Shows Two Research Guestions

Develop two research questions drawn from the above scenario. The scenario indicates that the two colleagues, Officer Lightly and Officer Brightly plans to involve citizens in protecting their communities and that they have preferred an approach whereby they would be expected to examine what prevents or demotivates people from taking action. The two main research questions that I will have to answer include the following: What demotivates the citizens from providing for their own safety? What motivates the citizens from providing for their own safety?

For each research question, develop two hypotheses.

What demotivates the citizens from providing safety for their properties? High poverty levels demotivates the citizens from providing safety for their properties.

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High level of inequality demotivates citizen from providing safety for their properties. What motivates the citizens from providing safety for their properties? Empowerment/Equitable distribution of resources by the government motivates citizens to take part in providing safety for their properties. Education level of the citizens motivates the citizens to take part in providing safety for their properties. Operationalize completely each variable for each hypothesis

High poverty levels demotivate the citizens from providing safety for their properties. The poverty levels would be determined by adding the earnings of different members of the family and comparing it with the threshold. To achieve this, I will add the income of the family members employed and then determine their threshold based on the number of family members. I will then compare the total earnings and the threshold and determine the level of poverty by finding the percentage of poor.

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High number of poor people may be an indication of high property crime. The data about the poverty level would be obtained through questionnaires. The respondent would be asked to fill the approximate total income

For income inequality, I would characterize a low-income area as one where 8 of 10 homes within a certain radius report annual family incomes below the federally defined poverty level of $19,000 for a family of four. I will find the total income from each family and see whether it is more than $19,000. It is important to note that a society characterized by low income inequality is more powerful and can resist or can provide for its own safety than a heterogeneous society characterized by social classes. Questionnaire would be the most appropriate method of determining the income inequality.

The distribution of resources can be evaluated by determining the number of governmental projects within the community and also noting the budgetary amount given to a particular community. The more the government project, the higher the chances that the community has resources and support from the government. This determines how well they can fight back the external enemies. The state of distribution of resources can be found out through the use of questionnaires. The education level of the citizen would be measured by evaluating their highest level of education. The higher the level of education, the more empowered the citizens are.

The data related to the empowerment of citizen is obtained through questionnaire whereby the citizens would be expected to fill a question asking them: Kindly state the approximate total amount of income from the different members of the society. If it would be found that a quarter of the citizens are not educated, then the community would be classified as under-educated. How will Brightly and Lightly’s studies complement (or conflict with) each other as currently constructed? Explain. From the hypotheses stated, it is apparent that Brightly would try to find out the relationship between poverty and income distribution and its impact on the ability of the citizens to provide safety for their own properties.

Brightly would in other way try to prove that when the citizens are poor or rather when the citizens are divided onto poor and rich classes, they would have no incentive to protect their properties. On the other hand, Lightly would be studying whether economically empowered citizens would have incentives of protecting their properties. The finding from this would complement the findings by Brightly because the two are approaching the same thing from different angles. In addition find out whether education reinforces the citizen to provide protection to their properties also complements the other research variables indirectly. What gaps and seams exist in their research even after their methods and data are pooled? Explain. Pooling their methods and data may not guarantee that the study or the findings are comprehensive. This is because the data identified are just but a part of the many variables that may have a role to play in influencing people from protecting their properties.

For example, political differences may demotivate or motivate one neighborhood in providing safety to its properties. Other factors or gaps include the substance and drug abuse and the incidences of the crimes. What recommendations can you offer to the team chief that explain and support the methods you would add to their approaches? Explain. The best recommendation I can offer to the team chief is that the best research method to be employed is the correlational method. The main focus of correlational research is to estimate the significance of the relationship between two variables. The reason why I recommend the correlational method is that it will enable the researchers determine which of the variable has more influence on the ability of the citizens to provide safety for their properties.

What could you do to create a more comprehensive and coherent study? Explain. The best way of creating a more comprehensive and coherent study is to clearly define and describe the variables, the scope of the study and the study population. For example, the population may be heterogeneous or homogenous. What tactics and tools would you use to gather the data and observations? Why? The major tools that would be used to gather the data and observation are questionnaires. Questionnaires are preferable because it is easy to administer and is less time-consuming. A well-designed questionnaire would help in gathering all the relevant data.

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