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Leslie Fay Case
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The use of financial ratios assists the auditor in analyzing any unusual deviations from the expected results, (Gupta, 2004). The financial ratios are then compared with the entity's ratios for prior periods as well as with ratios for other businesses in the same industry. A comparison with the industry ratios would have warned BDO of some irregularities in Leslie Fay's financial statements. BDO Seidman should have been interested some important ratios that would help in determining the accuracy of the…...
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Proficiencies of Human Resources Manager
Words • 259
Pages • 2
HR Proficiency: Employee selection, training and compensation falls under this proficiency. It represent traditional knowledge and skills in those areas. •Business Proficiency: A Human Resource Manager has lots of duties and responsibilities. To assist top level manager for formulating strategies a HR manager should be familiar with strategic planning, marketing, finance, production, etc. Those knowledge will help top level manager to formulate new strategies for the company. •Leadership Proficiency: A HR Manager should posses Leadership Quality. This is must for…...
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Retention Policy
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Pages • 10
Accountancy maybe one of the most difficult courses offered to all students nowadays. It needs a great skill of analyzation and courage to stay in the program. It is also one of the demanded jobs that’s why many incoming freshmen take BSA program. It all started more than 7000 years ago when the earliest accounting records was found in ancient Babylon, Assyria, Sumeria. Then in 1494, Luca Pacioli described the system double entry bookkeeping in his Summa de Arithmeca, Geometria,…...
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Sop Accounting
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Pages • 4
I have always believed that the path to enlightenment is the “path of knowledge”. My strong belief is that greater things can be achieved through perseverance. An open mind and a determined approach are the basis for my aspiration to pursue my studies. In recent years, my native country of India has adapted to the trend of globalization and transformed from a low-tech manufacturing base into a technology-based economy. Growing up in such a dynamic and quickly developing economy has…...
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Procurement vs Purchasing
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Pages • 12
Introduction The need for acquiring materials or assets for an organization is fundamental to their business operations. Creating strategies and methods to procure the best materials at the most cost efficient ways and to maintain the same can be only put to practice with a dedicated procurement and purchasing functions. The terms purchasing and procurement are often interchanged, but they do differ in scope. Procurement is much wider term and it is a strategic element when compared to purchasing. Purchasing…...
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Should Finance Education Be Mandatory Component of School Program
Words • 1591
Pages • 7
Outline. In many countries the discussion about the rising financial problems of young people has been getting more emphasis. Tough some people are voting to integrate financial education as a schooling subject. It is an obvious fact that financial aspects are a major part of daily life, as an adult and even as a young individual. Each and every one of us has to make financial decisions concerning recreation, health, education and more. The question is whether to start with…...
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Crosby Vs Deming
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Pages • 4
Dr. W. Edwards Deming, a famous quality Guru in the United States, used his expertise and skill in the improvement of the war equipment quality. Japan also used Deming’s skills to revitalize and restore the Japanese Industry that had been broken down by the World war. He was also known to be best practitioner who device the 14 points in quality improvement. Here is the summarized version of Deming’s Fourteen Points. There should only be small rooms for short term…...
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Employee Training and Career Development
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Pages • 5
Introduction Employee training and career development is very important to any organization who wants to be a successful company. These assets give employees the tools and the motivation they need in order to accomplish the task of their job function. In this paper there will be a few questions discussed pertaining to employee training and career development. The Role of Training The role of training in an organizations development is crucial. Training allows the employee to know exactly what the…...
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The Balance Scorecard Initiative
Words • 1625
Pages • 7
Executive Summary This report provides the analysis of case study given to me. Gail Palmer Ashton Graduate School of Business ranks among the top schools of USA but the dean of the institute feels that the school has deviated from its foundations. This analysis proposes implementation of the balanced scorecard and performance metrics in order to achieve the four strategic goals of the institution. Even the ranking is consistent and high the institute needs performance standards devised along the lines…...
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Business is an economic activity and decision making by the management is an economic process. It will be influenced by economic and non economic environment of business. You will appreciate that the business environment is quit complex, with heterogeneous elements in the environment. A manager must understand and analyse this process of interaction. In particular, you must note that all non-economic, environmental variables have economic implications, and that is why these variables singly or jointly, affect business activity. Business must…...
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The Ulrich Model
Words • 1396
Pages • 6
The Ulrich Model 2.1 The Ulrich model was developed in 1997 by Dave Ulrich and has actually altered for many years nevertheless the fundamental idea has remained the exact same. To build a competitive HR Department given today's company difficulties and make it cost reliable and responsible., Multiple-Roles Model for HR Management. (Ulrich, 1997) Dave Ulrich has actually proposed four key HR functions that HR champions should fulfil to make an organisation partnership a reality (Ulrich & &…...
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