Rooms Division: Important Element of the Tourism Management

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The activities of the accommodation and employees from the front office are very complicated and different and this hotel unit is one of the most important departments. Without its assist the hotel will not be able to work properly and to manage with all accommodation tasks and operations. So, in the current assignment I’ll try to look and examine the main characteristics and activities of this important department.

Rooms Division

Task A

a) A discussion of the key aspects of legislation and regulatory requirements relevant to rooms division operations.

Assessment Criteria 1.3 – Discuss legal and statutory requirements that apply to rooms division operations.

Room division is an important element of the tourism management. Management of room division ensures good housekeeping and deals with the management of front office and other operational services. Management of room division requires managers and their teams the necessary knowledge and skills, as well as compliance with the certain laws and rules. Effective management of room division leads to successful business management in the field of hospitality and tourism sector.

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According to Wood, 2013 the main legal and statutory requirements that apply to the rooms division operations are as follows:

Diplomatic Privileges Act, 1964 – Diplomatic Privileges Act applies to diplomats, their families and supporting staff. Its application in the hospitality sector is applied as follows: Diplomats from a foreign country, guests of the host country, should not have been arrested in the country they visit. In other cases, they cannot take advantage from the Diplomatic Privileges Act or they may not be entitled to visit the host country.

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Diplomatic Privileges Act entitles the diplomats to be exempted from fees, taxes and duties in the country that they will visit.

This is done in order to promote good and stable relations between the parties. The hotel staff cannot enter without the permission of the diplomat, as the personal belongings of diplomat should not be touched or moved without his permission during his stay in the hotel. Reservation for a stay of diplomats should be performed by the diplomatic mission or the Ministry of Foreign office of the country. During the stay of diplomats in a hotel located in the host country, it is necessary to be organized additional security services for the diplomats, their families and supporting staff.

Employees and managers have to be aware of the Diplomatic Privileges Act, its clauses and rules in order to perform their job in the right way when in the hotel are accommodated diplomats guests.

The immigration (Hotel Records) Order, 1972 – Each guest at or over 16 years old who will be accommodated in hotels or other accommodation premises and establishments must be registered (an exception could be for diplomats). This registration shall be archived so if state authorities request it, the hotel has to provide the archive. For the registration of guests the hotel has to enter the date of arrival, the name and nationality of the guest. If the registration is for a group of guests, the leader of the group have to provide the needed information. For foreign guests the hotel has to require full name of the guest, passport number, place and date of issue, address, nationality, next destination of the guests. The hotel is responsible for the correct entry and registration of every guest. Data Protection Act, 1998 – Data Protection Act deals with the protection of personal data of guests during their stay in a hotel or other accommodations in order to the guests and the hotel.

This means that the personal data of guests are protected. Data controllers are the ones that control the use of personal data and the manner of their treatment. In the most countries the Data Protection Act is designed to protect against theft of data and information. This is very important because customers’ personal data contain information that can lead to an abuse of a person. The Data Protection Act entered into force on 01.03. 2000. Consumer Protection Law, 1987 – This Act serves to protect customers and consumers when they buy a damaged product or service.

The main components of the law are: Sufficient quality product or service, otherwise the product or the service can be replaced. Also the product or service must meet the purpose. The product or service has to match with its description. Otherwise the costumer has the right to return or replace the product/ service or the trader has to the price. Customers have the additional rights for products under warranties. If customers have bought products or services from private individuals, their rights are limited.

This law is created to protect consumers and businesses from unfair and deceptive traders.

Protective Clothing Regulation and Hazardous Substance

According to Protective Clothing Regulation, the employers have to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to employees during the working process. These are special clothes that protect the whole body or parts of it, depending on the conditions during the working process. Personal protective equipment should be stored properly and the staff has to check that they are correct. They also must be used for its intended purpose. Personal protective equipment must be kept in a good condition and the staff should be trained how to use them properly. According to Control of Substance Hazardous to Health, 2002, the employers are obliged to protect their employees and other persons of hazardous substances and risks during the working process by a risk assessment, health monitoring and planning.

The employer is required to post signs and signal boards for substances hazardous to health. In hotels, it is important to maintain a safe working environment. This can be achieved by: identifying the health risks; risk assessment (risk assessment includes – hazard identification, the objects at risk conditions, caution, study and updating); performing control measures and compliance; staff awareness and training; planning of emergency situations. These hazardous substances can be: harmful chemicals, smoke, dust, fumes and various gases and many others.

