Shopping Mall: Ideas for increasing footfalls and conversion rate

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Innovative ideas for increasing footfalls and conversion rate 1. Purchase of some amount and above would exempt the car parking charges in the mall premises. This would help to increase conversion from window shoppers. 2. Include counters where all types of bill payments can be made. 3. Conduct some activities related to the local and regional festivals. 4. 24*7 hours mall-which is not popular in India. Mall management must try and trap BPO workers as well as young crowd which love spending time in malls till late night.

Also for a household who might require any product in urgency. So 24*7 malls will increase footfalls and will mainly increase conversion. 5. Introducing a spa which would give a complete different experience for a day to the customers. Apart from relaxation, green and clean environment completely different and in a enclosed place which cuts the outside tension. 6. Introduction of artificial snow and its environment.

7. Promotions, shows, art exhibitions, decorations, fun activities for children, competitions for children in various fields like painting, dancing, singing, debating etc in weekdays because weekends already pull crowd.

8. Family disco in the mall as family people hesitate to go in other discos 9. Facility for senior citizen like wheel chair, as these people normally avoid malls because of the inconvience in moving within the mall. 10. Having small garden and play area for kids.

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11. Winning the customer’s share of mind, will win a share of his wallet- keeping data base of visitors about birthday, anniversaries etc and sending messages and inviting them for mall visit with offers exclusively for them.

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12. Free Wi-Fi internet

13. The middle class Indian consumers with newer and innovative formats avoid malls because the existing formats largely address the affluent classes. 14. Handy mall maps at every entrance, because many visitors are not able to find the store they are looking for. 15. Mall guides dressed in unique uniform guiding the mall visitors. 16. Telecasting live matches like IPL, FIFA, World Cup as well as award functions like Filmfare in the atrium. 17. Mall builder/ owner can build new residential buildings in the vicinity of the mall.

Ideas for increasing footfalls in the mall: 1. Family disco in the mall as family people hesitate to go in other discos. 2. Safety & Security: Availability of doctors in terms of emergence. 3. Site Map: For proper guidance regarding availability of products & services. 4. Carpet cricket contest to encourage children for coming in malls with their parents which results in impulsive purchase. Along with the other facilities which the malls provide.

every mall uses anchor store, multiplex, food court & entertainment zone as the part of attracting customers or increasing footfalls.Apart from this promotional activities are also part of increasing footfalls.But these are the activities which every other mall use. so we can discuss some of the innovative ideas you have.

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