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‘The Story of an Hour’ Review
Words • 1498
Pages • 6
In the article 'The Story of an Hour', I was impressed by the strange behavior of the heroine in the room after learning of her husband's bad news. The first time I read it, the character portrayal and environmental description in the story were very graphic, which made me immersed in it, fantasizing that I was in that environment and experiencing the protagonist's feelings. In the book named Portable Literature, the editor's description of this story is 'depicts a brief…...
Kate ChopinResearchThe Story Of An Hour
Effect of Cell Phones on People
Words • 1247
Pages • 5
Cellphones have been evolving since the twentieth century, transforming from simply a convenient means of communication to a miniature computer loaded with information. This evolution has become a distraction that changes the way society behaves in a dangerous way. The public uses technology for everything, from communicating with others to ordering groceries to their homes. Technology has become a key piece in today’s world. While people once used cell phones for primarily talking and texting, now smart phones have paved…...
Cell PhoneResearch
Amazon Company Research Paper
Words • 2225
Pages • 9
Abstract Amazon is doing a great job of creating innovative ideas that allow them to directly compete with large corporations like UPS or FedEx. The introduction of new shipping techniques will lead to a surplus of employment opportunities domestically and globally and a surplus of positive impacts on communities that surround its warehouse. Amazon is continuously improving their supply chain to meet consumer needs that benefit their busy lifestyles. Supply chain and purchase management has also been affected by Amazon's…...
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Theorists of Power’s Three Faces
Words • 590
Pages • 3
Among the best-known contributions to the power debate were arguments advanced by theorists of power’s three faces which started with a critique of the definition of power by Dahl as set of behaviors A can elicit from B (Hayward, 1998). Then came Steven Lukes’s three- dimensional account of power: A exercises power over B when A affects B in a manner contrary to B’s interests. He asserted that power does not only enable actors to act as they like, but…...
Environmental Pollution Research Paper
Words • 1462
Pages • 6
The environment in which we grow influences our health and well-being, it is our responsibility to protect and preserve it. In the last decades, the environmental problems have increased even more, due to the expansion of the economic activities that are concentrated in the cities. Pollution is a wonder firmly connected to industrial advance; the debasement of natural conditions has expanded considerably and troubling in the more created areas of the world. When we discuss pollution, it just rings a…...
Effect Of PollutionPollutionResearch
Poetry Research Paper About Nikki Giovanni
Words • 1130
Pages • 5
Giovanni was born on July 7, 1943, in Knoxville, Tennessee. She is a poet, writer and was a significant influence of the Black Arts movement. In 1960 she enrolled at Fisk University, and in 1967 she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in history. Giovanni published her first book of poems in 1968, and it was titled, 'Black Feeling, Black Talk.' Her poems helped define the voice of the African-American people in the 1960s and '70s and continue to connect…...
How it Be a Pediatrician?
Words • 789
Pages • 4
“It’s easier to build strong children, than to repair a broken man” - Franklin Douglas A lot of kids when asked “ what do you want to be when you grow up” simply say a cop, or a firefighter or a doctor just the most known things. But they don't realize what they actually do. The job of a doctor is very important. They help people get better and save peoples lives. And a firefighter, goes and puts out a…...
My Interest For Science, Mathematics And Computer Science
Words • 776
Pages • 4
My interest in Mathematics and Science goes back to the time I was at school. It was in 10th Grade, I secured 97% and 95% marks in mathematics and science respectively. As I have been inclined towards Science and Mathematics, it eased my selection of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as my main subjects for Higher Secondary Education. During this period, my analytical abilities and quantitative reasoning have been my innate strength benefiting me in understanding the basic concepts and allowing…...
Academic And Career GoalsComputer Science For ProgressMy Interest In Mathematics
How My Interest in Mathematics Led Me to Career in Engineering
Words • 611
Pages • 3
From a young age, my favorite subjects have always been mathematics and science. I discovered my true passion when I was in elementary school when our science preceptor gave us a project for winter break, to make an electric circuit. I vividly remember I was very excited. When I return home, the first thing that came to my mind is to build something that can fly. So, first, I made a rough sketch of my imaginary model and planned which…...
