Sketches from the Cattle Shed

Personally, I thought that Ding Ling’s story, Sketches from the ‘Cattle Shed, was extremely intriguing. It is seldom that somebody has a story to tell that is so interesting and distinct. Likewise, it is not typically that someone like her occurs to inform their story. First off, there is the reality that she is a female writer from China throughout the mid-to-late 1900’s. That, all by itself, makes her contribution to literature a lot more interesting. Likewise, there is the truth that he Chinese federal government tried so tough to suppress her works, however they still have been released for us to view, which all by itself is a really surprising and wonderful thing to have taken place

I believed that the story itself was very well written and interesting Of course, it was really depressing and dark, but that can just be anticipated of the topic.

All of Ding Ling’s battles and difficulties make for a touching, dramatic story.

Truly , the struggles she faced during her internment are just as touching to read about today as they must have been when she originally wrote the story , back in 1979 after just having experienced the situation

So , all in all , I would say that I enjoyed Ding Ling ‘s story , Sketches from the `Cattle Shed , a great deal . Because of how rare her style of work is and her unique situation , she was able to write a very good story that really interests and touches the people who read it .

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In the end , I think that is what makes any story really enjoyable , the fact that you care about the characters while you read it.

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Sketches from the Cattle Shed
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