Unveiling the Fundamentals: Achieving Results through Scanning

This chapter is going to discuss the fundamental functionality of our title and process used to achieved the result.

As we are focusing on a scanned analysis performed on communication using a social platform that is twitter.

The analysis is based on some know result and also on some live communication.

At the result section of above title, a graph is able to explain individual result.


Social media are computer- mediated tools that allow people or companies to create, share or exchange information, career interests, ideas and the form of text, audio, video, image in virtual communities and networks.

Social media is defined as a group of internet-based application that build on the ideological and technological foundations of web 2.0 and that allows the creation and exchange of user-generated content.

Furthermore, social media depends on mobile and web-based technologies to create highly interactive platforms through which individuals and communities share, co-create, discuss and modify user generated content. They introduce substantial and pervasive changes to communication between business, organization, communities and individuals.

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These changes are the focus of the emerging field of the techno self-studies. Social media differs from traditional and industrial media in many ways, including quality, reach, frequency, usability and immediacy. Social media operate in a dialogic transmission system (many sources to many receivers). This is contrast to traditional media that operates under a monologic transmission model.

Social media has been broadly defined to refer to 'the many relatively inexpensive and widely accessible electronic tools that enables anyone to publish and access information, collaborate on a common effort or build relationship.

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Social media incorporates the online technology and methods to which people can share content, personal opinion swap different perspective and insights into world issues and generally discuss the evolution of media itself. Social media website content can come in many shape and forms:

Text: test is often used to put cross opinions or write blog post.

Images: images and photos can explain anything from holiday photos to shots by professional photographers.

Audio: social media let you create part play for users to download.

Video: video sites means that you will be able to record a video from all over the world to see.

The most popular sites for social media websites are huge at the moment.

A few examples of social media websites are social networking, websites allow you to create personal profile about yourself then chat, discuss and share information with others such as friends and family. Prominent social media platforms and tools are: Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo, Flickr, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn groups, Google+, Tumblr.


A blog is a journal of ideas or a diary published online without character limit. The owner has the freedom to explain his opinions and ideas about any topic of concern. In other words, a blogging sites provides one individual a personal online space in which we can write, publish texts or posts which can contain images or hyperlinks. Blogger who is the owner of a blog can even control over the user comments, and enable his blog to be followed by other people.

Microblogging is a combination of blogging and instant messaging. It allows users to create short messages to be posted and shared with an audience online usually only text and regularly respond to questions like "what do you find interesting?",etc. The microblogging sites updates frequently, these sites are much more active then the blogging sites as the new posts appear within seconds. Two common microblogging platforms are twitter and Tumblr. Twitter one of the oldest and the most well-known to be labeled as a microblog. With a limit of 140 characters per post, short and to the point content makes this platform the epitome of microblogging.

Microblogging websites provides the platform to the users to get data for data analysis in the form of media, document or text. These sites operate as data warehouse for analysis of data. These websites provide huge data set to the data analyst and it enables the users to foresee the decisions related to any topic of concern.

We can not directly use the data from these websites as it is in an unorganized pattern so we need to mine the data for sentiment analysis.


Twitter is a trendy microblogging service where many users procreate various status messages called tweets. Twitter is the fastest way to get real time information from the around the world, it's much like a newspaper that automatically updates as news stories occur. Tweets themselves are short and compact, like newspaper headlines. But unlike newspaper, you choose what articles appear by following accounts that interest you, by clicking the follow.

Let's say we are watching sports on TV, using twitter can give us a whole new perspective on the game. By following athletes, journalists or people behind the scenes, we can get perspectives and access that you can't find anywhere else. And same for the politics, music, news and even our friends and family. We need not to read everything that gets tweeted, we can check anytime that is convenient to us. In just few seconds twitter can get you up to speed on everything that's happening, or of our interest. Twitter brings us closer in real-time to what matters most.

