The Need to Encourage Walking And Eco-Friendly Transport

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Travelling is denoted as journeying of people from their origin to their destination. It could be done on foot, bicycle, busses, airplane and by other means of transportation. It could be done with or without carrying luggage and could be one way, rounded trip or by visiting multiple cities or destinations. Short distance travelling is also included in travelling. With the advancement of technology and motorized field, mostly every third person has car so they do not walk or even at short distant places, they use their motorbikes or cars instead of going on foot.

On the other side, some people also love to walk and go on foot.

We have so much advantages of personal transportation and even if we are in emergency, our private transport provide us ease of travelling. Just because of busy schedule some people prefer to use their own vehicle instead of walk, even for short distances.

In some developed countries, people have eco-friendly cars, they run on batteries.

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All they have to do for their travel is to put their vehicle on recharging point. Just because of these facts, people find walking as time-wasting and tiring activity. Also they think that walking affects their status symbol.

As we get development of motorized industry, the number of motorized vehicles on roads are jumped to very high level. So, this is just a simple thing that we would run out of oil and fresh air very soon and going to face more accidents and so on. We got tied with these motors because without them we cannot go to our work, holidays, school, college etc.

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Some people love to walk and reach their work on foot are conserving our nature and environment. Walking keeps our whole body fit and when they walk, their mind interact with surroundings and local people also and do nice conversations. Another thing that we can stop and change our walking speed at any time.

Our blood pressure get balanced and more energetic could be felt when we walk. Moving further, if journey’s end is not so far, then walking should be preferred. Usage of cars which are non-eco-friendly spoil the cleanliness and do a lot air pollution because they emit carbon dioxide. Owing cars might be costly than using public transports. For instance, when someone owns a car or other vehicle, then he or she has to pay for its fuel, insurance and other types of maintenance. So, Public transportation is better and cheaper option. All we have to do is to pay for its fare.

In summary, Ecological friendly transports should be encouraged for their use instead of using motorized vehicles. Walking should be more preferred.

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Updated: Feb 28, 2024
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