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Countries are facing major problems that affects mostly to the society. We depend on the government to make the right the decisions to solve it and one wrong move can affect us all. One of the problems is education. In the status quo, we can see that the education system isn’t making much progress from what it was a century ago while the whole world is evolving towards modernisation. Educators are starting to realised that good educations are only accessed by a small amount of students.

This can only mean that good education is a privilege. A good education should be a right because it decreases social inequalities, ensure the development of a nation and help society achieve peace, especially in a diverse community.

Before we continue on, we need to know the difference between good education and bad education. In a good education, it teaches students how to learn while bad education tells students what to learn. This is not good because the students would not develop critical thinking skills and make them dependent to the teachers.

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This will cause the students to struggle when they are no longer in school. On that note, a bad education system only focuses on academic performance whereas good education encourages all-round development. The reason why we should focus on an all-round development is this would make the students discover their talents and universities now not only will look at an individual’s academic achievements, they will also look at their co-curricular achievements.

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Furthermore, good education teaches students soft skills and hard skills, make students make their own decision and encourage students to form their own opinions. On the other hand, bad education only focuses on hard skills which are easier to be taught, force students to follow the plans given and only allow standard answers and prespectives.

When good education is a right, social inequalities will be decreased because everyone will have equal access to it. Pursuant to The Audiopedia, social inequality happens when a resources a not distributed evenly, usually through the norms of allocation that can also affect the distribution of right and privileges, social power, access to public goods such as education and others. Research shows resources are often distributed following the delineations that distinguish different social categories. For example, social inequality is linked to racial, gender and ethnic inequality as well as other status characteristic. Other than that, with good education in our world, these well educated people will realise this problem of social inequality and will use what they’ve been taught to solve this major problem that we are facing in today’s world.

Equally important, good education should be a right as it can help to achieve peace in a given society. In the present day, schools are letting out more and more close-minded people because of their education system that doesn’t let students form their own opinions about something and force on them stereotypes that are mostly false. With everyone being close-minded, they would not want to listen to other people’s opinions and story and this can lead to disagreement which then turns into a fight that might never end. This is even more problematic when it comes to living in a diverse community. Close-minded people will think that their race, social status and religion are superior to others. We can see this through the Christchurch mosque shootings that happened because of the increase of white supremacy.

As mentioned before, in a good education system, educators will teach students soft skill and hard skills that will ensure the development of a nation as a whole and on a larger scale. According to The Balance Career, hard skills are abilities that can be taught and are easy to be quantified. on the contrary, soft skills, also known as ‘people skills’ or ‘interpersonal skills,’, are subjective skills and harder to be quantified. It relates to the way we relate to or interact with one other. If good education is a privilege, only a small amount of people can do so and it would only improve it on a smaller scale like in a small community. Not only that, it can lead to further problems as majority are exposed to bad traditional education. So, when a good education is a right and used everywhere, a lot of people can work together instead only a group or two, making the job easier.

To wrap it up, I believe that good education should be a right, not a privilege. When good education is a right the world will see many good changes. That is, there will be social equality, no more chaos in a society and all nations will be well developed. the most important to acquire this is by making good education accessable everywhere, regardless if it’s a private school, international school or a normal public school. Not only that we have to work our way to make the it is also acquireable for the poor and the ones that are in a developing countries.

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