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Product Strategy

The product itself is the core of the brand equity, the design of a product able to fully meet the needs of the consumers, is a prerequisite for success in marketing. The design, manufacture, market, sales, transportation and services of product, contains a strong, powerful and unique brand associations.Be able to establish a positive brand image, especially the perceived quality of the product is extremely important brand association will often influence consumers’ purchasing decisions. Samsung requirements of their own to create a world-class brand which attaches great importance to the quality of the product, which is mainly reflected in the following four areas:

1. High-quality products to establish a brand image, enhance brand value

Need high-quality first-class brand quality assurance, Samsung’s leaders have long recognized that it put forward the idea of new operators in 1992, long Lee Kun-hee of Samsung Group firefly things Samsung started depending on the external heavy thinking”to attach importance to the quality and performance of the” re-examination “.

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Under the guidance of this concept, the Samsung pay close attention to the quality of the product are most concerned about. Samsung phones, for example, in order to create high-quality brand, has been famous mobile phone incident ‘- Samsung fire burned 150,000 substandard phone. And in order to create a perfect product, to seize the market of Motorola, Samsung phone was rigorously tested under a variety of harsh environments, and product is named Anycal l mean in any place and at any time can call the phone.

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2.Perfect after-sales service

Samsung as the mobile phone sector, we have a perfect and good after-sales service. When you walk into every Samsung service department, you will find where the service is really good. The waiter always face with the emblem of laughs, beautiful attitude of consumers feel at home, which also reflects the culture and the corporate image of the Samsung humanities.Moreover, Samsung’s repair rate industry, good reputation.

3. Ongoing brand innovation to maintain brand image and maintain brand vitality

Samsung realized that a strong brand requires constant product innovation to maintain the image of the brand, in order to maintain the vitality of the brand, enduring, and reflecting the company’s ability to establish a positive brand association. So Samsung is great emphasis on digital technology, the importance of technological innovation.

This can be traced back to the early 90s of the last century, when Samsung realized that digital communications technology innovation will change the competitive landscape of the future, and voted to the large amount of money in the digital electronic technology to increase R & D investment.

4. Unique, stylish product design, maintaining the brand’s point of difference

Class products, not only excellent performance, reliable quality, as well as continuous product innovation. There are unique in style and design of the product, in order to attract the attention of consumers the Samsung special attention to product. Design with an emphasis on innovation in the design.

This is reflected in the following three aspects:

  1. close to the needs of consumers in the design
  2. a large number of investment in design
  3. stylish design philosophy of product – the “human” and “personal ‘design Promotional strategy.

Marketing communication is a means of dialogue and contact with consumers. Consumer based on brand equity model. Marketing communications can build brand awareness in the minds of consumers powerful, strong and unique brand associations, which accumulated brand equity. Therefore, the design of a comprehensive and integrated marketing communications program, and make a variety of means of communication, “match up” so that they reinforce each other to reach consumers through marketing communication, strengthen purchasing power, the opportunity to increase consumer access to brand information , to form a strong, good, unique brand association, the accumulation of brand equity, enhance brand value is very important. Samsung Electronic In order to implement the rebuild plans to implement marketing communication Olympic TOP program, a combination of a variety of marketing communication mode of transmission, including the following three aspects: 1.unified brand advertising and media agencies. Carry out a series of fruitful advertising campaign Samsung first unified brand start in order to build brand image, change the chaotic situation on the previous Samsung publicity media organizations in order to enhance the brand image: the original global dish multiple advertising agency integrated,cooperating with the United States Interpublic Group advertising agency.

Even the ad title to be unified, truly expand the brand’s advertising strategy. This makes Samsung’s brand image has been simplified and unified, as well as the Samsung ads’ look.Gives the feeling to the customer is more consistent, and to carry out a series of fruitful campaign. In I998 raises a propaganda slogan: “Samsung digital world to welcome you ‘. 2. according to the TOP plan as the center of a variety of sports sponsorship In order to ascend samsung’s popularity, make more and more people know samsung in the world , understand samsung, samsung group had execution with the Olympics Top plan as the center of a variety of sports sponsorship, increase the samsung brand and exposure rate. In addition to major events,all kinds of sport sponsorship activities are also very frequently sponsored in each of the target region.

“International brand” global executive Mann evaluations : “samsung brand values the huge progress due to the adjustment of the strategy,especially samsung become an official sponsor of the Sydney Olympics..Samsung with the Olympics TOP plan as the center of a variety of sports sponsorship is successful ,and it is not just limited to sports praise rib this form in electronics sports marketing , they also combined with advertising, sales promotion, public relations activities and other many kinds of means of integrated marketing. 3. take the entertainment car, fashion marketing of samsung Samsung does very successful in integrated marketing communications aspects, success of have the aid of all sorts of important marketing media tools, especially in 2003, samsung find the good opportunity, has global influential fashion tools with the aid of the entertainment.

In a short time samsung electronics with powerful digital technology strengthly convey to the global consumers’ heart, and samsung digital technology went into people’s life.In 2003, samsung electronics and American warner bros., cooperate with the hacker empire: the heavy “film used for film samsung customized cell phone. . In “the matrix” movies after rising, samsung launched timely hackers mobile phone, this phone quickly attracted “the matrix” passion audience , a group of chasing fashion and have consciousness of professionals young people.And it rapidly promoted to the 52 countries’ market, making the samsung electronics set up the “cool”, and called the most fashionable brand image and obtain better economic benefits. Brand —– Samsung booming , beauty of the sound of the world, as well as value go up.

Author:Philip ketel translator:Meiqinghao [M Shanghai people’s publishing house Author: GuoZhen < samsung mobile phone sports marketing strategy research> [D], Beijing: foreign economic and trade university, 2005 Author:LiuWenJun. < China mobile phone market competition strategy analysis> [D] Guizhou, guizhou university, 2004

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Samsung Product Promotion Strategy

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