Career AspirationsMathematics In Real LifeMy Interest In Mathematics
The Perspectives on Discovering in Mathematics
Words • 792
Pages • 4
Mathematics is full of unanswered questions. Arguably the most important and famous question, maybe this one. People continuously argue that mathematics is something that, as a society, we created it, or mathematics has always been there, and we only ever could have discovered it. The creation of math would be that humanity invented mathematics. The discovery of mathematics would be based on the ideology that mathematics occurs naturally. In what follows, I claim that mathematics has always been there and…...
Mathematics In NatureMy Interest In MathMy Interest In Mathematics
Becoming a Math Teacher: How My Specific Interest in Math Helped Me In My Career
Words • 1189
Pages • 5
Growing up I knew that I wanted to do something that involved helping people because I always felt great about myself whenever I helped somebody. I know what you’re thinking right now “there are over hundred that involve helping people other than being a math teacher” and your right. What really pushed me to wanted to become a teacher was my grandma watching her teach English to her third-grade students was moments where I could picture myself teaching a class.…...
Career AspirationsMy Interest In MathMy Interest In Mathematics
Feasibility of Colonizing Mars
Words • 1119
Pages • 5
Introduction The main focus of possible human colonization on any planet, is mars. The surface conditions on mars and its atmosphere, make it seem more habitable than any other planet in the solar system, besides earth. There are many reasons why mars would need to be colonized, but is it a viable option? Many technological advancements are needed to sustain life on mars, as well as traveling to mars, these advancements could help with human stability and the growth of…...
Isaac Newton: Inventions that Changed the World
Words • 2449
Pages • 10
Many people have heard of at least the name of Isaac Newton alone. Do people really know his sufficient? Often, he is just thought of as another inventor or creator, but he is much more than that. He played a huge part in what we know of our world today. Isaac Newton was born January 4 ,1643 in a town called Woolsthorpe which is located in Lincolnshire, England. One weird think about his birth date is that some calendars say…...
Isaac Newton
Freud’s Psychoanalysis Theory
Words • 822
Pages • 4
Freud was the pioneer of Psychoanalysis and he laid the grounds of unconscious mental activity. He rigorously studied psychoanalysis for the next forty years of his life. He left a legacy behind unmatched by any other, he poised his graceful thoughts of the mind, dream interpretation and the technique of psychoanalysis, he developed his theory on his principles, objectives, techniques and methodology. Psychoanalysis is a method of understanding mental functioning and the stages of growth and development. Psychoanalysis is a…...
PsychoanalysisSigmund Freud
Academic Integrity in Engineering
Words • 1377
Pages • 6
Citing honestly scares me. Every time I have had to write an academic paper, I have wondered if I am doing it correctly or if my writing will be mistaken as deliberately deceptive. I do not have to write a lot of papers in my professional career and citing has has never been a skill I needed to use often enough in high school or even undergraduate school to become proficient at it. As such, when I have had to…...
Academic IntegrityEngineeringIntegrity
Exercise Physiology in Relation to Homeostasis
Words • 856
Pages • 4
Introduction Homeostasis is maintaining the steady state of any animals or living organisms’ functions while the order of the environment changes around them (Burness et al, 2018). When the temperature and other conditions of the environment changes, it will also affect the animal’s inner state, becoming negatively influenced (Burness et al, 2018). As aspects of the environment change, the organism ought to regulate their inner state (Burness et al, 2018). Depending on the external environment change, if the animal is…...
Human Physiology
Are GMO Foods Better Than Organic Foods
Words • 641
Pages • 3
When we talk about GMO a lot of people might think that GMO(genetic modified organism) is used in animal or human, but today I will talk about the use of GMO on the plant. A lot of people think that GMO is not safe for eat because you are changing a DNA/gene of the plant and our body might not recognize the food that we had eaten. Another group of people refuses to buy GMO labeled foods. This cost a…...
