Sexual Assaults in Army

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SPC Simon, Steven RN 26

Why Does the Number of Sexual Assaults Continue to Increase Throughout the Army?

The number of sexual assaults has continued to increase among the Army even after the implementation of mandatory SHARP training under AR 350-1. All of us have attended the mandatory SHARP training and learned about the program. We have been informed on the reporting procedures, what the consequences are and how to mitigate SHARP related incidents within our unit. Although these briefs are attended quarterly they are not having the intended outcome that the program is trying to achieve.

One of the reasons I believe is that the training is seen as something that you need to do every 3 months, and not something that needs to be in the forefront of soldiers minds at all times.

One reason sexual assault occurs in the military is that victims feel that if they report their incident that they are going to be retaliated against within their unit.

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This in turns leads to perpetrators not being properly punished and potentially commiting crimes against others. According to a recently published CNN article, 58 percent of Soldiers who reported a sexual assault also reported being retaliated against because of their reporting. If Soldiers feel that they are likely to face retaliation when they report incidents then those who are committing inappropriate acts are going unpunished. This is one of the ways that the current program is failing. From personal experience although the process is supposed to be confidential, other Soldiers in the unit often find out through word of mouth or gossip that something is occuring in their unit. This is one of the ways that the current SHARP program is failing soldiers.

The current training approach in regards to sexual assault and harassment is failing in some aspects of the program. It is good at providing information on the actions to take if you are a victim, including how to file a report and what personal can take a restricted or unrestricted report. It also does a good job outlining what constitutes both sexual assault and harassment as well as the punishments for violating the policy. Where I think the program fails is that these briefs are often seen as something you need to do so you can go home for the day. From AR 600-20, Chapter 7-2 it states “Continually assess and be aware of the climate of command regarding sexual harassment. Identify problems or potential problems”. Command teams need to implement this instead of simply conducting briefs and continuing about their days. In my unit particular it is treated as a burden more than anything. In order to end sexual violence in the military we need to create an environment where victims feel comfortable taking action against those individuals who are ruining unit readiness.

In order to decrease sexual assault in the military we need to stop treating training as an inconvenience and constantly be thinking about the impact that these incidents have on unit readiness. Just as you constantly reassess your interventions in CLS we need to apply this when handling SHARP related incidents within our units.

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Sexual Assaults in Army
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