Self-Serving Bias Essay

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Self-Serving Bias

Normally people attribute positive occurrences to some internal factors or as a result of their actions while negative things are associated with external factors. According to Wood, people are somehow blind in perception of negative things that affect their lives. I have successfully, determined the existence of self-serving bias through a friends behavior and my own actions.

In both cases, it is intrinsically hard to associate a negative occurrence with one’s own capacity. I normally find it easy to consider my poor performance in an examination to other factors rather than my own failure to prepare effectively for the exam. On closer look, I realize that my friend too always suffers from attributing failures to his/her own actions (Wood, 2009).

The best approach of dealing with the communication error is to accept its existence. I have determined that I do suffer from self-serving bias. Self-serving bias comes as a result of evading responsibility, as a result, I normally identify my responsibilities in my daily undertaking and accept the challenges they come with. Being responsible for my actions and knowing both success and failures sides marks the first step in managing self-serving bias (Wood, 2009).

I always try to put myself in the shoes of my friend who I have ascertained to be blinded by self-serving bias. From another party, self-serving bias is very evident. I use the same example to help my friends understand the occurrence of this bias. Finally, the best approach for everyone to deal with self-serving bias is to accept that in every success, there comes failures and must be treated as such (Dobelli & Griffin, 2013).

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