Hotels for Eco Friendly Tourism

“Housekeeping operations are turning eco-friendly.” Discuss. According to Kasavana, 2008 said that there have many specific great efforts in the hospitality industry which have provided the basis for some firms or company gaining a competitive advantage through enhanced imaging based on conservation and sustainability initiatives over the past several years. Therefore, nowadays, some views from every aspect of the hospitality industry are being impacted by this movement or development. It can evidence by Web sites and directories promoting green travel destinations, green hotels, green restaurants, green meeting facilities, green convention centres, as well as green suppliers.

Today, the hotel in every country is trying to implement the green practices which will protect the mankind and nature from the diverse effect of synthetic chemicals either used at homes, offices and factories.

The hotel that success to get the Green Hotel Certificate will named as “Ecotels”. Ecotels can be defined as “green hotels” which means that earth-friendly or eco-sensitive hotels that characteristic innovative and creativeness programmes for conserving natural resources, reducing waste, minimizing pollution, and maximizing sustainability.

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In addition, housekeeping is an operational department in a hotel which to bear the responsibility in cleanliness, maintenance, aesthetic upkeep of room, publics area, back area and the surrounding of the hotel (G.Raghubalan, 2009). Therefore, there are many advantages can be used if housekeeping operations are turning eco-friendly. One of the advantages of housekeeping operations are turning eco-friendly is it can towards the environment. Green Cleaning can be simply defined as cleaning that it has a reduced impact on the environment.

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This is because green cleaning products poses no harm to the environment.

Normally, green cleaning products are made from renewable natural resources. In addition, it also can help hotels to reduced cost and increased profits as well as good housekeeping practices and appropriately eco-friendly equipment will greatly increase sustainability and reduce pollution on the property. For instance, The Renaissance Vancouver Hotel Harbourside’s purchasing non-hazardous cleaning products which are green cleaning products such as white vinegar, baking soda, borax, hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol are alternatives while soda water can be used to clean windows and mirrors (Munro, 2008). Besides that, waste management is advantages of housekeeping operations turning eco-friendly. Nowadays, waste generation is one of the most visible effects on the environment. One of them has estimated and identified that if an average hotel produces in excess of one kilogram of waste per guest per day, there are 50-60 percent of the waste materials in an accommodation facility can be recycled or reused (Sonya Graci, 2010).

Therefore, waste management is encouraging everyone to know the right ways on how they can dispose the waste that they generate on a daily basis. For instance, Gayana Eco Resort has used recycled products whenever possible. They encourage staff to reduce wastage as well as get the basis compositing materials techniques for the re-sage of organic material in our landscape and environment. Besides that, they also encourage staff to separate the recyclable rubbish from non-recyclable rubbish so that it is easy for them to complete the job in short time. However, as they are on an island, they will make sure that the rubbish is safely transported back to the mainland for proper disposal. On the other hand, advantage of housekeeping operations turning eco-friendly is it can protect and conserve our natural resources.

Towel and linen reuse program can implement to conserve the natural resources. This is because towel and linen reuse program can dramatically reduce the impact of hotels on the environment by saving water, emissions of CO2 which from the energy consumed, detergent and the need for the associated waste water treatment and disposal. In addition, housekeeping staff also have more time to spend on tasks other than changing bed linen and towels. There are more than 3,400 hotels in the USA have offer towel and linen programs. They are most successful with business travellers and conference delegates who typically do not spend much time in their rooms; however they may be more familiar with initiatives adopted by the tourism industry in Europe (Darren Cook, 2005). For instance, Tower and linen reuse program has been implemented in Hotel Hilton Portland & Executive Tower in United States. They have changed the towels and linens in every 3 days to comply with their Health codes. While the cards that indicating this program are placed in each of the guestrooms (Green Vacation Hub, 2008).

Furthermore, housekeeping operations are turning eco-friendly can bring an advantage, which is reducing energy use from lighting. This is because when housekeeping operations are turning eco-friendly, some of the hotels will take action in smart use of energy. Normally, lighting can account for 20 to 50 percent of our energy bill; however, it is also can be one of the areas where saving energy is easy and in-expensive. In Gayana Eco Resort, as they are situated on an island, the resort is powered by their own generator set. Therefore, they have to do the most to reduce consumption such as by using the energy saving light bulbs. For instance, they have prepared a system which is automatic light around the hotel guestrooms, lobbies, and hallways will be extinguishing by special room keys. Moreover, the head of housekeeping also have educated staffs of the hotel to save energy whenever possible. Thus, it can more effective in reducing energy use from lighting if all staffs are cooperation with each other.

Finally, protect water quality and save money also can be one of the advantages in housekeeping operations turning eco-friendly, which means that the less water you use, the less you have to pay for. This is because less water consumption can lowers energy costs from reduced treating, pumping, and heating requirements. Therefore, Gayana Eco Resort has implemented a smart use of water program. For instance, they have their own water reservoir which can collect rain water and water supply tanks to ensure the constant supply of water. In particular, collected rainwater can be used for irrigation ditch, vehicle washing, and flushing toilets as well as other indoor activities which for non-drinking water uses. In this perspective, Gayana Eco Resort has recently installed a water treatment water plant so they can recycle their water into “Grey Water” for the purposes of toilet flushing and watering plants.

In summary, I am agree with the task that housekeeping operations are turning eco-friendly has provide more advantages to the environment and people. Eco- friendly has created more positive impact on the environment condition. Besides that, eco-friendly also help hotels to save lots of money and it has success to increase their occupancy as today guests who demand “green alternatives” that makes staff of hotel motivated and willing to take actions towards greater environmental responsibility (Rachna Chandan, 2010). Therefore, related department has to take action in early contribute to save our planet. Additionally, small initiative of eco-friendly which taken by the hotel can be helpful in saving global warming issues and guests will fully aware about the changes going in our environment and their after-effects.


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Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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