Social Media and Relationships

Social Media and Networking Relationships
Social media and networking gives individuals the power to connect and interact with each other. Social media enables open communication, and allows individuals from different geographical locations to express and share their opinions. Networking is an element that is used with Social media. As mentioned, “Networking has potential to open doors and establishes connections between individuals, with access to information one might not normally have (Carpenter, M. 2013).”Social media and networking play an imperative role to foster business growth, and personal relationships.

Social Media and Networking Relationships
Professionals and people can experience global connection through social media use. First, you have to understand how social media can work, so that you can use its benefits to your advantage. For example, social media can help aid in promoting a new business venture. Facebook offers business advertising for business professionals.

Facebooks business advertising, gives business professionals a connection to people and businesses worldwide for business exposure (Entrepreneur Media, 2013).

However, there are some disadvantages to social media. For example, social media opens a gateway for illegal hackers to commit immoral crimes. Illegal hackers can gain individuals credit card information without a person’s authorization. Criminals can use credit card, banking and email phishing to purchase cars and homes for illegal personal gain.

On the other hand, irate employees may use social media to discredit an organizations good reputation. Employees are not always positive about their company. The employee can use social



media channels such as Twitter and Facebook.

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The result may lead to negative comments that are exposed to customers, and potential customers. Moreover, managers that desire to expand company growth through social media should ask thereselves a series of questions. How can social media gear my company towards further growth? Is my company growing fast as I think it should without social networking? Managers and employees use a principle of reciprocity in working environments.

As discussed, “managers have the ability to get things done by providing services to others in exchange for the services they require (Carpenter, M.2013)”. Managers and employees can both benefit to help a companies success.

Employees can use their social connections to help their leaders with more department sales. In particular, employees can use Facebook or Twitter to inform their followers about company quality products. Clearly, managers should not rely on one social media strategy. Managers should be self-sufficient using their own efforts expanding in different social networks.

Personal networking can be done through networking outside of the company. Personal networks can create more value for managers in gaining more business. Friends, close acquaintances and immediate family can help assist managers with business referrals, because of mutual trust and close connection.

In addition managers should question if social media could expand their business opportunities. For example, how much of a successful impact will social media have on my companies progress? I have 180,000 young employees that appeal to social media frequently. Since my employees are involved in social media, how many use social media more than others? Social Media is a fortified tool for networking and communications worldwide. As mentioned, networks provide managers with access to information, knowledge, access to diverse



skills and power (Carpenter, M. 2013). Successful managers can use three types of networks, personal, operational and strategic networks. These networks allow managers to get task accomplished by close connections, and also help managers obtain key organizational objectives (Carpenter, M. 2013). However, social media can help leaders face communication barriers. But, the leaders must come up with a plan of action.

The corresponding action would be researching products most customers use through the internet. Managers can use online community blogs and Twitter for customer product ratings and feedback. This will entail what products customers like to buy. Humans are made to be social beings, it is a genetic makeup and what makes us different from other beings.

Networking with individuals is an imperative interaction of human beings lives, and the social networking sites available today, make this collaboration even easier. Nearly, everyone uses social networking sites for different communication lines, like staying associated with peers and friends. Social Networks keeps us connected and updated with the world’s news and society. Social media also offers individuals a way to share images, videos and information with people globally (Entrepreneur Media, 2013).

Social media can also be used to network for professional, or business-related deeds. “Joining online communities will help you meet new people in your field, which enables individuals to widen and increase knowledge (Entrepreneur Media, 2013)”. Social media should in details inform end users about privacy rules. Social Media should use detailed and specific fine print regards to contextual content. This content will give clear options to end users of what information is being exposed and soled to third parties.



Further, Social websites informing end users of what information is shared and why it is shared is significantly important. This lets the end user decide whether or not in opening a social networking account. Social media and networking is technology used to communicate with others across the world. Without social media technology, the world would not be as competitive and efficient.

Social media and networking connects professionals and individuals globally. Through social media people share end express different perspectives.Social media and networking opens doors of communication for social interaction.Through social media people can find out various information about almost anything in the world.Networking is a vital element that fosters business relationships for business expansion.


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Social Media and Relationships
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