Genetically Modified FoodGenetics
Life of Scientist George Washington Carver
Words • 553
Pages • 3
George W.C occupation as an agricultural scientist wasn’t easy as it was not a popular occupation and the people didn’t believe in them. Many people that his research targeted, such as farmers, didn’t think he was right since they believed the experience they have. It took time for people to start believing him when he taught farmers how to farm more efficiently and cheaper ways of feeding their animals. He also improved the crops rotation system which made soil richer…...
What is the Relevance of Molecular Geometry
Words • 509
Pages • 3
Recently we have been learning and investigating molecular geometry in my chemistry class. My interest has been peaked in this class when my professor mentioned that drug effectiveness can be impacted by the molecular geometry of a particular substance. This concept made me think of you. When a particular drug you are running tests for is ineffective, one cause is the molecular geometry of the substances that compose that drug. Have you ever thought of altering the geometry of the…...
Human Genetic Engineering Ethics
Words • 1342
Pages • 6
Genetic engineering is not a new feature. Almost everyone has either heard of or interacted with products that have been genetically modified to better suit its purpose. That being said, the same technique could be translated onto humans to further enhance natural attributes (e.g. strength, height, etc.). It would be the most practical to alter the genetic makeup on unborn humans. A lot of the weight falls onto programmers who needs to shoulder the responsibility. Thus, this brings up the…...
GeneGenetic EngineeringGenetics
Changes in Medical Practice After the French Revolution 
Words • 1261
Pages • 6
The French Revolution is often lauded as one of the most significant events in European History. It not only overthrew the long established political structure of France but also set into motion radical changes within the field of medicine. These changes mostly took place within Parisian hospitals, which were transformed from prison-like internment centers for undesirables under the French Crown into places dedicated towards patient care and medical study (HISC 115, lecture 5, slide 14). Apart from the function and…...
French RevolutionMedicine
Technology Within Forensic Genetic Science 
Words • 2018
Pages • 9
Abstract How can a single skin cell help resolve 3 criminal cases from over 50 years prior? With today's technology rapidly changing, crimes are increasing and criminals are getting increasingly clever; but even the littlest bit of DNA left at a crime scene can now be traced to a certain individual because of the new and improving genetic forensic technology. Developments in molecular genetics have made it possible to study the person-to-person differences in parts of DNA. The whole entire…...
Forensic ScienceTechnology
Evolution: Critique and Personal Reflection
Words • 2714
Pages • 11
“Why Evolution Is True” was a very compelling book. It’s arguments and explanation of facts and predictions really helps drive the point of the title of the book. Even before the book begins the author explains that a book like this needs collaboration because the fields needed for this subject can be as diverse as paleontology, molecular biology, population genetics, biogeography, etc. He makes his point very clear how he feels about Creationists. The quote that really spoke to me…...
EvolutionSocial Evolution
Ethical Dilemma in Architecture and Engineering
Words • 1433
Pages • 6
To what extent should efficiency be prioritized over the potential risk of human life when building a structure? Everyday each person goes inside a building whether it be your house, for your job, school, grocery shopping, eating, or even working out, and each year these structures collapse due to construction efficiency. 58% of multistory failures were due to construction problems and with no warning that the building is unsafe. In the structural engineering field one issue is that the structural…...
ArchitectureEngineeringEthical Dilemma You Have Faced
Biotechnology: A Solution to the Hunger & Nutrition Crisis
Words • 1738
Pages • 7
Both in the U.S. and around the world, the human civilization is facing a grave crisis when it comes to the food supply. The human race has found itself in a dire position in which the citizens of countries all across the globe are unable to access and afford sufficient amounts of the types of foods that provide the nutritional value needed to lead a healthy life. In the U.S., families struggle to put food on the table for their…...
BiologyEssay biotechnology
The Safety of GMO Foods
Words • 1122
Pages • 5
People have depended on science and technology to improve crops for thousands of years now. Quickly after its creation, the press, government officials, and scientist began to think about the possible impact on human health and the biodiversity of the Earth. GMOs remain a controversial topic, especially with regards to food safety. GMO critics say that they lead to more allergic reactions and can harm the environment. However, even though society may be skeptical about GMOs, after more than 20…...