Health and Safety – the Health and Safety Commission UK aims to protect the health, safety and welfare of employees and individuals who may be at risk of employment. This is performed by a risk assessment by the employers, trained manpower, to meet and take the necessary measures to prevent the risk; the workplace rules – basic health insurances, available ventilation, heating, lighting, video displays, and welfare; available equipment and first aid materials; employer awareness of the health status of employees; insurances against accidents at work; monitoring of electrical systems and others.

The risk assessment is monitored by the hotel. Reasonable employers identified the risks. For example, employees of the Front Office are at risk of eyes illness due to the need of rapid information processing and prolonged computer usage. Because of this risk the computers should be equipped with friendly eyes filters and the work shifts have to be with a correct duration.

b) An analysis of the roles and responsibilities of a selection of accommodation and reception staff. Assessment Criteria 1.2 – Analyze the roles and of a range of accommodation and reception services staff.

First of all, I would like to say that the reception staff has to be qualified, well trained and motivated in order to perform their duties properly and at a high level. I also want to mention that the responsibilities and roles of the reception staff are not the same for every hotel or other accommodations. They depend on the size, standard categorization, structure and aim of the organization., 2015. In the famous 5-star Ritz Hotel, , located in London with views to Green Park offers a magnificent atmosphere and luxurious surroundings. This atmosphere is achieved by the professionalism and good work of the staff. The obligations and responsibilities of the reception staff and front office in the famous 5-star hotel are distributed as follows: Reception supervisor – assists in the sale of products and services offered by the hotel, as well as develop and evaluate the distance sales.

His task is to provide training for the reception staff and training programs that contribute to the effective staff in order to ensure a quality of work. Reception supervisor coordinates the tasks related to special requirements of the guests and monitor all special visitors’ wishes. The supervisor is responsible for the proper performance of the reception staff tasks and takes the necessary measures, if any difficulties or features are occurred. Supervisor ensures the compliance with all the requirements of the guests and manages all the inquiries. He also sends answers to the guests within the deadlines. He ensures a politeness and hospitality behaviour to the guests, and to monitor the staff behaviour under his leadership. Supervisor has to maintain good relations with the other departments of the hotel, to be able to work together in a proper way. It is necessary the supervisor to participate in all staff meetings, as well as to plan the work of the reception staff.

His task is to organize the schedule of the staff. Housekeeper – this section is very important and it is mostly associated with the quality of accommodation services. This department is responsible for the cleanliness level in the hotel and the good hygiene. These components have a strong affect on the occupancy of hotel rooms and the hotel in general. The role of housekeeper is to prepare the rooms and create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for the customers, which include: cleanliness, comfort, security and compliment.

It should be noted that the obligations of this section is not limited to the maintenance of the hotel rooms only, their duties cover the maintenance of the cleanliness and vision of the common areas. The housemen are also clean and care for the good conditions in the rooms and common areas, but they are usually carry out tasks that maids do not have the physical strength to cope with them. For example: moving furniture, heavy wastes and others. The senior maids and supervisors are the people who check and monitor the work performed. *In small accommodations, as hostels and guesthouses, many owners often perform the tasks of this department, there are no separate departments.

Receptionist – an employee, who welcomes the guests at their arriving in the hotel, the receptionist is the face of the hotel. He directs the guests to the appropriate hotel room, which meets the guests’ needs. Receptionist deals with the payments, store the data in the registration of the guests, and store the occupancy data for hotel rooms. Receptionist assists the guests with questions arising during their stay in the hotel, and also updates information for the visitors. In large and luxurious hotels the job position “receptionist” is very difficult and complex. It requires continuous training in order to maintain quality standards at any time. Uniform services – the job positions in this category are:

Bell staff – employees at this office kindly take the guests’ luggage in order to carry it to the respective hotel room. The interesting thing of this post is that employees are able to orient the guests for the different services and can also assist them in connection with other questions. Doorpersons – employees at this office take the guests’ luggage from their vehicle and carry it to the bell staff. Concierge – employees at this office welcome the guests, hold the front door and assist the work of the bell staff. They guide the visitors for entertainments, travels and other activities. Answer questions to the guests and try to find sources and information in order to respond as quickly as possible.

