It was 125 pm and Riley was walking home from school it

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It was 1:25 pm and Riley was walking home from school, it was raining and the school had closed. Minutes passed and Riley was still not home. She passed out from the cold. Hours later Riley had woken up, but not in the same place she passed out."Where am I?"Riley asked almost brainwashed from what happened. Riley looked at her surroundings and it seemed like she was laying in a pile of flowers, Gold to be exact." head hurts!" Riley said to herself, as she got up and dusted off her clothes from the gold flower pedals.

"Hello! Is anyone here?" Riley asked as if someone or something would come over from her call, no one.

Riley sighed and walked around to try to find someone to help her.before she started walking,she noticed a big hole showing sunshine."did I fall!?" Riley was lost in her thoughts. She shrugged it off and walked out of what seemed to be a hall, once she got out of the unknown place, she began walking to find someone to help her or find out where in the world she was.

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Riley saw someone walking from what seemed to be a underground park."Hello! Do you know where I am?" Riley asked running to the spot the unknown person was. As Riley got closer to the unknown person, she asked again, "Do you know where In the world I am?" The person seemed to notice her because they turned around and faced her "Oh,hi,who are you? Where did you come from?" Asked the person.

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They seemed to be a female with long brown hair and purple eyes."Funny you ask that BECAUSE I FELL FROM THE SKY!!!" Riley yelled from frustration."Jees,sorry...but,who are you?" "I'm Riley, and you areeee·" Riley said wanting for an answer ."I'm Deon." Answered the girl. "Ok,great name, but CAN YOU PLEASE JUST HELP ME GET THE FLIP OUT OF THIS PLACE!!!!!" Riley yelled. "Ugh! Will you stop yelling if I help you?" Asked Deon a bit annoyed at Riley."Yes,yes I will." Riley said also annoyed at Deon.

"Ok,follow me" said Deon walking looking behind herself every now and then making sure that the shorter female was following."Does anyone else live down here?" Riley asked."mhm,we're just in the entrance of the fun part!" Deon said as if she was excited to live down here."how can she like living down here!? It's like a horror movie about to unravel its deepest darkest secrets." Riley said in her mind as Deon led the way."Here we are!" Deon said still excited.It looked like a underground world. Dirt, animals, houses, food, cars!?! Riley practically took back what she was thinking about this place.This place was a dream! "OMG!!!THIS IS SO COOL!!!" Riley looked at Deon waiting for a response or at least a "mhm." But no, Deon looked at her watch and shushed Riley saying that it's night and to keep it down. Riley just nodded and quickly quieted down."Follow me,were going to my house and sleeping there,tomorrow we'll try to get you out of here." Deon said quietly "Ok,let's go." Riley said and skipped practically all the way to Deon's place.

Updated: Jun 17, 2020
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