Secondary Storage Devices

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As we all know that the main memory stores the data in a temporary manner which means all the data will be lost when the power goes off. To keep our data safe we use secondary storage devices. These are used for storing the data in a permanent manner so that all the data will remain stored whether the power is switched on or switched off, the power will never affect the system. For storing the data in a permanent manner we use the magnetic storage devices.

Advantages Of Secondary Storage Devices

  • Non-Volatile Storage Devices: The non-volatile storage devices are non-volatile in nature which means they never lose their data when the power goes off. Thus, the data which is stored in the non-volatile storage device will never be lost when the power is switched off.
  • Mass Storage: The capacity of these devices are very high which means we can store huge amount of data in secondary storage devices. We can store data in secondary storage devices in form of Giga bytes and Tetra bytes.

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  • Cost Effective: The cost of these secondary storage devices are lower as compared to the main memory. This makes them more cost effective. Moreover they don’t even get damaged easily, the data can’t be lost from them.
  • Reusability: Memory contains the data in both Temporary and Permanent manner. The secondary storage devices are always reusable. The data they contain can be easily edited or removed as per our requirements. It’s re-writable and we can also add data to it.

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    We can also store that data in our computers or laptops.

  • Portable: The secondary storage devices are portable, they are small and can easily be carried anywhere. They don’t require much space.

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Secondary Storage Devices

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