Also they sometimes make restaurant reservations, parking and other., 2015. According to the information about the hostel Marguerite House, located in Dublin, Glasnevin near to the Botanical Garden, the responsibilities and obligation of the reception and accommodation staff are as follows: Receptionist – the employees at this post welcome the guests, register them and orientate the guests for the service premises in the hostel. Also the receptionists show the relevant rooms and food place.

Cleaner – the duties of this post is to maintain the level of hygiene and healthy atmosphere. Also they have the tasks to maintain and keep the rooms in good and pleasant conditions. Manager – In this case, he is the owner of hostel and he has many duties related to organization of the all operating process. He monitors the work of the other units, keep records, maintains the equipment, reservations and occupancy of the hostel, answering letters and inquires of the guests.

Monitors the profitability.

c) An evaluation of the variety of services offered by rooms division for a wide range of hospitality businesses with an emphasis on accommodation and front office department. Assessment criteria 1.4 & 1.1 – Evaluate services provided by the rooms division in a range of hospitality business. & Discuss accommodation and front office services for different organizations

1.4. According to, 2015, the hotel staff will help the guests stay to be very pleasant and to let the feeling of a desire in them to back to the hotel again. The hotel offers 24-hour concierge desk available for the guests in order to have assistance at any time. The hotel offers luxurious limos and guests can hire them to reach a desired destination. Guests accommodated in Signature Suites receive free Butler Service, as this service is available and for the rooms at rent price of 360 per day. 5-star hotel category expresses luxury and a wide range of services, excellent services, high standards of comfort and fulfillment of personal requirements of the guests. Ritz hotel offers elegance, originality and services at the highest level.

Type of rooms and accommodation in Ritz hotel:

Superior queen rooms – around 20 m2, separate bathroom. The guests accommodated in this type of room could use the following services – luggage porter service, luggage storage, 24-hour room service, evening turndown service, laundry and dry cleaning service, daily valet service, shoeshine service, driver, Wi-Fi, TV, Minibar, room-climate control & air-condition, the guests will receive newspapers and news, bathroom amenities. Superior king rooms – around 24m2, separate bathroom. Option for king-size bed or twin bed. The guests accommodated in this type of room could use the following services – luggage porter service, luggage storage, 24-hour room service, evening turndown service, laundry and dry cleaning service, daily valet service, shoeshine service, driver, Wi-Fi, TV, Minibar, room-climate control & air-condition, the guests will receive newspapers and news, bathroom amenities.

Executive king rooms – around 30m2, separate bathroom, small lounge with elegant furniture. The guests accommodated in this type of room could use the following services – luggage porter service, luggage storage, 24-hour room service, evening turndown service, laundry and dry cleaning service, daily valet service, shoeshine service, driver, Wi-Fi, TV, Minibar, room-climate control & air-condition, the guests will receive newspapers and news, bathroom amenities.

Deluxe king rooms – around 36m2, separate bathroom, this type of room could be linked with another deluxe king room. Each of them provides views to Piccadilly and Green Park. The guests accommodated in this type of room could use the following services – luggage porter service, luggage storage, 24-hour room service, evening turndown service, laundry and dry cleaning service, daily valet service, shoeshine service, driver, Wi-Fi, TV, Minibar, room-climate control & air-condition, the guests will receive newspapers and news, bathroom amenities, connection to another deluxe king room.


Junior Suites – around 46m2, separate bathrooms, lounge with elegant furniture. The guests accommodated in this type of room could use the following services – luggage porter service, luggage storage, 24-hour room service, evening turndown service, laundry and dry cleaning service, daily valet service, shoeshine service, driver, Wi-Fi, TV, Minibar, room-climate control & air-condition, the guests will receive newspapers and news, bathroom amenities, connection to another junior suites. One bedroom suites – 1689 sq, feet or 157 metres floor space, this type of room could be connected to deluxe suites.

The guests accommodated in one bedroom suites use the services 2:1, which mean that 24-hour room service, concierge and housekeeping services are available to ensure special attention and comfort to the guests. Two bedroom suites – 1900 sq. feet or 185 m2 space. This type of suites offer the same services like one bedroom suites, but there are and high speed Wi-Fi, working desk, UK and USA electrical sockets. Three, four and five bedroom suites – floor space of the three bedrooms is around 185m2, four bedrooms is around 214m2 and five bedrooms is around 260m2. All of them offer full package services.

