Samsung Company Marketing Strategy

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A competitive advantage is the one of a kind capacity of a firm to use its assets adequately, figuring out how to enhance client esteem and position itself in front of the opposition.At the end of the day, it's something that an organization improves the situation than its rivals in view of some restrictive procedure, administration, or brand. A firm picks up an upper hand either through lower cost contributions (cost advantage) or through item (separation advantage). The firm endeavors its assets, for example, mark value, mark acknowledgment, dissemination system or licenses and trademarks, to make a cost advantage.

The viable usage of its assets builds up the company's particular abilities, therefore enhancing client responsiveness and consumer loyalty. so, a firm that tries to accomplish an upper hand targets bigger markets, In this way, in the genuine business world, firms gain a focused edge by profiting by their know-how, mechanical framework, the expense of generation, and by and large assets to have the capacity to offer client esteem and amazing items.

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Samsung has stayed in the features amid the ongoing years for a few reasons. Aside from the expanded offers of the advanced cells, the brand is likewise known or mechanical development. Samsung is a gadgets mark that has held its consistent spotlight on advancement and disclosure. It has conveyed a few imaginative items to the market. It is known for always driving advancement over a few item classes including TVs, PDAs, wearable gadgets, tablets, cameras, computerized machines, medicinal hardware, arrange frameworks, and semiconductor and LED arrangements.

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Year 2016 was every time of incredible outcomes for the Samsung mark. The versatile business has kept on picking up benefits year on year driven by strong offers of Samsung portable's leader items like Galaxy S6 and S7 Edge. According to figures the interest development for PDAs where Ai can be the most imperative separating factor. This is a five powers examination that assesses how the brand influences and is influenced by rivalry. The five powers display was produced by Michael E Porter, in 1980. At its center are five critical five powers that are a piece of each industry and market and influence aggressive force.

Bartering intensity of suppliers:

The sources from which firms get crude materials with the end goal of creation are called as providers. The providers are a critical gathering and their haggling power and imperative power influencing the firm. The higher the dealing intensity of the providers, the lower is the aggressive quality of the firm. If there should be an occurrence of Samsung, the bartering intensity of the providers is low. The low haggling intensity of the providers is because of a few components and one of them is their little size and low budgetary quality. Also, Samsung can without much of a stretch change from one provider to another one. If there should arise an occurrence of the providers, losing business from Samsung can mean a major loss of money related help for a provider. Samsung outlines the tenets that the providers are required to pursue and directs standard examinations to check if the providers are following the guidelines. There are rules identified with work welfare, tyke work and also manageability. Every one of these guidelines are critical and Samsung can wipe out the providers that don't pursue the standards.

Bargaining power of customers:

Samsung makes a large range of products including mobile products, TV and Home theatres, computing related products and home appliances. The bargaining power of individual customers may be low, but that of the corporate buyers and the customers as a group is significant. In the 21st century there are many factors that have led to rise in the bargaining power of the customers. The customers are well informed and they have several options for most products. They can easily select a brand of their choice and shop from several sources. There are no switching costs and the result is that the bargaining power of customers .is high. There is a high level of competition between the brands and most of them are competing for customers. Overall bargaining power of the buyers is low to moderate because there are also several factors that moderate the buyers’ bargaining power. Samsung is an established brand name and its continuous focus on technological innovation is also an important factor that leads to higher bargaining power of the brand compared to the customers.

Threat of new entrants:

The threat of new entrants for brands like Samsung is low. The reason is that while there is a major investment in building such brands, there is also enough investment in attracting talent and building a brand through marketing. The regulatory pressure has increased which has also become a barrier for the new entrants. Any new brand trying to enter the market, can start business on a smaller scale but to grow into a large and global brand it will need to invest in so many things including marketing, human capital and operations. So, overall the barriers are quite large for new brands trying to enter the market.

Threat of substitutes:

The threat of substitutes for Samsung is moderately high. There are several competitors like LG, Sony and more international and local brands that offer competing products and services. The switching costs for the customers are low. The factors that moderate the threat from the substitutes are a great brand image, technological innovation and similar more factors like customer convenience.

Competitive rivalry between the existing players:

Samsung has just been second to IBM in yearly U.S. licenses documented in the course of the last 6 or 7 years. Although Samsung produces a few licenses, the upper hand set up from similar licenses is just brief. Some licenses enable different contenders to comprehend the general usefulness of items create which eventually nullifies the favorable position picked up from the licenses. Despite the way that some upper hand is lost, by and large, Samsung produces a few industry driving items every year which make a supported upper hand. Samsung has turned into the world's biggest electronic organization by income as an immediate consequence of significant worth and imitability of its items joined with the bearing given by CEO' Lee Kun Hee'. In 2012, the organization had offers of up to $179 billion and deals have been increments since Chairman Lee assumed control in 1987. The expansion in deals figures is an immediate consequence of appropriate association which enabled the organization to achieve its maximum capacity.


Scenarios Strategy

Introduction of first full touch screen by Iphone- - 2007 Samsung dispatches Omnia in the end, winds up prevailing in contact screen telephones universally. Cell phone Market Dominance by NOKIA in 2008-54.1 % in India and 40% in world. Made utilization of android OS showcase and propelled its first android telephone Samsung Galaxy GT I7500. New players like Micromax, Karbonn , Lava, Spice dispatch less expensive android telephones, Nokia proceed with Symbian OS-crashes its piece of the overall industry to 32.9 % in India. Samsung propelled Galaxy S arrangement, its top notch scope of cell phones. Later Galaxy 3 and Galaxy 5 estimated underneath Rs13000 to handle new players. Nokia-Microsoft organization declaration slack, Iphone 4 . Begins battle for S3 as Anti-Iphone promotion, Takes favorable position of Nokia blending slack and wide transporter suport, center around administration, client bolster Apple sues Samsung - Design duplicate Huge accomplishment of iphone 6 alongside Xiaomi presentation. Cut back the quantity of models, Skimming cost and focused evaluating, Introduction of Note Series, Super AMOLED shows Distributes to item to any eager retailer not at all like Apple. Battery Explosion of Note 7 Creates Battery warning gathering, 8 point battery wellbeing framework. Extensive variety of players with Flagship Killers Out innvoating apple with Infinity Display and Iris Scanner.


This porter 5 forces analysis of Samsung displays how outer business condition can affect the promoting procedure of Samsung. The organization accordingly needs to guarantee that its current practices are in accordance with the substances and requests of the shopper hardware showcase over the globe.Samsung further, should be more mindful of the necessities and wants of its customers over the globe to expand its benefits and keep up its notoriety or fabricate it even further.Competitive preferred standpoint can't be made essentially by assessing ecological chances and dangers, and after that lead business just in high-opportunity, low risk situations. Or maybe, making continued upper hand relies upon the interesting assets and abilities that a firm conveys to rivalry in its environment.To find these assets and capacities, Samsung must glimpse inside their firm for important uncommon and exorbitant to-mirror assets, and afterward misuse these assets through their association.

Updated: Oct 15, 2021
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