Self Assessment Essay

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Self Assessment

I completed the Keirsey temperament survey at www. keirsey. com and was categorized as an ESTJ, or the Guardian/Supervisor. The Keirsey survey uses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. My results indicated I am more extraverted than introverted, more sensing than intuitive, more thinking than feeling, and more judging than perceiving. According to the results, ESTJ’s are “the Guardian type most driven to show some type of leadership. ” (“Keirsey. com,” )This is a very accurate description, and exactly what I would expect to see myself categorized as.

I recently separated from the military after 13 years in logistics, and am now pursuing a degree in business in order to one day be in a leadership position as an employee, or own my own business. By book definition, I display every characteristic of ESTJ’s; “organizers, realistic, logical, analytical, and decisive, and have a natural head for business or mechanics” (Robbins & Judge, 2013). According to Keirsey. com, many ESTJ’s also volunteer in leadership positions. I have volunteered in my community for the past two years as a youth soccer coach.

The first self- assessment I took was “Am I a Type A? ” “which measures the degree to which you’re competitive and rushed for time” (Robbins, 2008). My score was 129, which classifies me as a hardcore Type A personality. I was not at all surprised at this result because I am well aware of my need to be in control of a situation, keep busy, and that I am not happy unless I am accomplishing something. In my previous career, sometimes there would not be much work to do and I found myself frustrated.

Some people would like the downtime, but if I could not find another task to complete, I always asked my supervisors to give me another project to work on. I believe this type of behavior is very beneficial in the workplace, and in my future career. In section B, I completed the assessment “What do I Value? ” This assessment uses the Rokeach Value Survey concept and asked me to rank two sets of statements in order of importance. The first section was terminal values, or goals that I would like to attain. The second section, instrumental values, are the means to attain those goals.

My top five terminal values were recognition from peers, prosperity; wealth, pride in accomplishment, knowledge and wisdom, and lasting friendships. I believe these choices are closely aligned with the Executives responses in the text in Exhibit 5-3 (Robbins & Judge, 2013). I chose hard work and achievement, and dependability as the most important instruments to achieve my terminal values. I think my personal values and instruments to meet those values would be fairly common for people my age in the workplace.

I am a Generation Xer, and others in my generation “rate high on true friendship, happiness, and pleasure. (Robbins & Judge, 2013) From section C, I took the “What Motivates Me? ” assessment. I feel that motivation is directly related to one’s values, and I found that my growth needs are the most important at this time. I am currently not working full time and am attending college, so according to Keirsey. com this result is typical for a college student. My relatedness and existence needs fall in the mid-range, meaning they are for the most part, satisfied. I think that my current need for growth, is related to the values I chose in the previous assessment.

Once I can attain some of those terminal goals, I believe if I were to re-take this assessment, the growth score would drop to a more satisfied level. I chose to take “How Do My Ethics Rate? ” from section D. Although this was not specifically related to one of the OB concepts discussed, I was quite curious to see how I would score on this. My scores indicated that on most issues, I fell close to average. However, I was much more ethical in situations involving honesty in the workplace.

The last assessment I completed was “Am I Likely to Become an Entrepreneur? from section D. I felt due to my desire to have a leadership role in my future business career, this would be a good choice. This assessment measures proactive personality. My score was 89, and anything above 85 is considered fairly highly proactive. (“Keirsey. com”) Considering my Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, I was not surprised at this result at all. My career in the military may have influenced my personality in that it has made me more proactive. In many instances, I have had no choice but to take risks and show initiative.

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