Themed suites are Piccadilly suite, The Royal suite, The Prince of Wales suite.

1.1. The main different organization are as follows:

Hotel – According to Small Business – 2015, one of the most important operational departments in the hotels is the front office. This department is the face of the hotel and has direct contact with the guests. Although the organizational structure of the front office of the hotel is different depending on the size of the hotel, its categorization and purpose, the front office has key roles. Reception manager monitors all operations carried out by the front office. Monitor the implementation of the internal policy and good behavior to the guests. Also he monitors the implementation of the administrative tasks. He has to provide personal attention to the VIP guests. Acceptance of reservations is performed by the receptionists. The reservation could be booked by telephone, Internet or at the hotel. Also the receptionists offer the appropriate room, meeting the requirements of guests. In the most hotels operate concierges or piccolos. They help guests for many issue, carry their luggage to the appropriate room.

They also coordinate the guests giving them useful information about the hotel, the area and many other issues. Hotel is a form of accommodation, a building or buildings that provide accommodation, food and beverages services and service facilities that are designed for customers and guests and the public. Customers can spend the night in a hotel or just use some of hotel services. Hostel – According to 2015, it is a lower class accommodation. Most often they offer bedrooms with 3, 4 or more beds and shared bathroom. The hostel is furnished with the necessary furniture, equipment, crockery and cutlery for self-service. Hostel does not offer a wide range of services. The staff is quite small and a large part of the services are self-service. This type of accommodation is used mostly by tourists who stay to spend the night or traveling individuals who look for accommodation and food.

B&B – According to Keating 2015, this is the type of accommodation is smaller than the hotel. It is usually located in a private home, which has a license for the purpose. It is preferred by guests who seek direct contact with the owners who offer comfort accommodation and breakfast of homemade dishes. Motel – According to 2015, motels are lower class hotels, with the primary difference that they are located outside of the village, near a major road or road junction. Purposes are mainly for short stay to relax when you are on the road. Therefore, the services that are offered are more limited. Represents a cheap roadside hotel residence and service of car tourists. The motels are located near parking with easy access to highways.

The motels are small objects, usually 1 or 2 floors, entrance is directly from the street and the car is parked in the front of the entrance. They offer considerably cheaper services than the most hotels, but also the services and amenities are minimal. Convenient for a short stay. Caravans – According to 2015, it is a place, an area, park or mobile home holiday. Mobility means that the caravan should be able to be moved from one place to another. Usually there are located on a guarded terrain with the infrastructure and the necessary conditions for stay of tourists with their own or rented caravan, as there is a parking space for the cars. On the campsite can be arranged bungalows and caravans. There is not necessary to have a kitchenette and bathroom on the area.

d) An assessment of the importance of the front of house area and the accommodation service to effective management. Assessment Criteria 2.1 & 3.1 – Assess the importance of the front of house area to effective management. & Assess the importance of property interiors and design to effective management., 2015. The bedrooms in the Ritz London combine beautiful architecture in classic style and antique furniture with modern amenities. They are decorated in warm colors and feature high ceilings, ornate fireplaces and chandeliers. Rooms are equipped with elegant bathrooms with designer toiletries. Ritz Restaurant is decorated with beautiful works of art and monuments; the restaurant offers a view to the green garden.

The restaurant offers British cuisine from the best products with a modern twist. All these decors and arts show us that the hotel wants to create an impression for luxury, bourgeois and convenience in every aspect. And I think that this luxury atmosphere responds to the standards of the hotel. e) A discussion of the key aspects of planning and management of the front of house area and the accommodation service. Assessment Criteria 2.2 & 3.2 – Discuss the key aspects of planning and management of the front of house area for a given hospitality operation. & Discuss the critical aspects of planning and management of the accommodation service function for a given hospitality operation.

