Embracing Knowledge in India's Tech-Based Economy

I have always believed that the path to enlightenment is the “path of knowledge”. My strong belief is that greater things can be achieved through perseverance. An open mind and a determined approach are the basis for my aspiration to pursue my studies. In recent years, my native country of India has adapted to the trend of globalization and transformed from a low-tech manufacturing base into a technology-based economy. Growing up in such a dynamic and quickly developing economy has given me a strong interest in taking part in the business world of the future.

With this longstanding interest in Accounting and Business, I am very eager to begin engaging in advanced business studies. Business and Finance has been a great inspiration for me right from my childhood ever since I used to be at the cash counter of my dad’s departmental store. My introduction to Chartered Accountancy Program was my first greatest inspiration. I majored in Bachelor of Commerce at University of Madras in [India], a University with a reputation for excellence in terms of its business programs.

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Although the rigorous academic environment presented certain challenges, I achieved a great deal and built a strong foundation of knowledge and experience. The core subjects in my bachelors were Accounting, Business, Commerce, Law, Taxation and Management Studies. I have also completed the Common Proficiency Test from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. I believe that Australia is the ideal setting for refining my expertise in Accounting and Management while also acquiring a broader, international viewpoint in Accounting.

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I am currently applying to the “Masters of Professional Accounting”; so that I can learn and lay a foundation to live up to my dream of becoming a full-fledged Chartered Accountant or working as a financial analyst in a reputed Accounting Firm. On extensive research over internet and correspondence with acquaintances I have gained a wealth of information on the safe environment, religious freedom and sound economic conditions.

My sister who has recently been transferred to Sydney to enhance implementations on existing Bank Applications Studying in Perth will make this experience more delightful as it is well known for its mining industries and the vast employment opportunities. Having an internationally acceptable undergraduate degree and access to all the best educationalists, Curtin University appealed the most to me. Curtin University has been top ranked; in the Shanghai Jiao Tong Annual Ranking of World Universities (2011), Times Higher Education’s (2011-2012) world university rankings and Quacuarelli Symonds World Universities Ranking by Subject.

Curtin Business School’s advisory board includes 60 industry leaders from prominent Australian and international companies and government departments. Studying the field of accounting in Australia means that I will be lectured by the best industry practitioners. The Curtin Business School offers industry realistic teaching methods. Masters of professional accounting program encompasses all the necessary units and aspects required for enrollment in a Chartered Accountancy program from the ICAA.

It also provides a widespread knowledge on the field of Accounting, Business, Taxation and Management studies which would facilitate my profession and future endeavors. Master of Professional Accounting program is being offered by various universities across the globe, each offering its own unique course composition, but they lack the promising nature of accounting. The professional programs in India do meet the international caliber; however the scope of accounting and business knowledge is considerable high in Australia.

Curtin Business School not only provides in-depth knowledge of accounting but also encompasses the legal environment that concerns the field of accounting. Having an overseas Accounting degree is highly considered during recruitment in nationalized and reputed Accounting bodies in India. On completion of Masters of professional Accounting I would enroll in a Chartered Accountancy Program from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia (ICAA) and pursue my dreams of being a Chartered Accountant.

The ICAA has universal ties with accounting bodies across the globe and transferring my practice to India would not be a complex task. The ICAA’s CA program involves both internship and extensive subject matter knowledge thereby assisting me to be a successful Chartered Accountant. Other prospective career options are; Business risk manager, Financial analyst, Management consultant, Taxation specialist and Treasurer. The other career option that I have planned to execute is to join a reputed Accounting Firm in India to gain experience and knowledge.

In due course I would like to establish my own Consulting Firm providing sound financial ideas and informed decisions to assist emerging and developed establishments. With a strong desire to succeed professionally, through gaining knowledge and research experience, I wish to be part of the graduate program of Masters in Professional Accounting with a major in Curtin University. I sincerely feel that my talent will definitely be put to optimal use, thereby helping me get closer to my dreams and aspirations.

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Embracing Knowledge in India's Tech-Based Economy

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