control of his actions that everything that led up to Juliet’s supposed death was in one way or another caused by him, he laments this by ending his own life, which is ironic because Juliet later wakes up and sees Romeo’s actions and how he decided to end his life.

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