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Prof. Arunachalam- Profile

Founder and Chairman, Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy (CSTEP), Distinguished Service Professor in the Departments of Engineering and Public Policy, Materials Science and Engineering and the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and an Honorary Professor in the School of Engineering, University of Warwick, UK. At CSTEP he is concentrating… View Article

The world of science

The world of science has always been an interest for human beings. The need to understand the unknown, to discover cures for diseases, to comprehend how the human body works are the driving force for man to pursue different medical fields. Disease has been something that has haunted and scared people over the years. The… View Article

What is psychology?

What is science?             The word science comes from the Latin word scientia or scient which is the present participle for “scire” which means “know” or “discern.” It pertains to the study of the physical world and all the phenomena that occur in it utilizing systematic observation and experimentation. It also refers to a particular… View Article

Demarcation in Philosophy of Science

The demarcation problem in the philosophy of science is about how to distinguish between science and nonscience, and more specifically, between science and pseudoscience (a theory or method doubtfully or mistakenly held to be scientific). The debate continues after over a century of dialogue among philosophers of science and scientists in various fields, and despite… View Article

Brian Martin, in Striking a Needle into Science

Brian Martin, in Striking a Needle into Science stresses the role of partisanship, intervention made in the course of analyzing a case, its impact on the case study and how it affects the views and opinions of the readers. In particular, he made this point by presenting both sides of the controversy, without having to… View Article

How will science and technology change your lives in the future

Ans The role of Modern Technology and Science is increasing and has major impact on day-to-day lives of today’s people, as it will in the future. One way or another, advancements in Science and Technology are affecting people all around the world, in New York and in an unknown place in Africa. Technology affects people’s… View Article

My Future

In the future I see myself studying The Natural Science Program, hopefully with a friend through my years in High School. After school I want to study into becoming a doctor, probably in another country than Sweden, hopefully France, which will be interesting. It will probably take up a lot of my free time but… View Article

Environmental Science

If you were the energy czar of your state, where would you invest your budget? What changes, if any, would you make to the existing program? I would invest on the renewable energy resources in the budget. This is because with the current expenditure on energy, renewable energy sources would reduce the monetary allotment on… View Article

Environmental Science

Famine in North Korea started in the nineties and continues to plague the country until today. In 1995, the country has been suffering from vast amounts of deaths due to starvation. The condition of North Korea back in 1997, when the phenomenon reached the highest point, was compared to the gradation of famine in Somalia… View Article

The Verification Principle

Throughout the years, science has been a very productive practice. From explaining why and how things happen to sending people to the moon. Not only do we see its benefits every day, but also new discoveries are being made constantly. Science has proven its success. By using the scientific method and critical thinking, a wide… View Article

Does Science Tells Us the truth

In the American heritage Dictionary of the English Language, science has been defined as “the observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of natural phenomenon” (Gottlieb, 1997). But can these explanations be equated to truth? Through out history, science has explained myriad occurrences in the universe. However, until today, many still questions the validity… View Article

What Is Science?

Science is not just a collection of facts. Of course, facts are an important part of science: Water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit (or 0 degrees Celsius), and the earth moves around the sun. But science is much, much more. Science involves: * Observing what’s happening; * Classifying or organizing information; * Predicting what will… View Article

The Use of Scientific Games in Teaching Science

The study of science is essential. Science is the study of the world around us. Everything around us concerns science. Without it, it is impossible to get into medicine, engineering, architecture and other fields requiring technical expertise. Every sector recognizes an increasing contribution of the discipline to the progress of the modern world as well… View Article

Francis Bacon and Rene Descartes

The Discourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting One’s Reason and of Seeking Truth in the Sciences is one of the most influential works in the history of modern philosophy, and important to the evolution of natural sciences. In this work, Descartes tackles the problem of skepticism. Descartes modified it to account for a truth… View Article

Scientific Management

Introduction In the late nineteenth century, the United States has experienced a rapid growth in industry and business, followed by historical background of ‘the Civil War’ (1861-1865); during that period, the government had huge expenditures on industrial necessities in order to maintain a large army. In 1890, the United States for the first time produced… View Article

Science: Personal Life and Strong Brick Houses

It is next to impossible to detach ourselves from science. We use equipments, invented by science in our daily life; but have we ever bothered to consider how science has made everyday life more comfortable, richer and progressive? If we compare the type of houses available in the past to our forefathers with our own… View Article