2.2. According to Operations 2015, the front office area is the face of the hotel. The planning and management process of the front office ensures a proper operation of the staff and guests satisfaction. Planning and management of the front office include a care for the maintenance of the hotel, taking care to provide accurate information to be able to assist the guests in the provision of the services. Planning and management involve maintaining the statistics occupancy of hotel rooms, financial reporting, updating prices of different rooms, maintenance of the furniture. Also, the process includes preparation of weekly and monthly reports of employees. Planning and management include the booking process and coordinate the other hotel departments, as well as preparation of the financial statements.

Computer systems are a tool that is very useful in the process of planning and management. In the computer system operates with the reservations information, their cancellations and retention, and updating of different important information, reporting the activities of the staff and conditions of the facilities. Since the operations and activities of the front office is a complex and tedious, it is necessary to be planned an appropriate work schedule, which includes day and night shifts with the right working time and the right number of staff available. Planning front office must be made in advance, this is not a one-time process, it is updated every week or day, as the components of the operations of the front are many. Activity planning and management include: booking methods and records, payments, reservations, accommodation, responding to inquiries, accessible information for visitors, daily reporting of vacant and occupied rooms and work schedule of employees.

3.2 According to 2015, one of the most important components is the first impression. Therefore, the professionalism of the front office and the manner of service and vision of the hotel left a final mark in the visitors and their opinion about the hotel. This requires staff to be trained and the head to be able to deal with complaints polite guests to solve problems related to the stay of the guests in the right way. Due to the dynamics of the sector, the heads of department must create a universal system / scheme of work in certain situations, to avoid misunderstandings. The manager must create a schedule of the daily tasks. One of critical aspects is the design.

It is very important for the success of the business. One of the ways to impress the guests to get back again in the hotel is to create a good impression for the hotel standards, services and the regularity of used facilities. Also one 5-star hotel, such as the Ritz, needs to maintain a high image. It is maintained by good location, perfect design and interior design, comfort, tradition and high level of service. Last but not least is the maintenance of high standards of cleanliness of the hotel and the area of its location. Clean environment may be a main factor in the decision making for future customers. Therefore, everything must be perfect with the external environment conditions, with green area, interior and common areas. Standards of the cleanliness and hygiene must be very high to meet guest expectations.

f) Critical evaluation of the main operational issues affecting the effective management and business performance of the front of house area and the accommodation service. Assessment Criteria 2.3 & 3.3 – Critically discuss the key operational issues affecting the effective management and business performance of the front office area for a given operation. & Analyse the key operational issues affecting the effective management and business performance of the accommodation service function for a given operation.

2.3 According to 2015, in order to maintain the standards of the hotel categorized with 5 stars, it necessary the best of everything, namely design, atmosphere, cleanliness, high quality of products and services. If the design of the hotel is not attractive and not in accordance with 5 stars standards, the guests will not visit it again. If upon the arrival of the guests, they fell into old and soiled atmosphere, they can refuse their stay. Moreover, disappointment and bad opinion of one client will cause bad impressions for the hotel, which could lead to bad impressions and in formation of their friends and closed people. It is very important that the hotel have to offer a warm and friendly atmosphere, to create comfort in its guests. If the design, image and cleanliness of the hotel does not meet the standards of the organization, it will have to deal with many complaints and compensation, which will cost expensive for the organization.

Also it will lead to the risk associated with the loss of customers and a bad image. 3.3 According to Mr. Stephen Boxall, the general manager of Ritz hotel in London, every detail is important for 5-stars hotel, in order to make a good impression in the guests. If all other areas are in perfect conditions, but the design of the rooms is old and not maintained or does not meet the standards of the categorization, the business will deal with the struggle to keep its customers. Attractive design, quality furniture and comfort can create the main impression in guests.

Rooms must be prepared prior, before guests accommodation – this includes establishing a suitable temperature in accordance with the season, airing of the premises, there is no unpleasant flavors, supply the necessary lighting and curtains, clean underwear, stocked mini-bar, loading amenities and towels, cleanliness and convenience. Ritz offers more than service accommodation; the hotel pay attention to every detail makes detailed care to meet the needs of its customers. The purpose and mission of the hotel guests is to receive the best at all times in accordance with the standards. If the organization fails to comply with these requirements, it will have to cope with the loss of customers, handling complaints and compensation.

