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Society Problems

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Power Distance

Low power distance is appropriate in society since both individuals in power and that not in power enjoy equal rights. Equality brings people together as those not in leadership positions will feel involved an equally important hence promoting respect for individuality. Low power distances call for more power sharing and many discussions before making a decision. Consultation leads to better decisions that benefit all the individuals in a society and reduces the chances of conflicts against decisions made concerning a country or a society.

In an organization, low power distance means minimal salary difference form the individual at the top management position to the subordinates. Subordinates should also be consulted before making a decision, as this will improve the work environment hence promoting production. In schools teachers and students should treat each other equally and parents should not permanently side with one party in a scenario of a conflict. Equal treatment will improve the teacher-student relationship as students will be free to consult teachers in areas of difficulty hence promoting academic performance.

Individualism versus collectivism

My style of approaching problems depends on the type and magnitude of the problem. I approach problems that mainly affect me and are within my capability to solve individualistically. I do not need to seek help in solving health problems caused by my diet. I can change my diet to solve the problem. However, I find it appropriate to approach problems that affect me and others or that others are directly involved in collectively.

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That way it will be easy to come up with a solution that is fare and satisfies every individual involved. Family problems, for instance, are better approached collectively. It is advisable for family members to meet and discuss a problem and come up with a solution collectively in order to restore normalcy and guarantee satisfaction for every family member.

Masculinity versus femininity

Under this dimension, I prefer femininity because of the overlapping of gender roles. The equality of men and women has proven to be a significant factor in society’s well-being. Men are under pressure in masculinity as they are forced to be successful and wealthy. Those who fail to acquire wealth suffer depression, which forces them into activities that are not ethical, for instance, dealing drugs. Women are also discriminated are they are seen as lesser individuals compared to men who have power over women. It restricts women from taking a leadership position, and that is dangerous for development. Women in leadership position have proven that they can deliver in at different levels and should be treated equally.

Uncertainty avoidance

I fit in the low uncertainty avoidance dimension as I am an individual who is open to change and new challenges because I believe challenges makes one stronger and bring growth. I appreciate the rich diversity of different cultures and different people. Politics is my area of interest as it is significant to the development of any nation. I believe a healthy political country should allow citizens to protest about areas they feel they are not comfortable or are not considered. The government should also respond to such protest to promote peace and inclusivity. Individuals should also be allowed to exercise freedom of worship, and no religion should be prosecuted. All beliefs should be respected and their practices respected as well. I trust in the open-ended system of learning, as I believe students can benefit more through participation and teachers are at liberty to admit the areas they are not conversant with and welcome ideas from students. Structured learning limits learner to the curriculum.

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