Crippen case

1. Why was the Crippen case important? • It was one of the first forensic cases. 2. What was Crippen accused of? Why was he accused of this crime? • Crippen was accused of killing his wife. He was accused of this crime because his wife suddenly disappeared, and his secretary moved in with him…. View Article

Galileo Galilei: Man of Science

Galileo Galilei was an Italian scientist born on February 15, 1564. He lived in a time when people perceived the earth as the center of the universe and when people interpreted the scriptures literally. He originally pursued the field of medicine, but later gained an inclination towards mathematics. He worked to develop the scientific method… View Article

Science – a Curse or a Boom

Today, all of us are leading a fast paced life. Saving time has become the main motif of every individual. We all have become impatient and restless. The reason behind all these is nothing but the advancement of the society and the new scientific inventions that has made our life more comfortable. A lot of… View Article

What Does Quantum Physics Tell Us About The Reality Of Life?

Over the past century discoveries in physics have revealed a whole new paradigm for life – one that you can apply to your life right now to get extraordinary insights, intuitions and results. I believe knowing these principles is crucial for your ability to be ‘tapped in’ to the unseen world that surrounds you. To… View Article

Social Science

I must admit that before my trip to the California African American Museum I was skeptical that I would learn anything of value to myself from that experience. Being of foreign descent, American History is a bit alien to me and even more so for African American history. Yet as the day went on, I… View Article

Fire Protection Systems-Bachelor of Science

1. Specifications for a dry pipe sprinkler system in a cold storage warehouse The fire protection system to be supplied based on these specifications is dry pipe sprinkler Related works include electrical installations, walls penetrations sealing as well as the relevant drawings and calculations. To assure quality, all materials designs and works shall be supervised… View Article

Statement of Purpose

My objective for graduate studies in Science is to prepare myself for the long term goal of pursuing a career in teaching and research. I have chosen to work in the area of Science which requires good Mathematical and Computer Science background. This decision will give me ample opportunity to consolidate my creative energies. My… View Article

Metaphysics – Epistemology

Kvicchdgsgjfkvlhl. ook I of the Essay is Locke’s attempt to refute the rationalist notion of innate ideas. Book II sets out Locke’s theory of ideas, including his distinction between passively acquired simple ideas, such as “red,” “sweet,” “round,” etc. , and actively built complex ideas, such as numbers, causes and effects, abstract ideas, ideas of… View Article

Idea of Progress

I’m going to talk about the notion Idea of progress. To begin with, I’d like to give a definition of progress. The idea of progress basically consists in believing that the world can become better in terms of art, science, technology, liberty, and quality of life. However, sometimes progress causes more problems than it solves… View Article

The World Is Just Awesome

“The world is just awesome”, the new motto of my favourite Discovery channel has said something about my passion. I love to discover everything around me, it could be this green planet,the human body or the mystery of the universe. The love of science has come naturally to me since I realize problem solving has… View Article

Humanities nature vs nurture

Some people believe nature is more influential. Got example in the case of the Jim twins. They were separated at birth and around 30 years later they discovered each. It showed that throughout the years they had not known each they had made a lot of similar decisions. Their kids had the same name, the… View Article

Concept and Nature

1. Introduction Chapter 1. Concept- a notion or statement of an idea 2. 1 A concept is a fundamental category of existence. 2. 2 Сoncepts as mandated by a particular mental theory about the state of the world. 2. 3 A concept is a common feature or characteristic 2. 4 The notion of sense as… View Article

Human Nature and Discontent in King Lear – Unfinished

The Elizabethans believed, or pretended to believe, that the natural world reflected a hierarchy that mirrored good government and stable monarchy. Even our scientific age talks about “laws of nature” and “good government through good laws. ” Shakespeare’s era contrasted “nature” and art, just as one can consider an essential “human nature” contrasted with culture…. View Article

Human Nature in Shakespear’s Plays

Topic- in Shakespeare’s plays how is his unusual detailed knowledge of nature as well as of human beings shown? Shakespeare was a man who deeply loved nature and the beauty of it. He was not just an author who experienced and enjoyed nature but also as someone who studied, understood and knew nature intimately. In… View Article