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Downs Syndrome and Inclusion
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Evidence suggests that a very significant proportion of children with Down syndrome could be placed successfully in a mainstream school. Research data, although still somewhat limited, indicates that such placements lead to academic as well as social gains and increase the chances of the child making local friendships that extend beyond the school day. These facts have lead increasing numbers of parents to seek an inclusive placement for their child. In some parts of the country over 80% of primary…...
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Inclusive Education Plan
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Describe the facts of this case study: Student having difficulty in mathematics. Specifically, student does not understand how to work with decimals and fractions, concepts that are fundamental for progressing in mathematics through high school grades. Not receiving learning assistance for mathematics. Reading and writing standards are also not being met, although student is receiving learning assistance for these subjects. Student excels in art and technology. Reported to have been aggressive with other students at noon hour break. He is…...
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InclusionLori BurnettWilliamsNorthcentral UniversityInclusionThe school environment should offer each and every student with
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InclusionLori Burnett-WilliamsNorthcentral UniversityInclusionThe school environment should offer each, and every student with equal access to an interesting and engaging educational experience, that will help them to grow academically. Students should have equity, when it comes to receiving an education, in the school environment. What is equity? Equity is being fair and not showing bias for any students. All students- regardless of race, color, national origin or zip code-deserve a high-quality education that includes resources such as academic and extracurricular programs,…...
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Education and Learners
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I as a teacher can encourage and motivate teachers and adults to accommodate learners who are experiencing barriers to learning by encouraging teachers to Promote Positive attitude of both teachers and learners towards one another supporting one another and stand as a united as a school and colleagues. As well as equal input in school activities all teachers should enjoy participating in school activities it would make learners feel more comfortable to join and also participate in school activites. Teachers…...
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Inclusive and Special Education
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Inclusion is a process that accommodates to the educational, social and emotional needs of children, young people and families. The inclusive process can incorporate a range of specialized provision that can be accessed according to need. A key factor that determines the success, of inclusive provision is the training of staff, and the impact of that training in the planning, differentiation and presentation of the curriculum. (Reid, 2011). The aim of my presentation was to discuss and elaborate on Inclusion…...
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Strengths and weaknesses of inclusive education
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Analysing various views of professionals in relation to inclusion, it is easy to see that many of these professionals, including educational psychologists, teachers, social workers and health service professionals, saw obstacles to full inclusion and considered that schools as currently organised frequently find it difficult to meet the wide range of children's needs (Thomas & Loxley 2001, p. 110). As a matter of fact, inclusion or exclusion are as much about participation and marginalisation in relation to race, class, gender,…...
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Pros and Cons of Inclusive Education
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In inclusive education programs all students in a school are subjected to study together and become part of the school community regardless they are disabled or normal (Schwartz, Odom, & Sandall, 2010). They all attend the same school and have the feeling of belonging in the school. Students, teachers and co-ordinate staff have a role to instruct all students regardless to their disability in general education. From educational viewpoint, inclusion involves practices where students with special needs in terms of…...
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Inclusive Education in Hong Kong
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Nowadays, when we talk about students with special education needs (SEN), we are no longer focusing on how special education schools treat the SENs for their learning. We address to the issue inclusive education because the public believes every child should share the same fundamental right to learn in a ‘normal’ classroom and education should be provided to cater the wide diversity of learners’ characteristics and needs (UNESCO, 1994). As a result, inclusive Education has been introduced to the Hong…...
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Historical Foundation of Inclusive Education
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Based on the book of Teresita G. Inciong, Yolanda S. Quijano, Yolanda T. Capulong, Julieta A. Gregorio, and Adelaida C. Jines entitled Introduction To Special Education, it was during the year of 1902 and under the American regime that the Filipino children with disabilities were given the chance to be educated. Mr. Fred Atkinson, General Superintendent of Education, proposed to the Secretary of Public Instruction that the children whom he found deaf and blind should be enrolled in school like…...
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Inclusive teaching and learning approaches
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The aim of this assignment is to gain an understanding into inclusive teaching and learning approaches as well be able to use them in my teaching. It will also explore how I can create a learning environment that engages and motivates students and my planning, delivery and evaluation of my teaching. The Warnock Report 1978 introduced the idea of Special Educational Needs and encouraged the thought process of statements and an inclusive education by suggesting that common educational goals were…...
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Inclusive Education
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According to Verma & Bagley, “Equality has long been a major goal of education around the world. As early as 1948, Article 26 of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that, “everyone has the right to education” and “education shall be free, at least at the elementary and fundamental stages” (2007, p. 3). In relation to this statement, most governments who are members of the United Nation have made substantial efforts geared towards the realization of this…...
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My Teaching Methods in Inclusive Education
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Inclusive learning is about recognising that all your students have the right to be treated equally and fairly, have the same access to all products, services and have the opportunity to be involved and included. As a teacher you need to be aware that all students are not the same as they all do not learn in the same way, the ways in which a teacher can overcome this is using the Teaching and Learning Cycle, using visual, auditory and…...
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Intrinsic and Extrinsic Barriers in Education
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Good morning to one and all of you present, my task for today is to enlighten you about what Inclusive Education is and what intrinsic and extrinsic barriers to learning and development are. One of the many challenges facing education in post-apartheid South Africa is that of realising the constitutional values of equality, freedom from discrimination and the right to a basic education for all learners, including those who experience barriers to learning. Under apartheid, learners were not only educated…...
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Inclusive Education in Collaborative Team Teaching Classroom
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Abstract There are pros and cons to everything in life. Because I just started my education program, I was interested in researching the positive and negatives effects of an inclusion classroom. I wondered, what exactly were the positive effects this type of setting had on its special education population? I have always felt, in my opinion, that inclusion classrooms are helpful in numerous ways, but now it was time to see if research agreed. History and Background In the past…...
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ETH306W Inclusive Education B Question 1: 1. A learner who rubs his eyes excessively, shuts or covers his eyes, experiences a hearing problem 2. Learners suffering from albinism should sit in a darker place in the classroom, away from the windows - correct! 3. The type of eye condition & the amount of residual vision would not determine the assistance given to a learner in class Question 2: 1. Deafness is definitely not hereditary – it is caused by e.g.…...
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Pros and Cons of Inclusive Education in a Basic Classroom
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Pros and Cons of Addition in a basic education classroom Addition in a basic classroom is among the largest debates that schools face today. Most administrators, moms and dads and instructors question the likely academic effects related to the positioning of trainees with special requirements into general academic classrooms. Inclusion is the educational method that requires trainees with disabilities to discover together with non-disabled students. Instead of the partition of students based on their physical abilities and specials needs, inclusion…...
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