Task B

a) An explanation of revenue/yield management. Assessment Criteria 4.1 – Perform revenue/ yield management activities to maximize occupancy and rooms revenue., 2015 indicate that the success of hotel organizations is due to the techniques used to increase the maximum occupancy of hotel rooms and services. One way to increase the revenue is the sale of rooms and services at the right price. In dynamic tourist area hotels using advanced modern techniques and software to ensure that the prices of rooms and services are at the appropriate level. These techniques and softwares are very useful, because the hoteliers are informed for the current data and statistics.

Another way to maximize the accommodation is policy under which the customer cannot cancel your reservation in certain conditions or he will pay a penalty. The penalty is usually at the rate of one night and also the hotel will not refund the taxes for the reservation to the customer. Also juggling rooms is a good way to increase revenue. This usually means sell the right room at the right customer with the right price. Another method is the contracting with travel agents in order to achieve full occupancy of the rooms at the hotel. All these methods aim to increase the sales of services and the occupancy of the rooms.

b) An analysis of sales techniques used to promote and maximise revenue. Assessment Criteria 4.2 – discuss sales techniques that rooms division staff can use to promote and maximise revenue.

According to online report Hotel Revenue Management, 2012 in order to maximize the revenue, the employees who are responsible for the activities and operations of services have to be fully aware of all the components. They should be able to negotiate prices and conditions and should be aware of the prices of package services. Also need to know the possibilities of reducing or maximized the price. They need to know the customers – whether they are loyal customers, new customers, a group of tourists and purpose of their visit. The aim the above mentioned is to create long-term customers and attract new ones. Employees who are responsible for the sales have to know how to use sale techniques: bottom-up, top-down, cross-selling, up selling.

Up-selling is a technique used by many hotels and in general this means that a hotel sells more than the customer got. So it is an important issue that employees have to be able to provide other services that may be of interest to visitors, packages, special vouchers and more. Maintenance of the costumer database will help to identify future quests and can help to attract customers through special offers, packages or discounts. For every hotel it is important to keep the interest of existing and loyal customers as they will spend money every time when they come back in the hotel, also the long-term costumers are a good tool for free advertising. Also the hotel has to implement a good marketing strategy to attract new ones. Usage of media and internet tools will help to inform potential customers and to attract new ones.

c) An evaluation of the usage of forecasting and statistical data in the room division. Assessment Criteria 4.3 – Discuss the purpose and use of forecasting and statistical data within the rooms division.

According to, 2015 the forecasting is a valuation technique that based on historical data, teds, experience of a certain value of an uncontrollable variable for a certain period of time. Forecasting is a very useful tool that executives and managers in the tourism sector use. With this tool, they can plan future actions based on past events. Every organization has statistics for previous years and on their basis, organizations can determine future marketing strategies.

Through this tool organizations in the tourism sector can predict the success level in the future and the failure and wrongs in the past. So, in this way they can make the right management decisions related to future business strategies. For example, if the data from past periods are good, the managers can continue to use the set out in the past strategy. But if that data are with bad parameters, the managers can provide the needed improvements, changes in order to maximize the revenue.

Forecasting scheme:



%Trend Projection

Trend and Seasonal


Expert opinion

Delphi Technique

Market Survey

d) A description with calculation of performance indicators used to measure the success of accommodation sales. Assessment Criteria 4.4 – Calculate rooms division performance indicators.

According to the scenario at this task the parameters are as follows:

75 single rooms
60 twin room
50 occupied by two people, 5 occupied
by one person
80 double rooms
30 occupied by two people’ 40 occupied by
one person


180 rooms let (260 sleepers)

1) Room occupancy % : 180/ 215 x 100 = 80.72 %
2) Sleeper occupancy %: 260/ 355 x 100 = 73.20 %

We have to note that for twin and double rooms where in them is accommodated 1 person the price is for single room, because the hotel is decided to accommodate the single guests in the rooms for 2 persons. From the above calculation we can see that the occupancy of the room is with good parameters, also the sleepers in hotel are closed to the room occupancy. These parameters show that in hotel work managers at a good level, trying to accommodate all guests of the hotel.


Since each hotel includes a large number of employees who are responsible for different activities, the managers and supervisors have to coordinate their tasks and duties. Every worker must be aware of their obligations and responsibilities. In order to maintain the standards of a hotel and to develop successful activity, given the dynamics of the sector, the organizations must adapt to the new trends. Also the staff in hotels should be well trained, motivated and with the necessary skills.


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