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On a hot summer afternoon, Amand has been working for 8 hours in an industrial town near thevalley of Kashmir making fireworks while the sun showed no mercy. He hears the muffled voice of his sister Ashi singing Hindi melodies, the machines going cluck cluck cluck, the baby birdschirping for their mom in the tree he was standing under.

Amand lives with his loving mom and his annoying sister. Amand's dad has lost his life trying to save his family from poverty.

His ambition is to become very rich in the easiest way. So he tries to find short cuts by buying lottery tickets and even consults priests for an easier way to earn money, but nothing works. His intention was genuine while doing no harm to the society.

On one night, while dusting his house, Amand finds a will written by his grandfather Varma,awealthy man running a diamond business in Peshawar, before the partition between India andPakistan was divided and he finds a treasured a locket by chance and half of a map.

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Amand sets off to Pakistan in search for his grandfather's treasure hidden in the legendary Devi temple,around 30,000 miles away.

He seeks the help of an advocate of Hindu religion, Riya. Meanwhile, the Pakistani terrorist group, lead by Sultan, is also on the hunt for the same treasure. Back in1989, a Pakistani Archaeologist, Dr. M. Ali Shah, after seeking permission from the Government of Pakistan, starts researching about the hidden treasure of King Kanishka. Shah discovers a treasure map is hidden in an old box but couldn't get the key to the box, which is a locket.

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The key and the box were clearly labeled was last seen in the research books. Shah and Thilavar try hard to search for the key and the box, however they only find the box, in an oldmarket in Pakistan. Fate takes a reverse turn as a dreaded terrorist named Sultan along withhis men visit the archaeology department.

Sultan threatens Shah saying that he would kill hisfamily, takes the box away from him, and makes all the people his slaves until Shah finds thetreasure and hands over it to Sultan. Shah's wife Anita seeks to raise money and make their voices be heard to the world but every time she does something like that, she would be tortured halfway to death. Shah could see all this happening, so he protested against Sultan, which made Sultan mad.

While Shah was returning home, he kidnapped by Sultan, who kills him, making his death look like an accident to his family and his slave. Sultan states that all the slaves will be slaves for their entire lives. Talking to his wife while she was sneaking up a call to him was the last thing Shah hears beforehe is reincarnated as a housefly that cannot remember its previous life.

The fly's memory istriggered when it encounters Sultan and his salve. The fly causes Sultan to have an accident onhis way to the legendary Hinglaj Devi temple and writes "I will kill you" on the windshield; thismakes Sultan paranoid. The fly, who sees Amand searching for the same treasure to only get his grandpa's treasure tries to help him.

They make a deal about handing the treasure over to the government and freeing Shah's family and other slaves. They say that Amand can take how much ever treasure he wants if they join forces against Sultan. As the fly knows that it can't help that much it introduces Amand to his daughter Zara. The latter's obsession with the fly affects Sultan's professional and personal life.

In a chain of events, his money is burnt to ashes, leaving him almost penniless. Sultan learns from a sorcerer that Shah is reincarnated as a fly and seeks revenge. Sultan arranges to kill Shah but the fly escapes and causes a short circuit, killing the sorcerer and leaving Sultan unconscious.

Amand, on the other hand, freed all the slaves and tried escorted them to India but their family refused and said that the memories they shared with Shah still exist in Pakistan. Amand gets caught freeing the slaves and Amand comes to know that the box containing the map is in Sultan's house, where Amand goes along with Zara. There, Amand breaks the power supply, kills a Jihadi, wears his dress, and finds the box.

However, the power is back on, and Thilavar, the right hand of Sultan, takes Amand to the living room, where Sultan and his men are waiting, they dress him with a bomb with a piston to activate it for terrorism purposes. They remove his mask and find out that it was Amand.

He threatened Sultan and his companions to leave him or else all would be destroyed along with the box, he reaches out, ties the piston with a wire, carefully removes the bomb from his back with the help of Zara, and both escape from there with the box.

They use the locket and take the map, which indicates a place near Mata Temple; the trio reaches there, and according to the map, there were five wheels to be arranged in a particular order. After arranging them correctly, the water in the well goes down with a spiral staircase, leading to a huge old door.

Sultan arrives at the spot, and to save themselves, Amand throws the map in the abyss, thus making the trio the only source to reach the place. Amand removes a metal flower from one of the wheels, and all go into the door with some of them dying to fall into the abyss.

They reach an old bridge that starts breaking while all are in a midway; the bridge breaks into nearly two parts, one on which the terrorists are there, one on which Amand is there, and the last on which Zara,Riya, and Sultan are there. To stay on the bridge, Sultan kicks Zara into the abyss with the flow of water, and she is pronounced dead.

Amand connects the two bridges with the help of a rope, and all of them, includingRiya and Sultan, enter the next phase; the next phase is the way to the in let where the birdused to be there. Using two metal flower arrangements, a way is made due to movements oflevers and wheels, and all go to the inlet.

Amand keeps the bird there, and a circular door withasmall hole appears; the metal flower of the previous wheel is arranged there as a key, and all ofthe people enter the next phase: walking through a deep tunnel behind the circular door.

Theyenter another room with a drum surrounded by nearly hundreds of metal chains surrounded inacircular curtain fashion with sharp metal weapons, and they start rotating round as they aresound-sensitive. Amand, after severe struggles, enters the middle chain and removes the tridentlock, making a metal ball fall on the drum. Due to opposite vibrations, the chains restore theirposition, they enter the last phase by a circular staircase.

Amand, Riya, Sultan, Thilavar, and terrorists less than 10 enter a room with a door away from their position nearly 10 meters; the tiles are arranged with a land mine system where some creatures are painted. If one would stand in the wrong place, then they would be killed by the sharp arrows projected from the mouths of sculptures on both the walls.

Amand arranges the trident in a platform, due to which the land mine system is deactivated and the mouths of the sculptures are sealed by metal plates. Everyone goes toward the room, and a fight starts between the terrorists and Amand.

While most of the terrorists die, one accidentally kicks the trident, once again reverting the changes. Thilavar and Amand are on the sculptures, and at the right time, Amand attacks Thilavar with war equipment, thus deviating him from the place and resulting in his death due to the arrows.

Amand then risks reaching Sultan, who threatens to kill Riya and attacks him.By the time Sultan raises a sword on Amand, Zara shoots Sultan with a gun and rearranges the trident, she tells later that she fell in a place where there were no rocks and reached the other shore of the flow and reached the chamber through another stairway. The trio rejoices as they see the treasure in front of them. Amand becomes the proudowner of 900 diamonds of his grandfather, and Zara fulfills Shah's last wish by handing over theentire wealth to the Pakistan Government after Amand refuses to take anyone single coin of it as it belongs not to him but the Government of Pakistan.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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