Sinbad the Sailor Essay

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Sinbad the Sailor

After reading these stories I cannot decide if Sinbad is the luckiest or unluckiest guy in the world. One thing I do know is that he is an insane to keep repeating his actions and expecting a different outcome.

In his first voyage starts afterSinbad squandered the money left to him by his father. He sells the few things he has left and goes to sea to repair his fortune. He sets ashore on what appears to be an island, but is in fact a whale. Realizing the mistake he warms the men to get back on the boat and is left behind. He is washed ashore on an island andis befriended by The King befriends Sinbad and one daySinbad’s ship docks at the island, and he retrieves his stuff and gives it to the king. In return the king gives him rich presents that Sinbad sells for a great profit. Sinbad then returns to Baghdad where he resumes a life of ease.

The second voyage he gets bored in his leisurely life and set sail and is again accidentally abandoned by his shipmates. He finds himself in a valley of giant snakes. The third voyage he uses his wit s to fight a giant. The fourth,fifth, sixth and seventh voyages he is shipped wrecked over and over again fighting for his life and trying to make his way back home.

When he started out on his voyages you pretty much knew the outcome of the trip. His adventures about going to enchanted places, meeting all these crazy monsters, and encountering mystical wonders did however make a good story.

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