Creative Product Promotion

Interesting Promotional Campaigns

The purpose of this assignment is to:

Know the constituents of the promotional mix

Understand the role of promotion within the marketing mix


You are a researcher employed by a marketing magazine and have been asked to investigate two promotional campaigns that may form the basis of feature articles in future editions of the magazine.

You need to prepare a presentation that describes and explains the decisions made in two promotional campaigns by two different organisations.

Describe the promotional mix used by each organisation for each of the products/services you have selected.

You will need to introduce the presentation by explaining that the promotional mix is part of the marketing mix.

The organisations may use: advertising; personal selling; sales promotion; public relations; direct marketing; sponsorship; the purpose and objectives of the promotion mix; how these support the desired corporate image. Include examples where you can.

This provides evidence for P1

Deadline date:

You now need to write a report; you can use one of the examples above.

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Research the role of promotion within the marketing mix. This must be carried out in the context of the selected product/service.

The marketing mix has many elements and for your selected product/service you need to look at the following:

Products and services: product range; new product development; product and market trials; quality; quantity; timing; product features and variations; associated services and benefits and style. Price: importance; factors affecting price; pricing strategies. Place: online and/or physical presence; retail; wholesale; direct selling; role of intermediaries.

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Packaging: functionality, appearance etc.

People: importance particularly in services; training and development; consistency of image. Processes: importance of creating/maintaining a positive image. Physical evidence: for example colour, language, light.

The role of promotion then needs to be seen as integrated with the above and you will need to think about the promotional objectives. Your research should include how business aims and objectives translate into marketing and promotional objectives such as raising awareness or increasing market share.

Explain the choice of media used for the campaign.

Explain how the promotion is integrated with the rest of the marketing mix to achieve the organisations marketing aims and objectives.

This provides evidence for P2, P4 and M1

Deadline date:

Evaluate and justify the use of an appropriate promotional mix in relation to marketing objectives for one of the selected organisation.

Evaluate an existing national marketing campaign. This should consider a variety of areas such as whether campaign objectives have been met and if the costs of the campaign are justified by the number of sales.

Use all the information you have gathered from the above tasks to help you carry out a full evaluation.

This provides evidence for D1 and D2

Deadline date:
Sources of information

See student resource booklet.

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