Genetically Modified FoodGenetics
Criminal Psychology: Study of the Behavior, Intentions, and Serial Killers Itself
Words • 1633
Pages • 7
Criminal Psychology is a mystery because it´s the study of the behavior, intentions, and serial killers itself. ¨ It can be defined as a science, which helps investigative situations in fulfilling their mission more efficiently by applying a psychological knowledge to it¨. Criminal psychology is a way for people to get an insight into the mind of a criminal and how their minds function. A criminal’s brain is different from a normal person’s brain. For instance, when John Wayne Gacy…...
Criminal PsychologyPsychology
Criminal Psychology: What is it For
Words • 913
Pages • 4
When a man in convicted of a recent murder spree with limited evidence, how can the police prove that it was the man in question? Thanks to criminal psychologists who study the will, thoughts, intentions, reactions, and behaviour of criminals, investigators can solve the case even when it goes cold. There are four main realms of psychology: clinical, experimental, actuarial, and advisory. These four sections allow for a multitude of jobs which all have one common goal - to prove…...
Criminal PsychologyPsychology
The Origin of Cells as Explained Through the Cell Theory
Words • 651
Pages • 3
We know that everything on planet Earth is made up of cells; the Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, and Atmosphere (Damon et al., 2014). Many questions arise in regard to modern cells and their development. How did the first cells come about? How did simple non-compartmentalized Prokaryotes evolve into complex Eukaryotes? These questions can be answered by using theories such as the cell theory and the Endosymbiotic theory, as well as Louis Pasteur’s experiments (2014). The cell theory consists of three principles; cells…...
CellCell Theory
Carolus Linnaeus Contribution in Science
Words • 600
Pages • 3
A system was created during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries for labeling people because of their race. During the late seventeenth century the term race, was used to categorize people. François Bernier born in France 1625, was a brilliant French Scholar during his time, he was known to be a Traveler and a French Physician. Fançois Bernier was the first person to apply the race system to categorize people. He divided people into categories based upon their qualities of their…...
Benjamin Banneker a Famous Person
Words • 540
Pages • 3
Who is Benjamin Banneker? Benjamin Banneker is famous mathematician that Was appointed Position of District Columbia commissioner by President Washington. He was famous for his Almanacs. I choose To write buy essay On him due to his amazing help in the agricultural field. I believe that in his time he helped a lot of people businesses flourish due to his almanacs. I will be talking about his life, his accomplishments, Is importance, and his relation to what we're doing in…...
Benjamin BannekerScientist
Benjamin Banneker: Life and Career
Words • 597
Pages • 3
Who made a big impact on the black community in a way and was mostly self-taught? Benjamin Banneker was a male mathematician, astronomer and was one of the first African American to be noticed in science. He was an inspiring person and encouraged many people from many races to do many things in life. Benjamin was an important person who has a major history in many communities and may have affected society as a whole. Benjamin Banneker was born a…...
Benjamin BannekerScientist
Argumentative Writing: Vaccination
Words • 2372
Pages • 10
Scientific research indicates an increased likelihood of infecting unvaccinated pupils with diseases that can be prevented by vaccination. Since no vaccine is 100% effective, some vaccinated children can become infected by contact with a child who has not been vaccinated. Outbreaks of such diseases in schools with unvaccinated students are more likely. It is worthwhile to clarify that these immunization schedules are reviewed annually to reflect current recommendations on the use of vaccines licensed by the US Food and Drug…...
Argumentative WritingVaccination
Colonizing The Moon: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin
Words • 1758
Pages • 8
On July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 took off. On that very same day, both Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon, Neil Armstrong being the first one to set foot on the satellite. Since this event occurred, many governments and companies have made progress in their space technologies, hoping to do the same or more than the Americans did back in 1969. If we think about colonizing the moon, it might sound easy at first, but it is…...
