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Social Media Era

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (612 words)
Categories: Media, Social Media
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Navigating through life in a social media era is almost impossible to slip-up and make an irreversible mistake that will forever torment you. Is the answer to limit the risk simply by deleting all social media? In today’s world it is not. Society has shown us that It is almost impossible to live a life without some social media being present. Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. It is almost as if you are trapped within a repeating cycle of media.

With the creation of all Advanced apps and sites, their comes new opportunities for teens to make errors.

According to Eichhorn, she believes media is the enemy of us saying that because we media has progressed through the decade we are more likely to be at fault of ourselves ‘While maintaining a high GPA, acing one’s entrance exams, and developing a strong portfolio of extracurricular activities was once the way to gain entry to a desirable School, in the digital age, high-school seniors now face another obstacle — the history of their failures.

’ (Eichhorn, pg. 133)

At this point in time it is nearly impossible to take away from social media. Because of the development in our smartphone technology and with the market for social media platforms to increase it is easier than ever to become attached to this network whether in a positive way or in a negative way. almost everyone constitutes utilizing culture media of some kind there is no concealment from it. Many kinds of communication through social media can either be positive or nuisance.

Social media has been known to speed up the way humans increase their knowledge and confirm easier communication, although it may be applied in bad ways to spread unnecessary data and wreak havoc. Do we believe that we are able to live a prosperous time without the media? Are you able to imagine living without the media? How valuable is social media in life?

In an article written by Joseph P. Williams ‘Social media Use May Increase Teens Risk of Mental Health Issues’. This highlights the effects of excessive use of social media and how it causes symptoms of depression to appear in teens. As a result of the amount of time that is spent on media platforms. Although there is some positive impact from social media. There are negative outcomes when media is not used correctly.

A major result that can be found within teenagers is a distorted body image. Because teenagers are exposed to several photos of perfect, beautiful people on media platforms and, this causes the impression that if you are beautiful enough you might receive positive attention from the world. Only if you can mold yourself to appear and look a certain way all the time. The influencers on these platforms create this fake self to be accepted into this world. Teenagers, young girls especially think that they are not good enough. This conclusion is drawn from the fact that teenagers are greatly influenced by these social media celebrities or, influencers. These kids want to be like them and have the same lifestyle as them in the future.

We have taught our young people that social media platforms are how we should model ourselves but, this results in our teens having their bodies judged online in addition to society judging them. Which creates a space where they feel trapped. Our younger generation has been exposed to various sides of technology and, Each individual is impacted it can range anywhere from violence to depression and even obesity we should try and help those affected see how technology has altered one’s Mental Health in order to progress as the next generation.

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Social Media Era. (2020, May 16). Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/social-media-era-essay

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