Save The Earth For Our Future

I chose the topic of global warming due to the rising natural disasters, global temperatures, and ice caps melting. Lately, on social media, there has been big conversation of global warming and the lasting effects it will have on Earth. People are just now realizing that now is the last chance to save the Earth. I think global warming has always been in the back of people’s minds, but the majority of people put it off thinking it would disappear or they could wait until later to fix it.

Well, later is now. Global warming is caused by rising greenhouse gases, deforestation and excessive burning of fossil fuels. The excess burning of fossil fuels, as well as deforestation, are because of mankind.

The effects of global warming will lead to a broad series of issues- rising temperatures, changes in precipitation patterns, more intense natural disasters, sea levels rising and more. The article states that people could potentially die from severe heat in cities in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

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These are both very heavily populated areas so this could be catastrophic. In addition, I know that coral reefs have changed significantly over time because of global warming and it indicates they would essentially disappear. The author of the editorial explains the natural disasters and how intense they have gotten over the past few years.

For example, Wells talked about the heat wave that reached across the entire Northern Hemisphere which killed many individuals, as well as the catastrophic wildfires in California that destroyed communities.

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The rate of carbon-dioxide produced is being released into the air faster than ever in human history. I think efforts to help reduce global warming should be a top priority rather than building a wall at our southern border. Some basic things people can do to help prevent climate change is as simple as turning off the lights when they aren’t being used, conserve water and recycle. For decades, scientists have been worried about global warming but I feel a majority of them put it off for a later issue.

Also, I think that many people did not want to believe that this could be true and that global warming has had much debate on both sides, some thinking it is harming the Earth and others that don’t. One of the issues is that global warming has happened gradually over time, so people don’t tend to notice an immediate difference in our Earth. I think that if more scientists came forward about the severity of global warming, then we wouldn’t be in a position to desperately try and save the Earth.

That being said, I believe we need to take the information we have today that the scientists and climatologists have provided and act with a sense of urgency to protect our world. I believe we have a responsibility to act now if not for ourselves, then for our future generations to live on this Earth.

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