Sadie and I were casually walking towards the lake In my thoughts

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Sadie and I were casually walking towards the lake. In my thoughts I was trying to imagine what the stone circle would look like. Way off I thought I could hear something. Don't be a buffoon, I told myself. We kept walking. I hated the way my feet squelched in the yellow, sticky mud. David was going to murder me, my head told me again. There is that sound again. I noticed something move beside me. I glanced over and I saw Sadie had stopped.

She spoke with a look of concern on her face.

- Someone's out there.

- Might be a long way away. - I replied. - Hard to tell, noise echoing round like that.

I could now hear the noise more clearly. It sounded like a motorbike. No more than one.

- I think the graves are over there - She spoke again, pointing towards a small clump of trees. Suddenly in front of us a way off, two black shapes bounced over a small dark valley.

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I spotted a large damaged four-wheel drive and a ute parked nearby.

- They shouldn't be there! - Sadie cried.

We ran towards the sound of motorbikes; Sadie ran beside me. We reached our destination. The sacred stone circle. I stood in shock to see the precious circle, littered with cans and young men lazily leaning against the stones. Disrespect I thought. Complete disrespect.

Sadie was arguing with them, but I wasn't really listening.

"You got no respect," I stumbled out in a timid voice.

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Craig then rattled off something about his family and it was his land.

All I could hear was " You've got bloody cheek, son!"

Sadie tried to compete, but Lachie came in with a reply.

Sadie told them I had lots of family in Boort, saying "David and Walter have family in Boort, there are heaps of Aboriginal people around here!"

I knew that most of them weren't from this country. I spoke with my quiet voice and told her that but all I could feel was the anger slowly boiling inside me. I thought about the time we were at the pub. I thought about the disrespect shown to Jimmy Raven. The noise level grew and grew. They yelled out to us to get off their land I hissed, and Lachie showed his fists.

Someone yelled "Get him, Lachie!"

I lunged at Lachie and we were both fighting each other. Sadie told me not to, but I ignored her. I remembered what David had said - One more scratch and your gone. - I didn't care about that. I had both my hands griping on his shirt. We were both trying to push each other on the ground. It was hard to get any grip on this muddy ground. The mud was going everywhere on me and Lachie. David is going to murder me for sure, my head spoke again. Someone swore and shouted, pointing at the sky. Suddenly everything stopped. We all looked up to the sky. Lots of crows. Lots and lots of crows. I knew they had come to help us. They knew that this was a sacred place. They knew it needed respect. Sadie looked at me and we ran. I grabbed her hand desperately and sprinted away as fast as I could. Anything to get away from the shadow that the crows made. We reached the edge, turned around and stopped in silence. Suddenly we heard a gunshot. It sounded throughout the valley. The crows franticly flew away. Sadie yelled commands but I knew we couldn't fulfil them. We watched in silence as the crows dropped from the sky.


Updated: Dec 12, 2023
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