Twitter is a treasure trove of sentiment, people around the world output thousands of reactions and opinions on every topic, in every second and every day. Its like one big psychological database that constantly being updated and it can be use it to analyze millions of text and data in seconds with the power of machine learning


In a general way, sentiment may be defined as a "feeling, attitude or opinion about something"

To understand sentiment analysis, we first have to define what is sentiment itself. Feelings can be confusing, distracting, irritating, or frustrating unless you understand what they are about [8]. Generally speaking, sentiments are the same as feelings, and they are focused mainly on opinions and attitudes rather than facts; this is why sentiments are really subjective. However, some sources refer to "feeling" as a natural response to attraction, pleasure, pain or repulsion [37] while sentiment implies an emotion motivated by a perception or opinion [37].

There are a multitude of emotions which psychologists have attempted to organize into six different categories: love, joy, surprise, anger, sadness and fear [38]. Emotions like joy and sadness are commonsense emotions that we experience every day in different degrees [39] and these two are what we are going to target throughout the next sections. Sentiment Analysis is mainly concerned with detecting postive or negative opinions [6]. This helps to avoid more complexity since it is also highly impractical to consider more emotions considering the size of the datasets [40].

The greatest significance of sentiments is that nobody has to try to have feelings; this is an ingrained part of us as human beings. This means that every person is a potential opinion generator for the sentiment analysis tools.


Like you all know the success of a company or a product directly depends upon its customer that is if the customer likes the product then its success if not then then the organization certainly needs to improvise it by making some changes into it. So how we will know whether the product is successful or not, well for that we need to analyze the customers and one of the attributes for analyzing the customer is to analyze the sentiment of them and this where the sentiment analysis comes into picture.

So, starting with what is sentiment analysis? Sentiment analysis is the process of computationally identifying and categorizing opinions from a piece of text and determine whether the writer's attitude towards a particular topic or the product, is positive, negative, or neutral.

According to Subhabrata Mukherjee sentiment analysis is defined as a "Natural Language Processing and Information Extraction task that aims to obtain writer's feelings expressed in positive or negative comments, questions and requests, by analyzing a large number of documents".

Analysis of sentiment is widely observed on numerous social networking websites. Nowadays, microblogging sites deed as a base to perceive the actual social opinion. The task of sentimental analysis is often known by many other names as opinion extraction, opinion mining, sentiment mining, subjectivity analysis.

It might be possible that as an individual we don't perform the sentiment analysis but we do look for the feedback, like before purchasing of the product we generally look for the feedback like what the other customers have to say about that particular product whether it is good or bad but if we considered at the company level, question is how will the company will analyze what the customers think about their product as there are millions of customers and manual analyzing is not possible so, this is the point where the company needs to perform the sentiment analysis to know whether their product is actually doing good in the market or not.


Sentiment analysis is the measurement of positive, negative and neutral expressions of feeling which we can feel and understood. It is a way to evaluate the spoken text or written text whether the expression is neutral, favorable or unfavorable.

Sentiment analysis reveal the customer's opinion about different topic or product and services. Analysis of sentiment plays a crucial role as it determine what the customer like and dislikes about the brand. Consumers may use sentiment analysis to inquest products or services before making a purchase.

It is helpful for the trader or businessperson to know about the public opinion about their company or to examine client satisfaction.

Most of the organizations use this (sentiment analysis) to cluster evaluative feedback about the issues in newly released services.

Sentiment analysis is basically performed on the three main sections, first is on level of sentence or phrase, it is the finest analysis of document. In this each word of the sentence is analyzed and its polarity is computed and then it determined whether each and every sentence as neutral, positive or negative. Second is Document level, at the document level complete document through-out is considered as a data set for the analysis for the product or services. Then the classification is done for the complete document as positive or negative. And another one is at the Feature level, at this level of sentimental analysis is done at the basis of certain features of the data, the system is trained about hose certain feature upon which this test has to done.

Sentimental analysis has a wider application area. It helps in differentiating various point of view of number of users. Experience of customers with a company may be good one or a bad one, but the company doesn't know instantly. But with the sentimental analysis one can know instantly when there is a problem and take the necessary steps to keep their customers happy and satisfied.

With sentiment analysis, an organization need no to wait for the survey results. Sentiment analysis sense the tone of conversation using fuzzy logic between the customers and the service representatives. Sentimental analysis offers from instant damage control for any situation. Improve customer retention and customer satisfaction with the live sentimental analysis

Updated: Apr 29, 2023
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