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Is it a space surrounded by four brick walls, a ceiling and a wooden floor. A storage for someone’s belongings, decorations and feelings. A place that reflects someone’s personality. Or is it more? Everyone’s got their favourite room, which when you enter all your troubles seem to fade away. What is it that makes your favourite room? The constant untidiness of it, the fact that its your own space where you can go without being disturbed. Or is it the little things like the dog hairs that cover your furniture and carpet.

The television remote covered in masking tape to prevent the batteries falling out, and the amount of junk that’s piled up on your shelves. Does your room reflect your personality? Mine doesn’t at all. My room is dark, dull and gloomy with no television or nothing. The walls are dark blue and totally bare, my mattress is so hard and uncomfortable I’d rather sleep on the floor.

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My room is the total opposite to my personality. I am happy most of the time, funny, and have a good sense of humour.

There is one room that when I enter all my problems disappear. Its my grandma’s sitting room. I go every fortnight for my Sunday dinner. I don’t know what it is about that room that does it for me. It could me the constant smell of roast pork, the tins of chocolate goodies everywhere, or just the fact that when I enter that room I don’t have to do anything apart from eat and relax.

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My grandma’s room reflects a lot on her personality. You see my grandma is very over enthusiastic, lazy and spoilt, and that’s exactly what the room is.

The walls are covered in pictures, so much that you can not see the wallpaper. There’s plants and ornaments in every place possible, covered in dust. Not to mention the self knitted covers she puts on everything, such as the couch, plant pots, coffee table, even the television has a cover. I mean, to tell you the truth I don’t really like the way the room is decorated, all the colours don’t match or anything, the walls are pink, the couch is creamy green and the carpet is yellow.

Everything seems to be out of place. It’s the atmosphere in the room that makes it so relaxing and peaceful. Everyone’s unpleasant memories of the past are forgotten, it seems to be a fresh start facing the future. It changes and grows with my grandma, and is always there to cheer me up when Im down. That room will always be part of my grandma and will always be part of me. Its there to stay.

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A Rooms Personality

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