Role of Teacher Essay

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Role of Teacher

Teachers instill a want for learning within the student while formulating a structured path for the student to succeed. The role of a teacher is to stimulate this want to learn, while providing the necessary tools and guidance for the student. The classroom should be a learning environment that students are excited to participate in because the desire to learn is exemplified by the teacher. The best teachers I’ve had have instilled this desire to learn through a number of different skills working cohesively to help guide me through the educational process. These teachers had the greatest impact on me because they took my desire for learning personally, and did all they could to ensure the best possible learning environment. When learning is enjoyable, the likely hood of students continuing to learn independently of the teacher increases. Some of the skills that helped create this environment included patience, organization, awareness, encouragement, and an open mind.

The best teacher I’ve ever had utilized all these skills, and I remember her from my freshman year of high school. I had ADHD as a teenager, and had trouble sitting still to say the least. My math teacher had the patience to work with me, while managing and guiding the rest of the students in the class. She developed a unique way to grasp my attention while other teachers could not, and her class ended up being the most exciting class in my high school career. Her awareness of my unique situation and having the patience and open mind to try teaching differently was what inspired my love of math. I received my highest grade that semester in her class because the desire to learn the subject came from within, but was exemplified by the teacher. She would not have been able to manage the entire classroom with this unique approach without organization and encouragement of each individual student. A few of these skills can make a good teacher, but a great teacher uses all of their skills cohesively to create a positive interactive learning environment.

The worst teacher I’ve experienced had a personal goal to be the hardest teacher on campus, rather than the greatest. Being a hard teacher doesn’t ensure a students success, and can deter the student from wanting to learn. A great teacher understands the needs of all their students, while working with their students to learn. When focusing on becoming the hardest teacher, unrealistic goals and expectations are set that can take away from the confidence of the student as well as the approachability of the teacher. This creates a gap in the teacher – student relationship that can be detrimental to learning. While I learned a lot from a teacher who tried to be the hardest, they didn’t create a desire for me to learn.

The class turned into a workbook, rather than a learning experience. While some subjects are naturally harder than others, I believe they an be approached uniquely and can be taught in a way that makes sense to any student given the right patience. This teacher was an exceptionally brilliant math professor, however – his class average was a failing grade which he was proud of. If the class average is failing, then he’s not teaching to the whole of the class or looking at the students individually. It’s possible to teach a hard subject in a way that the core ideas and theories can be grasped by al l the students and individually helped as necessary.

It’s not one quality that sets a good teacher apart from another, but a number of qualities working together that create the right experience. When looking at the list in section 1.2, all of these are qualities of a good teacher. However, the number of qualities that make a great teacher is far too long to list. It’s instead, how well the teacher uses each of these qualities cohesively in and outside the classroom environment. These qualities include patience, approachability, confidence, awareness, and an open mind. These qualities are a complete necessity to the success in a teaching role.

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