A Trip To MoonMoonSpaceSpace Exploration
A Trip to the Moon: George Melies Journey Into Narrative Cinema
Words • 3009
Pages • 13
The image of a rocket ship flying into the eye of the moon is world famous, so famous that the name Georges Méliès is rarely attached to it. Georges Méliès was one of the first cinematographers of the early twentieth century to step beyond the documentaries and “actualités” of the Lumière brothers. Méliès began his entertainment career in the theatre as a stage magician, becoming a master of illusion and trick. The invention of the cinematograph and the kinetograph opened…...
A Trip To MoonMoonSpace
Executive Proposal Project – Medical Solutions Systems (MSS)
Words • 900
Pages • 4
Problem Definition at MSS Medical Solutions Systems is a medical research and development business that has accomplished immense accomplishments in the area of medical research. This businesses accomplishments has caused itself to become susceptible for cyber-criminals to launch cyber-attacks on them. These cyber-criminals main objective is to rob intellectual belongings and data from research and then sell them to rival research corporations. The corporate network is believed to have become infiltrated from unwarranted sources and research data thieved on multiple…...
10 Famous Leaders
Words • 796
Pages • 4
Prophet Muhammad For Muslims he was one of the best leaders of all time, Muhammad led to the spread of Islam in Saudi Arabia. Because of his contribution to expanding Islam it has become one of the largest and the quickest growing religions on earth today. He led his followers to several migrations and successful wins in battles against armies much greater than theirs. His greatest leadership traits which would make a remarkable team leader are his courage, leading by…...
Abraham LincolnAlbert EinsteinGeorge WashingtonJulius CaesarLeaderLeadership
Thomas Kuhn and The Scientific Revolution
Words • 772
Pages • 4
The Scientific Revolution refers to the historical changes in thought and belief to changes in social and institutional organizations that came upon in Europe between roughly 1550-1700; beginning with Nicholas Copernicus, who presented a heliocentric cosmos, and it ended with Issac Newton who proposed universal laws and a Mechanical Universe (Hatch, R., n.d). Kuhns thoughts later in the future, offer a great expertise opinion on what the Scientific Revolution is and the great attempts and success Kuhn has showed and…...
The Scientific Revolution
Scientific Notation in Daily Life
Words • 423
Pages • 2
Do you know what scientific notation is, how you ever wondered what jobs use it in everyday life? Well read this to find out! Scientific notation is the process of taking a really small or large numbers that are simplified into a equation. An example: 123,000= 10^5 x 1.23. ( a larger number transferred into a equation) 0.000000456=10^-8 x 4.56 ( a smaller number transferred into an equation). Some of the many fields that use scientific notation are Astronomy, Chemistry,…...
Scientific method
Scientific Method Discussion
Words • 356
Pages • 2
Think about the Scientific Method and Psychology as a field of science. What differentiates Psychological research from self-help publications? How does Psychological research control for ethical bias and problems with representation across ethnicity? Can researchers control for all possible variables that could interfere with the variables and outcome of their study? What can they do to control or minimize the influence of outside variables? When given the question, how are psychological research and self-help publications different, I think the easier…...
Scientific method
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How it Be a Pediatrician?
...As you read my paper, you know that becoming a pediatrician takes hard work. And that when you want to be something you go for it. A pediatrician can help little kids and help. You might of heard the saying, people who are doctors basically live at t...
How My Interest in Mathematics Led Me to Career in Engineering
...To achieve my goal, I commence to challenge myself academically by taking the hardest STEM classes offered in my high school, which include Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. Studying mathematics at high school gave me a brief prelude to advance ma...
Becoming a Math Teacher: How My Specific Interest in Math Helped Me In My Career
...In conclusion, after writing this research paper, I have argued that to claim an education means to put the effort, research and time into learning with the purpose of being able to create a better future not just for myself but also for the educatio...
What is the Relevance of Molecular Geometry
...Although I am in no way an expert on molecular geometry or the production of medicines, I have quickly learned from my chemistry class and from a little research that molecular geometry can really affect medicines. It is one thing to hear Dr. Carpent...
Criminal Psychology: What is it For
...Criminal psychology has helped bring multiple cases closure and bring justice to the victims, while also helping those who need it to prevent them from committing crimes. Although it wasn’t popular in the 19th Century, as we learn more and more abo...
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