Social Work and NASW Code of Ethics

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As a Social Worker, we are a helping profession; therefore we chose to follow the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics. The NASW Code of Ethics is a set of principals that the Social Work profession abides by. As a helping profession we have a lot of responsibility to our clients, our colleagues, our profession and ourselves. Social Workers mission is to help others with their overall well being and basic needs of a person or group of people.

We choose to consistently advocate and empower our clients. The code of ethics serves several purposes. NASW Code of Ethics helps create ethical standards that helps guide Social Workers and reflect on the core values. It helps individuals in this profession navigate professional and personal considerations when something uncertain arises. The Code of Ethics holds Social Workers accountable for their professional and personal choices and actions. The six core values of Social Work include, constant service to our clients, always creating social justice for minority individuals or groups, dignity and worth of a person, importance and centrality of human relationships, integrity and competence.

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We must continue to educate ourselves on both past and current knowledge in order to effectively help our patients.

Social Workers need to guide their practices with scholarly and evidence based information in order to inform the best practices you can. We must provide a safe environment and consider cultural awareness and diversity among people and relationships as well as, make the client aware about confidentiality.

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Be aware of any personal biases before working with clients and reflect on these biases. Social Workers need to constantly be practicing self-reflection and self-care to benefit both yourself and the client. We must continue supervision and consultation as we practice Social Work. One of our main responsibilities to our clients is to be able to provide maximum self-determination. Always respect client privacy and do not share any information given to you from a client. We also have responsibilities to our fellow colleagues. Treat your colleagues and peers with respect, fairness and courtesy. The responsibility we have to the Social Work profession itself is to always uphold and represent the values of Social Work. Always be helping and advocating for the general public by making them aware of social services.

Dedications, hard working, always willing to learn and grow, are just a few of my strengths that I will bring to my profession as a Social Worker every day. I feel I have several natural skillsets that are very important for a social worker. First, I am a good listener and a compassionate person. I feel listening and fully understanding a person’s situation is one of the most critical skills a Social Worker should have. Being able to listen, process the information and then take action toward a goal is extremely important. Second, I have the ability to focus on multiple things at once. I feel Social Workers always have to multitask and be on their toes. This environment actually motivates me. Lastly, I have the ability to effectively interact with a diverse set of people in a non-threatening way. I can gain trust in my communications that is very important for a Social Worker. There are areas that I feel I need additional education and growth. One area is to better understand others of different cultures. I have been exposed to different cultures during my volunteer experiences and past internships, as well as being a travel junkie, however, gaining a deeper understanding of others cultures is an area where I need to focus more attention. This is important as I will be commonly exposed to clients around the world and having a strong understanding of their cultures will be important. Another growth area is negotiations. I feel that as a Social Worker, I will be constantly negotiating with clients to enable them to change behaviors, habits, or get them to cooperate on agreed to goals or plans. I feel I can do this pretty well with children, but will need more growth and experience when working with adults.

I am fully committed to stand by all the values and ethics discussed in the NASW Code of Ethics. I will completely commit myself to my client and give them the best information I can to help them with their social problems. I will stand by my word and give respect and open arms to any individual who differs from me whether it is in culture, race, or religion. I will commit to trying my hardest to pursue social change and social justice to individuals who are oppressed or being discriminated against. I will always strive to keep learning as I continue my practices so I can grow and apply them in future practices. I promise to always stay in a professional mindset and/or manner and have absolute privacy and confidentiality over all meetings and individuals. I vow to always respect clients, colleagues and the Social Work profession itself.

I feel the responsibilities and core values of a Social Worker align with my personal goals, that is, help and serve others. I always have had and still continue to have the passion of being there for others and helping others fix their problems. The exposure I have received so far through my course studies have increased my excitement about this profession and I am looking forward to actually practicing in a clinical setting.

I am very happy I chose to pursue my career in Social Work because I have always wanted to help and better others. I feel as I have grown up, even from being a little girl, I have had the passion in my heart to make this world a better place by being there for others in times of need. Through all my volunteer experiences and courses I have taken during undergrad and courses I am currently in at UTA will build my knowledge on how to be a wonderful a Social Worker. I am excited for my career choice in Social Work and to see how I continue to grow both personally and professionally.

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