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investigation of a Connection, Separation, and Misfortune

Categories Emotion, Interpersonal relationship, Psychology, Relationship

Essay, Pages 2 (462 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (462 words)

Bowlby’s (1969,1973,1980) clarified about investigation of a connection, separation, and misfortune and significantly his point is to depict how newborn children turn out to be candidly appended to their caregivers and distressed emotionally when isolated from them. This essay portrays about examination experienced with respect to the continuation of relationship from infant to adulthood (Cindy Hazan and Philip Shaver) that explores that love is an attachment process. Negative life events and parental medication use (Claire E.Hamilton ) by Family Lifestyles Project (FLS) lastly stability and change in attachment over the life expectancy (Megan McConell) which goes through from infancy to childhood.

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To comprehend love, depression and anguish at various focuses in the life attachment theory has a few advantages that ways to deal with affection (Shaver,Hazan and Bradshaw ,in press).On the premise of their observation(Ainsworth,Blehar,Waters and Wall 1978)delineated sorts of connection called secure, anxious/ambivalent and avoidant. Secure grown-up with mother responsiveness and minding in their childhood will have a decent involvement in adoration with trust, friendship, emotions and intimate romance in their adulthood.

Avoidant grown-up has a dread of closeness and don’t have confidence in relationship because of childhood cold and rejecting experience with mother. Anxious/Ambivalent begin to look all starry eyed at as often as possible, envious, dejection and they recall positive and negative aspects of mother.

To test connection hypothesis, way to deal with romantic love they published love quiz (imprinted in range news 26th July ,1985) based on adult-love measures and estimations from the literature on infant-caregiver attachment.

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It got response mostly from female (around 415 replies) more than male (205 replies) with mean age 34 (range from 14 to 85).The test epitomize ninety five questions with inquiries like regardless of whether it’s present love or past, fundamental relationship and furthermore the purpose behind the affection and relationship between their parents in childhood.Following that cantor and shaver (1987) goes on with another investigation on undergraduate students of about 108 with 38 men and70 women (mean age 18) as a class practice and the manner in which they felt in relationship. They were requested to elucidate essential love relationship with 56 agree and disagree items.

Accordingly from each reviews, the extents between everything about three attachment theory were incredibly similar with each other .In second study the result was secure 56% (newspaper respondents 56%), avoidant 23%(vs 25%) and on anxious/ambivalent 20%(vs 19%).Eventhough this study has tried to clarify continuation of relationship ,but it failed to show the evidence about long lasting relationship from infant to adulthood because mean age for their study is only thirty four solely with unequal gender proportion .In my view we cannot determine results of this study by only using information given by participants (on newspaper quiz and class exercise) without having interview based research .

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