Role of Nelson Mandela in South Africa`s History

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South Africa is a country in the African continent, they speak eleven languages. The languages are Afrikaans, English, Zulu, Xhosa, Southern Sotho, Tsonga, Swati, Ndebele, Venda, and, Tswana. Some of Africa’s major regions are the Lagos and the Cairo. The population in South africa is more than fifty-six million people living in South Africa. The people in South Africa has have many choices to eat there some are the Chakalaka, Biltong, Gatsby, Bunny Chow, and the Bobotie. The people in south africa always help and contribute to each other and help to make a good nation.

South Africa continues to grow crops. Their sectors include health, agriculture, mining, tourism, and manufacturing, which south africa is renowned. South Africa is also known for its exhibitions and events. Before South Africa had racism though Nelson Mandela tried to stop the apartheid and he ended up in prison. He was in prison for 27 years because of violating the suppression of communism and ended apartheid when he got out of prison.

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Nelson Mandela was born in july 18, 1918 in Mvezo, South Africa. At the age of 12 Nelson Mandela’s father died. When his father died he was raised by the acting king of the thembu people. In 1934 he went to enroll at a college in engcobo. After he graduated from college he went to the university of fort hare in Alice. One year later in University he got expelled. After that he runned away to johannesburg . Few years later he enrolled to another university. Many years later he was the one who stopped apartheid and at the the end he became the former president of South Africa.

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He believed it was a wrong thing to do because he will have consequences though he tried to stop it he ended up in jail for his actions and he was in prison for 27 years and when he got out of jail he still tried to stop apartheid. Nelson mandela also wrote quotes some of them are”It always impossible until it’s done”, “There is no passion to be found playing small- in setting for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living” , “ Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world” . The international community liked the story of Nelson Mandela and how much he suffered for the people of South Africa to stop apartheid and the people from South Africa where thankful because it helped end the apartheid and to show that everyone is the same and that the should have equal rights. In january 11,1962 he leaves to go to the military without anybody knowing where he went. While he was in the military he got arrested for leaving the country without a passport and was in prison for five years.

How South Africa has changed since apartheid ended was that they have more people that have electricity, the people now live in better and proper houses , there are less murders now than before, there is clean water, institutional racism is outlawed, and South Africa has joined the global economy because they now ended the apartheid. How South Africa changed in education is that the teachers are now more settled they have more better teachers there are better colleges for education. The land in south africa the government wanted to keep the land or claim it and they didn’t want to expand their land. Land ownership before black and white people owned a piece of and and couldn’t go to other people land except their race. African National Congress (ANC) used to be banned but since apartheid ended they took off the ban. The ANC’s goal was to maintain the peoples votes.

The cultural contributions on South Africa in arts and crafts is that they make rock paintings, engravings which can be seen in cliff sides. They also made afro-french wirework, wood carvings, tribal designs, they also did crafts some crafts are pots, handmade baskets some made of wire, beaded dolls, mugs made of beads, wood carvings, and they also make sculptures made out of stone. They also have galleries which they present all their crafts and drawings. There is a gallery in cape town. They also do other crafts as a tradition what they use to make the crafts are grass, beads, leather, fabric, clay, and recycled products examples of some that they use are plastic bags, paper, cardboard boxes and wires. They also have markets or places to go purchase different crafts

South Africa is a place where people love to live in and have tourists that go during the year. South Africa have many traditions which people do. They also have a variety of food to choose from. They also ended apartheid so it’s a better place to live. They have less criminal’s there because the end of apartheid. They also do many exhibits and have many museums. South Africa doesn’t have racism anymore thanks to Nelson Mandela. He ended the apartheid he went to jail for 27 years and still ended the apartheid and ended up being president of South Africa and he was there for the people. He also made South Africa a better place to live and wanting to visit. Why is taking this trip abroad important to you? What impact will this have on your future and/or your family?

I think it’s important because it will show me a experience of how other people live in. It will impact my family because it will show how other people live and show to be thankful.

What are you expecting to gain from this trip?

I think i will gain to be thankful for what i have and to see another place and to see their tradition in their country and to see the differences between them.

What are the qualities students selected for this trip should possess so that the experience is a success for everyone involved? Why are these qualities necessary? I think the students should be interested in south africa and wanting to go and the qualities necessary are to be able to experience new things and to experience the culture they have.


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