Scanning Is One of the Reading Strategies Essay

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Scanning Is One of the Reading Strategies

Scanning is the technique that someone used in reading and understanding text to get an overview about it as a whole. It is also a form of high speed reading technique where you do not have to read all the text. Someone will use this technique to find required or important information. The main points of the text will be excerpt while the details and the examples will be skipped. In other words, someone is trying to find the gist of the text which they actually want from the text.

Sometimes, scanning will be done when someone really know what kind of the information that they need for and material that they actually know about it. Suitable time to use scanning. Scanning usually used when we are trying to find for important information such as the answer for provided questions. Besides answering questions, we can always use scanning when we are looking for numbers in phone directory also find the television programs that we want to watch in the newspaper. Scanning also can be used to find the meaning of a word in the dictionary, looking at schedules, charts, tables, or the classified advertisements.

Role of teacher. Teacher should know their role in conducting students to scan when reading. Teacher must explain to their student the scanning technique and how to do it in the class. Teachers have the responsibility to choose the suitable text which has topic and subtopic. Students must be given a required time for them to scan the topic and subtopics and several of the words so that they can have the main ideas about the text. Teachers can let their students to work in pairs so that they can help each other and compare their findings.

For every text, teacher must ask the students to scan again so that they can find any further information. Role of students. Students must activate their prior knowledge when they were reading the texts to develop their understanding and interest about the whole passage. Students need to find only the specific information based on the questions give for them rather than read the whole texts first. Students must identify the key words of in the texts and predict the meaning of the unknown words so that they can understand better and increase their reading speed.

Students also need to aware about some contextual clues that will help them in understanding especially difficult texts. Besides that, students need to able to make an inference to receive and understanding information that is not directly stated. Activities in scanning. Students may do any of the following activities: •Teacher reads aloud the starting of particular phrase. Students must go through the text and find the phrase and read it back aloud with the whole class.

•Teacher writes the questions on the board before students receive the text and the students need to go through the text and answer the questions provided. •Teacher will give several key words for students to find in the teat. They will circle the key words that they finally find. •Have students complete their scanning checklist individually using a topic from particular text books or any other informational materials or texts. Then form groups or pair works to discuss the checklist. •Making comprehension questions that used as cues for scanning a TV schedule.

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